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By B.N. Frank Opposition to utility “smart” meters (electric, gas, and water) has been ongoing worldwide since they started being deployed over a decade ago.
An actor who identifies as a lapsed Christian who took on the role of a pastor struggling with his faith in the new rapture film "Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist" opens up about what led him away from the Church. #Deconstruction #LeftBehindRiseoftheAntichrist #KevinSorbo #CharlesAndrewPayne
The U.S. Department of Justice has announced the arrest of an Illinois man a little over a week after he allegedly set fire to a Planned Parenthood facility, as pro-life groups maintain that federal law enforcement is not acting quick enough to bring justice to those responsible for the arson of pro-life pregnancy centers and churches. #Abortion #DepartmentofJustice #CatholicVote #PlannedParenthood #SupremeCourt #DobbsvJacksonWomensHealthOrganization #CompassCare
In what may be the latest sign of things to come, a rabbi in New York has become the first Jewish teacher to deliver a sermon written entirely by artificial intelligence. #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Bible #Rabbi
A Florida megachurch is requiring members to sign in agreement with a statement defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman and stating there are only two biological genders. #FirstBaptistChurch #Jacksonville #Florida #marriage #gender #sexuality #Baptists
Investment creates. What are your investments creating? Is it a world where God's will is done on earth as it is in Heaven? #Investing #Heaven #401k #Pfizer
A seminary affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention has changed the name of a building originally honoring Paige Patterson to now honor the academic institution's first full-time African American professor. #PaigePatterson #RalphLoganCarson #seminary #SouthernBaptistConvention #RalphLoganCarson
Shortly after selling their $4.5 million home in Australia, Hillsong Church founders Brian Houston and his wife, Bobbie, are now hosting a fire sale of their used designer clothes, furniture and other home goods described as “pre-loved” online. #BrianHouston #BobbieHouston #HillsongChurch
It is with profound sadness that I bring to your attention a subtle, but profound example of a devastating, anti-biblical teaching coming from one of the leading Evangelical pulpiteers in America today—Andy Stanley. #AndyStanley #gay #NorthPointCommunityChurch #churchdoctrine
The United Methodist Church lost over 1,800 congregations in 2022, mainly due to the denomination's ongoing schism over homosexuality, according to a recent report. #UnitedMethodistChurch #UMNews #churches #disaffiliation #LGBT #schism
Responding to claims that the Enneagram personality test has demonic origins, Pastor John Starke has insisted that it's a helpful tool for counselors and pastors and doesn't believe churches and Christian groups should stop using it.
The jury deciding the fate of Mark Houck was "deadlocked" after two-and-a-half hours of deliberation Friday in a case that could see the pro-life advocate imprisoned for up to 11 years if found guilty of a federal violation for pushing an abortion clinic escort in a verbal dispute. Jurors will reconvene on Monday. #MarkHouck #FACEAct #PlannedParenthood #abortion #prolife
There's hope for America and another Great Awakening if Christians remain humble, obedient and faithful to God's Word. #IvanProvorov #homosexuality #GodsWord #revival
Contrary to many who want to justify their motivations for the voting booth, there is no third option. #Porlife #murder #RoevWade #abortion
It's important for parents, grandparents and leaders to understand why children fear disclosing their behavior. When we comprehend the emotional anguish feeding into their silence, we can guide them better. #Porn #shame #guilt #judgement
I have lost $300,000 in my 401k in the past 12 months, and things appear to be getting worse. I plan to retire in 5 years. Should I get my money out of the market or try to ride out the economic storms? #Recession #optimism #pessimism
The National Prayer Breakfast will undergo changes this year to its format, with a Christian ministry no longer being in charge of the annual observance and a smaller group of invitees. #NationalPrayerBreakfast #TheFamily #Congress #churchandstate #gathering
When it comes to the laws of progressive culture, he who is guilty in one point is guilty in all.
As we obey, we turn both upward and outward. The upward turn both reveals and offers purpose. The outward turn offers a joy that is far better than momentary pleasures.
Over $793,000 was stolen from a North Carolina church by internet scammers, money saved up over years to build a new sanctuary in May. The project is now on hold pending further investigations.
A number of businesses across Memphis were hit early Saturday morning by roving gangs of looters. Most of the stores
A professing young-earth creationist should be the last person to call into question the historical, objective nature of Christianity. However, Todd Wood does this in his book, The Quest.
Even today you can touch rocks that date all the way back to God's original creation. What do they tell us about that lost world?
By B.N. Frank Distracted driving and speeding is increasing throughout the U.S., including in school zones.
A professing young-earth creationist should be the last person to call into question the historical, objective nature of Christianity. However, Todd Wood does this in his book, The Quest.

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