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The Department of Labor issued a guidance on Friday “ensuring that DOL-supported social service programs are open to all qualified organizations, regardless of the organizations' religious character.”
Pastor Ma Chao of the Guangfu house church said in a new report that three cameras were installed in his church to monitor the congregation. He also said that police officers came to take pictures of the church's Bible and hymnbooks, and tools leaders that they were not allowed to meet.
This week, President Trump signed an order, named Advancing International Religious Freedom, that earmarks $50 million for protecting religious freedom around the world.
Many informal faith advisers to the president are championing his photo-op in front of St. John's Episcopal Church as a strong show of religious freedom.
On Wednesday, a Baptist organization filed a lawsuit against the state of Illinois over a new law that would force the organization and others like it to provide abortion coverage as part of its employee health insurance plan.
After the court ruled yesterday that a person cannot be fired based on their gender identity, I thought immediately about religious liberty. Does the ruling mean that churches, Christian schools, ministries, and other religious institutions could be forced to violate our biblical convictions regarding gender and sexuality?
A woman has filed a religious discrimination complaint with the state Commission for Human Rights Tuesday she was banned from a public park for sharing the gospel with others.
A California city recently ruled that a church that owns a building downtown cannot use it for worship because the church's presence and use of the building could inhibit city growth.
A federal judge on Friday, issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting New York's governor and New York City's Mayor from enforcing “gathering limitations” on houses of worship that aren't also imposed on non-religious entities.
This week, the Supreme Court expanded the scope of religious free exercise when they determined that parents and guardians could use state grants to help pay for religious schools for their children.
While researching young adult ministry, I discovered the younger generation had something to teach me about my approach to alcohol.
Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan said that among the plans slated to be dealt with in that Council meeting is 400 housing units for the Har Bracha settlement.
In recent years there has been an influx of Israeli-born and trained athletes who take their talents to America for college.
The two students, aged 24 and 25 from Umm al-Fahm, allegedly resented the principal of their college for requesting one of them to take his temperature before joining class.
Like the captain who does not want to go down with the ship, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was conspicuously missing from Tuesday's press briefing.
"In such cases, the officer turns off the recording," the comment reportedly read.
The IDF plans to move some of its cyber and intelligence units to the south of the country, Kochavi met with local mayors to discuss aspects of the move.
The tension between secular and religious Israeli society has existed since before the country was founded and remains a contentious societal dividing line.
Barzilai had posted the picture — a white note on a black background — on Monday night and removed it on Tuesday morning.
All flushed down the toilet in a period of hours on Monday.
He noted that doing so is in line with proper Canadian values, adding that he will stand up for Canada's allies - to which he specifically mentioned Israel.
Netanyahu has had a wide array of lawyers in and out of his defense team in recent years.
Leifer's attorneys stressed that she is in fact mentally unfit to stand trial, pointing to past and new statements by medical professionals.

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