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468x60-AFor several years now, I have been scowering the internet searching for resources that can be used to produce amazing websites for Christian sites.  I have searched for textures, graphics, icons, tutorials, themes, content management systems, and more.  After years of research, I now have hundreds of resources at my disposal which I fully intend on sharing with you here at Site Sketch 101. I remember what a depressing feeling it was when I was just getting started and I was having so much difficulty finding tools that I could use to create websites that actually looked appealing to potential visitors.  I know first hand how difficult it can be to set up a site when you are just starting out in this line of work. Click Here to Visit Site Sketch 101 It’s those memories of working so hard only to create only mediocre websites that are my inspiration to create this website.  I want to take my years of experience and pour them out so every one of you who has a desire to create amazing, appealing websites or blogs for your church, ministry, or business can get it done.  This site is all about taking you from the beginning stages of web design and launching you into a realm of professionalism that will make you stand out on the internet and doing it all in a way that is easy to follow along and enjoy. So friends, welcome aboard Site Sketch 101.  Your web development education is about to begin! In Christ, Nicholas Z. Cardot
cash-card-giveawayWelcome to the Baptist Muse! We're thrilled to have you join us, and we hope you're excited to be a member of one of the most energetic Baptist communities on the web. As we continue to grow our site, we are constantly looking for ways to attract new users and to get our current users more involved. To support that effort, we have launched a campaign where you can earn points and rewards for your involvement in our community. Starting on April 1st and continuing through the duration of the month April, your participation at the Baptist Muse can earn you points towards cash and prizes! Points are added automatically to your account upon completion of each task. Be sure to check back periodically as we will be adding more and more items to this list.If you are a winner at the end of the month, be sure to contact us immediately with your mailing address and your choice of preferred gift card! (e.g. Wal-mart, Amazon, Target, etc.) This competition will end at midnight April 31, 2009. At that time, the users with the most points will be rewarded with the following prizes: Points Prizes and Cash alt 40 DollarsThe first place winner will be taking home a $40.00 gift certificate to any one of the following stores or restaurants: Amazon, Best Buy, Circuit City, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Target, Wal-Mart, plus many more! In fact, if you are the winner, you choose any store you like and if they offer gift cards, we'll get you one! alt 10 Dollars The second place winner will be taking home a $10.00 gift certificate to any one of the following stores or restaurants: Amazon, Best Buy, Circuit City, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Target, Wal-Mart, plus many more! In fact, if you are the winner, you choose any store you like and if they offer gift cards, we'll get you one! alt pat on the backThe third place winner will be awarded a very congratulatory slap on the back and great big "job well done." We'll tell you how much we appreciate you and then we'll send you on your way! I guess what we're saying is that you'll be an honorable mention. Earning Points 500 Points Blog About UsHelp get the word out about the Baptist Muse!  You will recieve 1 point per word for a total of a maximum of 500 points for writing and posting an article about the Baptist Muse at your website or blog.  Once you've written it, just leave a comment below letting us know about it then we'll jump in and add a bunch of points to your account!  We're just gonna copy your article into Microsoft Word and let it count the words for us.  Just make sure that you include a Baptist Muse Banner in your article.  There must be a banner to recieve credit.  You can select a banner for your article by visiting the "Link Here" page.  Limit 1 Per Account. alt Refer a FriendClick Here to Use Our 'Invite a Friend' Feature. You will receive 100 points every time someone who you invited registers and becomes a member here at the Baptist Muse. This is the highest valued achievement, so get out there and invite some friends. Note: You must use our 'Invite a Friend' feature to receive credit. alt Sign On Bonus Click Here to Sign Up! If you are not yet a member at the Baptist Muse, one of the most exciting Independent, Fundamental Baptist Communities available online, there has never been a better time to join! Sign up today and receive 50 points toward this months competition just for joining. Submit an ArticleWe are always looking for engaging content to post over at our blog. If you submit an article, we will reward you with 50 points. Be sure to contact us first so that we can change your account status to author and give you instructions on how to post your articles. alt Leave a CommentOn almost every section of this website there are located forms where you can leave comments. You