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Welcome to Baptist Ministries

Welcome to Baptist Ministries

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,

You may have some questions as to how to get the most out of this website. I am going to try and post updates in this blog to explain how the system works, and how to get the most out of the Fundamental Independent Baptist Database.


Here are some facts about the baptist-ministries.org Independent Baptist Database.

  • As I type this there are now almost 7000 links to Christian Ministries on this database.
  • Each link is "categorized."  There are almost 1000 different categories.
  • Ministries (links) can be searched by categories, key words and geographical locations.
  • If you find incorrect information you can submit an "error report" on that ministry link to correct any bad information.
  • You can add links if a Fundamental Independent Baptist ministry is has a link that is not listed here.
  • There are some links that are not Independent Baptist links. This is due to the ministry being listed in an Independent Baptist List somewhere, or due to the fact the ministry has changed affiliation or focus over the years.
  • You can "rate" a link, news item, article, blog or video with one to five stars.
  • I search for broken links on a regular basis. If I find a broken link I endeavor to find a new current link, and failing this I will mark the link as broken. Occasionally if I see a link to a ministry that has expired and the ministry seems to be viable, I will "rescue" the domain and put up an unofficial "placeholder" web page for that ministry.
  • I will be adding placeholder web pages as I add ministries to the database if they do not have a web page.
  • I will not delete any ministry from this database if the ministry is still in existance, even if the person running the ministry requests so (once they get Google and Yahoo and other search engines to remove their ministry I might consider it cool.


I will try and update this blog with additional information on a regular basis....

I pray you and yours have a very Blessed CHRISTmas!


Bob Hoffman - Missionary to Cyberspace!

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