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Wednesday - Pastor Jerry Sousley 10/13/2021 Powered by Restream https://restream.io/ No Sunday morning recorded!
The Angry Son of God - Independent Baptist Preaching! Proclaiming from scripture the neglected attribute of the Lord's WRATH, this message was preached on Sunday evening, Oct. 10, 2021, by Pastor Michael D.
Kneel at the Cross - Our Choir Sings the Old Hymns!! For some time on Sunday mornings I have invited anyone interested to come up and join in on an impromptu choir special right before the message. There is no ...
Moraine Heights Baptist Church Live Stream Sunday Evening Worship Service October 13, 2021.
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Alveda King has launched a new pro-life organization that will provide pro-life curriculums to after-school clubs and Sunday schools.
Merkel: ‘Israel's Security Will Always Be Of Central Importance To Every German Government' Outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel stood on Sunday (10th) in Jerusalem with her head bowed over the ... Read MoreThe post News Digest — 10/11/21 appeared first on The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry.
Today's category: SatanSatan Goes to Church One bright, beautiful Sunday morning, everyone in tiny Jonestown wakes up early and goes to their local church. Before the service starts, the townspeople sit in their pews and talk about their lives and their families. Suddenly, at the altar, Satan appears!! Everyone starts screaming and running for the front entrance, trampling each other in their determined efforts to get away from Evil Incarnate. Soon, everyone is evacuated from the church except for one man, who sit calmly in his pew, seemingly oblivious to the fact that God's ultimate enemy is in his presence. This confuses Satan a bit. Satan walks up to the man and says, "Hey, don't you know who I am?" The man says, "Yep, sure do." Satan says, "Well, aren't you afraid of me?" The man says, "Nope, sure ain't." Satan, perturbed, says, "And why aren't you afraid of me?" The man says, "Well, I've been married to your sister for 25 years."View hundreds more jokes online.Email this joke to a friend
A church in Virginia Beach held a 10-hour consecration service on Sunday, during which attendees prayed for "a transformational revival" across the world.
By Tyler Durden As we noted on Sunday, Southwest airlines canceled nearly 2,000 flights over the weekend – blaming the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and...As Southwest Cancels Hundreds More Flights On Monday, Ron Paul Opines On The “Great Rebellion” Over Vaccine Mandates
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