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Msg #2311 Visiting Israel HS#01 Journal Excerpt

Msg #2311 Visiting Israel HS#01 Journal Excerpt

What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice

Msg #2311 Visiting Israel HS#01 Journal Excerpt

What The Bible Says

Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice

While Pastor Rice and Bev are touring Israel with Pastor Lee Pickett from March 16th – March 31st, here is an entry from their journal of last years trip: (view the whole journal by visiting our website and clicking “Journaling a Preacher's Pilgrimage to Israel”)

From Half Shekle Journal Entry #01: While Pastor Rice tours Israel here is an entry from last years trip: Our bus ride toward the Temple Mount did not interrupt our worship. “Lord, let the awe of being in your Jerusalem, this holy city of Zion, never lessen in me.” Eiad's miracle maneuvering of a 40 foot Irizar i6S bus through the narrow streets of Jerusalem was repeatedly interrupted with our guide Joe's reports that on the right you can see the Kidron Valley1 and the walled up Eastern Gate, … don't forget them as we will talk more of them shortly; on the left you see the tombs that line the Mount of Olives, remember them we will visit Gethsemane Today. ...

Joe again tries to catch up on the sites rapidly passing our bus windows. Much needs to be said here about the inferno of the old Valley of Hinnom2 that we passed, and the City of David, that we will visit. I couldn't capture all that swept by our bus windows, but alas we careened to a halt somewhere near the Dung Gate. Joe said he probably did not need to expound how this gate got its name. Here we would enter and make our way toward the Temple Mount.

The hatred that Muslims have for the Holy Bible, for God's chosen nation Israel, and the people of the book, i.e. Bible believing Christians, would be on full display as we entered the Muslim controlled Temple Mount. We were instructed to leave all Bibles and Christian literature on the bus, and to conceal all “religious” jewelry and talk, none would be allowed in the Temple Mount area. I even left my walking stick (that the VA calls my cane) behind because it was inscribed with, “In the beginning God” in both English and Hebrew ( ~yhla arb tyVarb the first three words of the Hebrew Bible). This was to be an awesome incursion into the Temple Mount area of the Mount Moriah of Bible times. It is curious that Israel hating, Jehovah hating Muslims are in control of the whole Temple Mount area. In a brief explanation Joe implied that in order to ward off WWIII, the area was gingerly handed back3 to them after the whole city of Jerusalem was conquered during the Six Day War4. ...

Lots of drama unfolded at the checkpoint as they searched us to ensure we were not carrying any contraband literature, and god forbid any Holy Bibles. It was quite like Satan himself was in full control of who and what got into this temple mount area.

Fifty born-again believers, nine of them Pastors and Preachers of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ got in just the same, and looked in amazement at the unholy Muslim mosque that stood before us. “O God, the heathen are come into thine inheritance; thy holy temple have they defiled; they have laid Jerusalem on heaps” (Ps.79:1).

An Essay for week #11 - Mar 12, 2023

Msg in audio at www.GSBaptistChurch.com/audio/gs230312.mp3

A Holy Land Tour Journaled at www.GSBaptistChurch.com/israel22

1See the Journal for extensive note on: The Kidron Valley.

2See the Journal for extensive note on:Valley of Hinnom.

3See the Journal for extensive note on: the Six-Day War.

4See the Journal for extensive note on: Summary of the 1967 war.

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