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Free Bible correspondence courses are offered in addition to home school and family resources.
Manchester Tennessee (TN)
Asheville North Carolina (NC)
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Ed Devries - The Bible: A Book From God (Pt. 2 of 2) Edward devries, an author and Baptist preacher, is president of The School of Biblical & Theological Studies, a private Bible college and seminary. He was bo...
Murmuration (Official Video) by Sophie Windsor Clive & Liberty Smith


Murmuration - it is something amazing to see.
No one knows why they do it. Yet each fall, tens of thousands of starlings dance in the twilight above England and Scotland.
The birds gather in shape-shifting flocks called murmurations,
having migrated in the millions from Russia and Scandinavia to escape winter's frigid bite.
Scientists aren't sure how they do it, either.
The starlings' murmurations are manifestations of swarm intelligence, which in different contexts is practiced by schools of fish, swarms of bees and colonies of ants.
As far as I am aware, even complex algorithmic models haven't yet explained the starlings' aerobatics, which rely on the tiny birds' quicksilver reaction time of fewer than 100 milliseconds to avoid aerial collisions and predators in the giant flock.
Two young women were out for a late afternoon canoe ride and fortunately one of them remembered to bring her video camera. What they saw was a wonderful murmuration display, caught in this too-short video.
1 Timothy 2:9-10 | Women in Modest Apparel | Independent Baptist Preaching This is a Sunday school lesson taught at Bible Baptist Church in Puyallup, WA. The text is 1 Timothy 2:9-10. The context is the Apostle Paul teaching his ...
Sunday, 7/19/2020 PM Service Sunday Evening Services @ WJBC.
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Today’s Reading: Acts 6:8-7:60 A common phrase used this time of year is “Finish Well.”  This is the time when students are coming to the end of another school year and are tempted to cast the reat of the way.  Assignments get ignored.  Tests are not taken seriously.  For many, summer vacation has already started and they [...]
We are just outside of 20 hours of Sunday school- I hope you are planning to attend. There's not a better place to be on a cold morning than in church, and I promise we'll turn the thermostat up! We enjoyed having the Weaver family with us Wednesday night in our service. I posted on our main page our Finance Conference that is scheduled for next weekend. I hope you will attend and bring a friend. I have fliers ready for us tomorrow. Sneak peak into tomorrow's message- Abraham...
I apologize for the lack of updates this week; it has been a very busy week. Bro. Steve and I are working on some exciting new ideas for our website, of which I think you'll really like. We are hoping to have some of these upgrades in the coming week or two. Sunday school is just over 30 hours from now. I encourage you to attend the Sunday school hour; it is always such a blessing. See you then.
This is a special article by Jim Krohn, Youth Pastor of Southeast Bible Baptist Church and author of the book "Biblical Youth Work", from which this article is an adaptation. Keep an eye on Uthleader.com within the next week and you will be able to order "Biblical Youth Work" at a UthLeader special price. “The Family Cult” Part 1 of 3 Don’t chuck your Youth Ministry        What is the family cult?  If you don’t know the answer to that question, consider yourself blessed.  The family cult is a name that I have given to a movement that is gaining ground in fundamental churches.  It emphasizes the family above all things.  While I agree that the family is extremely important, they take things to absurd proportions.  For example, according to this movement, Sunday school is bad because it divides the family.  Sunday evening services are bad because it takes the family out of the home.  Instead, they encourage a Sunday evening family worship time with the father as the patriarch of the home leading the proceeding.  Of course, I call that family devotions and I think that is something that should be done during the week.  It is not something that you do instead of church.  In addition, while public school is obviously bad, this movement paints all Christian schools with the same brush as public schools since they take children away from the family.  Youth groups as well as all other age specific activities should be stopped.  They also use terms such as “family centered church” instead of “program centered church”.       
A new Sunday School Class called “Home Builders” will begin April 5th. This class is for young/newly married couples and will be taught by Pastor Horn. There will be a planning meeting at the Pastor’s house Saturday, March 21st at 4:00 p.m. Please let Pastor or Mrs. Horn know if you are interested [...]
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