can comment on the blog, on the resources, on just about everything. Each comment is worth 25 points. Note: You must be logged in for your comment to count for points & this does not include comments on the forum. Purchase Points Click Here to Purchase Points. In order to finance the upkeep of the site including server space, domain name registration, advertising, and the awards for this very competitions, we allow donations from users. Each dollar donated is worth 25 points. alt alt Click Here to Use Our 'Invite a Friend' Feature. You can even import email addresses directly from your email contact list with Yahoo!, Google, and others. Receive 20 points for every friend you send an invitation to and 100 for every friend that signs up. Note: You must use our 'Invite a Friend' feature to receive credit. Answer A PollScattered throughout this site are several polls covering various topics. Browse through the site to find these surveys and submit your answers to receive 20 points per poll. Note: Each poll can be answered once per day! 10 Points New Topic on the Forums Every time that you create a new topic in the forums section of this website, you will be rewarded with ten points. If your checking your point count then don't get confused, the 10 points will show up in two parts. Five points will show up in the form of a new topic and five points will show up in the form of a new post. Daily LoginOkay, so you already login everyday? Perfect. Now get rewarded for it. Every day that you login to your account will bring you another 10 points closer to becoming our champion!  See, isn't it nice to be rewarded for what you're already doing? alt Reply on the ForumsThe forum is one of the hottest sections of the Baptist Muse. There's always a discussion, debate, or praise for you to jump in and be a part of. And now, every time you join in, you get 5 points!  With all of the conversations and fun going on in the forums this will be one of the easiest ways to build your points fast.  So come on...what are you waiting for?
Two Boys Eating - HDRI have always done the typical thing of dividing missions into two categories, as do most people--foreign missions and home missions. However, in the past year, I have ceased to do that. My main reason for doing so arises from an honest evaluation of the true condition of our own nation, the United States of America. We cannot afford to continue treating our nation as a thoroughly evangelized entity in which there is a need for some few "home mission" projects. Indeed, the USA is now one of the most unevangelized nations in the world. The USA is the third largest nation in the world now. China is the largest. India is second. But, our 300,000,000 plus population brings us in at third place. Additionally, our growth is so phenomenal that by 2050 we are projected to be half again larger--coming in at 450,000,000 people. That is close to half a billion.But, consider that at present there are approximately 11,000 independent Baptist churches, and consider the true state of those churches when it comes to zeal, purity, and influence, and you must conclude that the USA is truly unevangelized. I believe that perpetuating the "home" versus "foreign" labels we use in missions fails to take this fact into consideration. Our independent Baptist churches are mostly white, mostly suburban or rural, and mostly middle class. Vast populations of our land are ignored completely in the discussion. The urgency to "reseed" America is undervalued. To me, missions is just missions--near to home or far away. "The mission field has come to us," we say. Okay, if that is true, then let us start thinking that way. It is all simply missions--no further designation is necessary.  My thoughts, Norman Johnston Norman Johnston is a missions professor at Ambassador Baptist College and an active member of the Aletheia Project.  The Alethia Project is an organization whose goal is to to use the Internet to reach non-English speaking people with the Gospel. For more information about the Aletheia Project please visit their website at http://www.aletheiaproject.com.
Drinking_CoffeeThe great thing about the Internet is that everything is just a click away. If you’re interested in finding information, all you have to do is key a few words into the address bar of your browser and within seconds you will have all the facts, statistics, articles, and reviews that you might need. If you’re interested in purchasing something, you have only to reach as far as your back pocket to find what you want. Grab your credit card and browse an online marketplace to make instant purchases. You can even order home-delivery pizza from several major franchises directly through their websites.This kind of convenience seems to be the end-goal of every major industry. Fast food restaurants attempt to fill your drive-thru order in as little time as possible. Television networks try to provide you with your favorite TV shows according to your busy schedule through Tivo or On-Demand Pay-Per-View programming. Some stores even allow you to have your groceries delivered directly to your home. By now, your probably beginning to get the idea. Convenience vs. Character Most people have been conditioned by these luxuries into what I like to call an ‘instant gratification mindset.’ People with this mindset always seem to be in a hurry. They want things now, and I mean right now! They are in a hurry to get things they want, in a hurry to make a lot of money through get-rich-quick schemes, in a hurry to see something finished that normally requires a lot of time and hard work and, last but not least, in a hurry to see results.Years ago there was a maxim: Patience is a virtue. A few generations ago, Americans believed that the key to being wealthy was through years of hard work and a solid buy-and-hold investing strategy. Former generations of Americans avoided debt like the plague. They would never have imagined putting a new pair of shoes on a credit card since they wouldn’t have enough money to pay for them for a few more months. They saved and spent only the money they had. Theirs was a generation, not of instant gratification, but of patience. The truth in this principle has nearly been forgotten to today’s modern society. The World's Influence On Christianity As America continues this downward spiral toward impatience and instant gratification, she seems to be dragging Christianity along for the ride. American Christians seem to typify these same negative character traits leading to a drastic decline in their spirituality and in their ability to positively influence the world.Christians seem to be living their lives in such a hurry that they neglect the very activities that they were commanded to be doing. Many Christians have stopped praying because they didn’t see instant answers. Many Christians have quit soul-winning because they didn’t claim instant conversions. Many churches have compromised on music, dress, and doctrine because standing for truth didn’t bring instant crowds.What are your thoughts? Are you one who patiently obeys and serves God or are you neglecting your responsibilities and your stand for truth because you didn’t see instant results?In Christ,Nicholas Z. Cardot
Happy Easter Season, friends in ministry,   "Grace Notes is pleased to announce our next 'Subscriber Appreciation' offer.  About 3 times each year we release new series and as always, it's 75% off just for you [Only thru Easter].  You must use the links below because you cannot get this deal on the website.  This year we're adding a special BONUS sermon best used for Palm Sunday.  Enjoy!"   Keep your 'Complete Collection' complete w/ these brand new releases...      Special Release for 2009! "Christmas:  The New Easter" - Luke 2 Christmas is the new Easter! We should celebrate it in the springtime, for the birth of Christ was only necessary to bring about the life, death, and resurrection of Christ.  He was born to die that we might live!                    Full Easter Section The above special Easter release comes free w/ the new Thessalonians series, below...   Special by download only-Thessalonians 75% off [Reg. $40] only thru Easter. 10 Messages with PowerPoints on the first epistle Paul wrote about the Ideal Church and several practical subjects. Includes Bonus: "Christmas: The New Easter". BOTH ARE INCLUDED FOR FREE IN THE "COMPLETE COLLECTION!" Price: 10.00 USD    Or, get our Best Deal!    The Complete Collection    See other Series we offer Stimulus Sale  [The 'bad' economy is your good fortune!] The New Thessalonians Series has just been added to the 'Complete Collection' for free...this month - get all 22 of our series at the low price of over 80% off.   Stimulus Sale!  Best Deal!          The Complete Collection [save $670 for a limited time only!]   Now over 80% off!  DO YOU HAVE 'THE COMPLETE COLLECTION'? Special pricing good thru the end of this month...   Get it on CD ROM or by instant download alternate link if above does not work  The Complete Collection Special Offer:  All 22 Series we offer by Instant Download     +Bonus: "Ark Almighty" "Allah is NOT My God" "Middle East for Dummies"         For a limited time, only...price subject to change!                       [1600+ Files!]                "Complete  Collection"                 $149.99   [$820.00 Value!]                                The Complete CollectionEverything we offer [all 22 series] in simple download format. 1600+ Files! Includes newly released series. Price: 149.99 USD You save $670 when you order the above!  And there's free shipping / no waiting when you use Instant Download …    Or, get it by mail in about 3 days on a CD ROM here.   [Hurry --  Prices subject to change] First Timer?...Here's some Tips on getting the helps you need:    We work hard to gather the best of free resources from numerous corners of the globe, and it's our privilege to share them all for free with you simply for the furthering of the Gospel, the growth of the Kingdom, and the joy of sharing!    Please feel free to copy and paste any of Pastor Jerry's original manuscripts from the site.  You are free to use them in live services without giving credit, along with the PowerPoint visuals provided.  Our CD ROMs are available by snail mail or Instant Download as a convenience only, but your purchases help support this growing ministry.  There are many benefits to getting our resources in this way, but as always, all materials are free to copy from the site if you don't mind the work and know how to retrieve them.    Have you heard?  All of our collections are downloadable, instantly.  