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Msg #1101 Correspondence Rebuttal

Msg #1101 Correspondence Rebuttal


Msg #1101 Correspondence Rebuttal


On 1/6/2011 7:33 PM, fbcmayvl wrote:

When is the anniversary of the Geneva Bible? Was not that one also in English and actually still accepted by Christianity and the church even after the beloved KJV was finished? Were the Pilgrims modernists because they actually preferred the Geneva to the KJV. I do thinketh that the translators of the KJV would be appalled at the fetish that has been made of their work.

Dear fbcmayvl,

Thanks for writing. No, the Geneva Bible served a purpose but was to riddled with Calvinism to last very long in Bible believing circles. It is only the King James version that rang true, unbias, and infallible for these 400 years. The Pilgrims, God bless them every one, were not modernists nor ecumenical, as these diabolical attacks against God's truth did not rise to prominence until the turn of the 18th century. I have read much by, and much on, the King James translators, and I am certain there is rejoicing all over heaven that their humble effort for their King has had the impact on the world that is exhibited by the King James Authorized translation of the Bible. I am appalled that you call our celebration of longevity and impact a 'fetish' which is defined as "an object of unreasonably excessive attention or reverence." I am more appalled by those who give The Word of God no attention or reverence. I pray you are not in that camp and that your rebuttal is not an indicator that you are camped out with the ecumenical modernists using an NIV, NASV, NESV et al. But if so you cannot rain discouragement on our 400th year celebration.

Pastor Ed Rice

To see more of Pastor Rices work about the KJV and it's accuracy see www.GSBaptistChurch.com/kjv


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