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Bible Baptist Church Russellville Arkansas (AR)
Free Bible correspondence courses are offered in addition to home school and family resources.
The Butcher Family And of some have compassion, making a difference: Jude 22
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Vacation Bible School 2021--Mystery Island This is our graduation video that we show to the families of those who come to the Sunday night graduation. It shows different pictures and video of some of the ...
Bethel Baptist Church Livestream Join us for our Church Service! We'll enjoy Godly music and Bible preaching by Pastor Brian Cooper. Live Stream Service Schedule: Sundays at 10:30am ...
Pastor Roy Prince - Lessons From the Trees in the Bible - Sunday AM Northgate Baptist Church - McAlester, OK Live Stream - Pastor Roy Prince.
Bethel Baptist Church Livestream Join us for our Church Service! We'll enjoy Godly music and Bible preaching by Pastor Brian Cooper. Live Stream Service Schedule: Sundays at 10:30am ...
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The book of Samuel shows us how to reconcile our differences through redemptive storytelling.I am a missionary in Croatia, a beautiful country with a very complex past. Twenty-four years ago, when I first came here on a Cru summer missions trip, I found Croats were eager to spend hours in cafés sharing their stories. My new friends spent a lot of time talking about history—10th-century kings, fascists, communists, and their experiences in the War of Independence, which had ended two years before I arrived. The past constantly intruded into conversation.Coming from the future-oriented culture of Silicon Valley, I was fascinated by their interest in history. But it felt quaint. At the time, I couldn’t imagine how the weight of the past would soon press down on America as well.We are living in a time of high social conflict. Our arguments are fueled by competing stories. Are we the city on the hill or the most evil nation in history? Was the election stolen, or is that story a fantastic lie? Are the COVID-19 vaccines a huge success or part of a dark conspiracy? Churches are being torn apart as well by competing stories over critical race theory, sexual abuse scandals, and more.This kind of conflict among believers is all over Scripture. The Bible unflinchingly wades into seemingly irreconcilable stories. Through terse, artful narratives, biblical authors often pushed their original audiences toward healing. For the Israelites, words like Jebusite or Samaritan were not unfamiliar and hard to pronounce. For them, these labels were as controversial as confederate, socialist, or Black Lives Matter are to us.The Old Testament historical books are likely the first use of narrative (instead of epic verse) to tell national history. They employ a courageous, forthright style to retell painful stories in such ...Continue reading...
In the fall, many churches resume their regular Sunday school curriculum after a summer break. If that's yours, now is a great time to consider Answers Bible Curriculum.
We love hearing from families that have been blessed by our AiG resources. We recently received two testimonies that I thought I would share with you.
Our 2022 Answers Vacation Bible School, Zoomerang, is totally unique, teaching children about the sanctity of life from the unborn person to the oldest person.
Families love the unique focus of chronological teaching, apologetics, doctrine, biblical authority, and the gospel found in our homeschool curriculum.
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