It’s the same CD-ROMs only without the CD.  Download straight to your hard drive on up to 3 PCs, and burn a copy to take with you if you want.  No waiting, no shipping charges, and all files and folders are organized for you with no need for conversion or re-formatting.   Prices listed good for 1 week only.  Click link below for any recent changes. Click here to see our “Instant Download” Page Official PayPal Seal Or, place your order right here, below...    [no waiting, no shipping]     "There's a few thousand of you who now subscribe to these free 'Grace Notes' ...and for every one of you there's a hundred more who use the site regularly...to God be the glory!  God has used the tool of your POSITIVE RECOMMENDATIONS over the last 4 years to make this all possible.  It's all free because of those of you who use the voting links on each sermon, and it helps spread the Word of God at the same time. Sermon Central is where many of you learned of this ministry, and they have changed their voting to the 'star system'.  [rate up to 5 stars with a click]  It's easier than before and I think better.  In 10 seconds you can make a difference in 3 simple steps:  1.) Click on the 'recommend' button under any sermon on our site  2.) The same sermon will open up in a new page on the SC site...click on the 'rate this sermon' link right below the 5 stars  3.) Click on the far right star to give the highest recommendation if you can." Bonus Sermons included only in the "Complete Collection":    Noah's Ark PowerPoint Sermon "Ark Almighty" - Hebrews 11:7 Uses "Evan Almighty" theme - GET SAVED, GET RIGHT, GET INTO CHURCH!  How parents of today can construct an ark of protection for their household.          Muslim PowerPoint Sermon"Allah is NOT My God" - Genesis 16:11-12 The real ‘Path to 911’ started with Ishmael.  A study of the differences between Christians and Muslims, Jehovah God and Allah, and Jesus Christ and Mohammed.  Islam is not just another denomination down the street.  Learn what they believe and why, and the terrorism connection in light of Bible Prophecy.     Israel PowerPoint sermon - Lebanon War "Israel & The Middle East For Dummies"  - Genesis 12:1-3; 16:1-4; Psalm 122:6 Christians of all people should not be ignorant of these things, and the signs of the 'end times' now upon us. For a limited time these sermons come as free gifts when you order our ‘Complete Collection’   Call us if you have any trouble using your credit card thru PayPal:  217-877-0009 [Note:  We cannot process orders by phone, but still may be able to help with your online order or by snail mail order.  You may need to leave a message for call back.] If you prefer, you may send a check to:                  Grace Notes 3770 N. Water St Decatur, IL   62526 [please add $5 for processing and include the email address you'd like your download link sent to, or physical address if you prefer to receive it by mail as a CD ROM]  More questions?  Call us at 217-877-0009 or Write us.     You say:  "It's amazing that this ministry is free...no one else is doing this with Sermons and PowerPoints"    We say:  Please help keep it free by honoring our system:  By design and intent, this sermon service will always be free-but this is made possible by those of you who take the brief moment required to vote for the sermons after you click on them.  You do this from the link on each sermon’s page which says… Click here to recommend this sermon ministry to others.  Help spread the Word by casting your vote...it's a proven system that keeps this ministry free! If you don’t, it’s still free…But many thanks go to those who help make it free for everyone and are helping to spread the Word in the process…you too have the “spirit of sharing” and are a great part of this ministry!  How have some received a series at no cost?    Benefits to CD-ROMs: ·         No downloading, no waiting, no confusion. ·         No cutting and pasting.  Text comes completely formatted in Microsoft Word. ·         No hassles converting PowerPoint "pps" files to "ppt". ·         Already organized in folders for easy indexing. *Remember, all sermons on the site are free to download if you don't mind the work.    Your Feedback:   “I received my CD...these sermons will be a great help to me. My situation limits how much time I can put into sermon preparation.  Grace Notes gets me started, and then the Lord helps me to make it my own.”            Pastor-USA    Welcome to many new subscribers this week, you number in the thousands…to God be the glory!  You can help broaden our influence when you forward these links to others you believe may benefit.  They can sign up at the “Grace Notes” homepage.    Those who want to say “thank you”…please, just vote for the sermons at the link on each sermon’s own page and forward these links to others…it all helps this ministry expand which in turn helps the Kingdom of God to grow…which is what it’s all about. International Users:  Don’t forget to sign the GuestMap below and show us ‘where in the world you are!’ Free Guestmap from Bravenet.com Get a custom logo like ours at Faith's Attic   Have a wonderful day, be blessed, and enjoy!       Pastor Jerry Shirley & Grace Notes Staff                See our Help Section     See previous "Grace Notes" Newsletters
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