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Calvary Baptist Church, Mesquite Texas An Independent Baptist Church in Mesquite Texas.
Wildwood Baptist Church, Mabank Texas Independent Baptist Church dedicated to bring the Good News about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
We are a King James Bible believing ministry that sends KJV Bibles, Bible lessons, booklets, and newsletters to inmates 100% free of charge.
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Self-Giving | Pastor Carlos Serrano New to Bible Baptist Church? If ever you're in the San Diego Area, we would love to have you join us. To find out more, click here: ...
Growth Groups | Pastor Carlos Serrano New to Bible Baptist Church? If ever you're in the San Diego Area, we would love to have you join us. To find out more, click here: ...
Self-Giving | Pastor Carlos Serrano New to Bible Baptist Church? If ever you're in the San Diego Area, we would love to have you join us. To find out more, click here: ...
Deceptive Dealings | Pastor Carlos Serrano New to Bible Baptist Church? If ever you're in the San Diego Area, we would love to have you join us. To find out more, click here: ...
First Baptist Church of Easton -  Wed Evening - 05/24/2023 A New Self - Jer 32:40 http://firstbaptisteaston.com/ CCLI License # 11635982 Streaming License # CSPL189638.
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New high-speed movies of hummingbirds show how nectar in the retracting tongue is drawn into the mouth.
A record-low percentage of Americans say they are certain that God exists, according to a major new survey that also found that a record-high percentage of Americans say they never go to church.
How church leaders are trying to help those addicted from squandering it all.The former CEO of World Vision Australia, Tim Costello, often says that no one gambles away money like Australians.He’s not wrong.Aussies lose more than $25 billion a year to gambling, the largest per capita in the world, according to the Australian Institute of Family Studies. Most is lost on poker machines (pokies) easily available in suburban pubs and service club restaurants, far beyond the destination gambling of casinos. Pokies alone netted a loss of over $11.4 billion in 2021. Add online sports betting and other means of legal gambling, and that’s about $1,277 lost every year per person—more than double that of the United States, The New York Times reported in 2018, and around 50 percent higher than second-placed Singapore.More than one in 10 (11 percent) Australians report they’ve gone online to gamble at least once in the past six months, an increase from 8 percent in 2020, according to 2022 research from the Australian Communications and Media Authority. And because local governments benefit to the tune of $6.6 billion in taxation revenue across all gambling sectors, legislators find it nearly impossible to ward off lobbying efforts from either side of the gambling industry.“Whenever I tell people that New South Wales has 40 percent of the world’s pokies, people are shocked,” Costello told CT. “More so when I tell them over 70 percent of the world’s pokies are in Australia’s pubs and clubs. I’ve said for years that gambling is to Australia as guns are to America, especially with the NRA’s lobbying influence.”There’s a reason for that. Many pokies are located in Returned and Services League (RSL) and surf clubs, community gathering ...Continue reading...
Pastors and professors reflect on the ethical dilemma of extrajudicial justice against Ottoman officials responsible for genocide, and on commemorating their killers today.Surveying the scene on a rainy day in Berlin, the Protestant gunman recognized his target. Living hidden under an assumed name in the Weimar Republic, the once-famous official exited his apartment, was shot in the neck, and fell in a pool of blood.For many, the 1921 killing vindicated the blood of thousands.Neither were Germans. Both would eventually be immortalized.But the cloak-and-dagger story took another twist when a Berlin court ruled the assassin “not guilty.” The trial captivated the local press, brought a nation’s tragedy to the public eye, and set off a philosophical chain of events that eventually coined a new term and established an international convention meant to render unnecessary any similar future acts.It was already too late.Two decades after the trial, the Nazis murdered six million Jews. Hitler, preparing the Holocaust, is said to have justified it in reference to the already forgotten history of 1.5 million people killed by Germany’s then-ally in the fallout from World War I.The gunman, Soghomon Tehlirian, was an Armenian. The official, Mehmed Talaat, was an Ottoman Turk. And the term created by Polish lawyer Raphael Lemkin—genocide—continues to haunt the world today.But the chain of events has not concluded.Nazi Germany, seeking Axis partners in World War II, repatriated Talaat’s remains to Turkey in 1943, where dozens of memorials and streets are named in his honor. Once the grand vizier of the Ottoman sultan, he is celebrated today as one of the leading “Young Turks” who forged the creation of the modern-day secular nationalist republic.The descendants of his victims, scattered around the world, consider Talaat—known commonly as Talaat Pasha ...Continue reading...
One generation of Soviet refugees is welcoming another.Sergei Karpenko’s Chicago church is now almost entirely made up of refugees from the Russian war against Ukraine.Many of them aren’t from a church background, so the pastor of Bible Church of Ukraine-Chicago spends his mornings eating breakfast with the new arrivals and evenings hosting Bible studies in his apartment.“It happens by the providence of God that I am here, and God sent new people from Ukraine,” Karpenko, who is Ukrainian himself, told CT. “I never prepared myself for such a ministry. We’re making mistakes and learning. Pray for us.”Refugees come to his church by word of mouth or through refugee resettlement agencies like World Relief. Some Telegram channels for new Ukrainian arrivals advise them to find a local church for support. Karpenko’s church—which worships in Ukrainian, Russian, and English—tells freshly arrived Ukrainians that they can contact them if they need help, conversation, or friendship.The US has welcomed about 300,000 Ukrainians since Russia invaded Ukraine. Millions more are refugees in Europe.Slavic churches are key to helping the hundreds of thousands of new arrivals to the US. Many of these refugees are coming in through a special program (Uniting for Ukraine) that doesn’t go through the traditional refugee resettlement agencies, instead assigning arrivals to individual sponsors.But in some cases, sponsors disappeared when Ukrainians arrived. Churches are trying to provide a steadier foundation for the new arrivals. For Ukrainian Christians already living in the US, it’s a helpful way to process the war.“You can’t cry all the time and sit and watch the news 24/7,” said Chicago pastor Russ Drumi, ...Continue reading...
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