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Temple Baptist Church - 4-5-2020Psalm 92Introduction:A.¬ Psalm 92 contrasts¬ the wicked with the righteous.¬ 1.¬ The righteous love God!2.¬ The unrighteous are the enemies of God!B.¬ If the righteous love God, then they will love God's church!1.¬ They will be faithful where they are planted.2.¬ They will be thankful where they are planted.3.¬ They will be flourishing where they are planted.C.¬ It is interesting¬ that the Holy Spirit used the word ‚Äúplanted‚ÄĚ when referring to the faithfulness of God's people to the house of God.¬ That word is normally used when speaking of trees, flowers, etc. being permanently placed into the ground.1.¬ I only plant¬ specific plants.¬ I pick and choose what kind of plants that I buy because my yard is limited in area.¬ I remember well that my mom would plant anything and everything in our yard when I was growing up and I had to mow around them.¬ Most of them just looked like weeds and did not have flowers.¬ Dad would mow them down.2.¬ I only plant¬ in specific places.¬ I try to plant where there will be the fullest sun, which is hard in my yard as I live in the woods.¬ I try to plant them in an orderly fashion so that they will look well.3.¬ I only plant¬ for specific reasons.¬ For beauty and fruit!D.¬ Several kinds of plants¬ come to mind when looking at them considering God's people and the church.1.¬ Special Occasion Plants¬ ‚Äď Easter Lilies and Poinsettias!¬ a)¬ Some people¬ only come to church on special occasions such as Easter and Christmas.¬ We are always glad to see them when they come and, evidently, two or three times a year is plenty for them to get their ‚Äúreligion‚ÄĚ for the year.¬ b)¬ We leave them¬ in the church for as much as a month around Christmas but, eventually, we give them away to someone who will take them home and care for them.c).¬ You cannot lead¬ them, and you cannot feed them because they are a type of the ‚Äúnatural‚ÄĚ man who cannot receive or know the word of God.¬ They just never seem to get it!¬ They are satisfied with a little religion that soothes them a few days out of the year but have neither love nor desire for fellowship with God's people.¬ 2.¬ Artificial Plants¬ ‚Äď These are plants with no life in them that we buy that remain in certain places in the church.¬ a)¬ They just ‚Äúadorn‚Ä̬ the church but never produce or grow.¬ These are the unsaved that never get right with the Lord.¬ They never get saved and become spiritually alive through the new birth.¬ b)¬ They always sit¬ in the same place and they are always there.¬ I am not knocking our people sitting in the same places nor indicting them because they are always there.¬ I say a sign that said, ‚ÄúVisitors welcome, members expected!‚Ä̬ I actually pay them little attention because they require none.¬ Every now and then, Marty will replace them or dress them up a little and they are beautiful but dead.c)¬ I have actually tried¬ to water them at times because I took them for the real thing but, alas, that never helped them.¬ They never grow; they never need pruning; they never accept your efforts to care for them; they are just there and lifeless.¬ ¬ You cannot lead them and you cannot feed them because they are the ‚Äúnatural‚ÄĚ man who cannot receive or know the word of God.3.¬ Potted Plants¬ ‚Äď These plants do have life but, like the Artificial Plants, are moved around quite a bit and eventually are replaced.¬ a)¬ They cannot be planted¬ because they are not able to withstand the elements.¬ When it gets cold, you have a frost, or it becomes snowy, they must be brought in for the winter or they will die.¬ b)¬ These are people¬ and many are true believers (because they do have life) who can never get settled and continually, for always a ‚Äúgood reason,‚ÄĚ move on.¬ They will never get settled because they do not like problems or imperfections in the environment.¬ Spring and¬ summer (good times) are their favorites but fall and winter (hard times) are not.¬ c)¬ Potted Plants¬ need special care.¬ You must be careful how you handle them so as not to damage them.¬ They must be watered and fed continually or they will die.¬ They constantly have to be moved for cleaning or other purposes.¬ d)¬ Unfortunately,¬ I always kill potted plants.¬ I try my best to get them to live but everything I do with my ‚ÄúBrown Thumb‚ÄĚ turns out wrong and they eventually die.¬ I cannot lead them nor can I feed them because they have no need of either a pastor or a church family.4.¬ Planted Plants¬ ‚Äď These are the believers that come to get in, not get out.¬ a)¬ They become a vital,¬ living part of the local church.¬ I have been a member of only three churches in the 43+ years since I was saved.¬ I joined the church I was saved in and remained there until God called me into the ministry.¬ I joined the church where I spent my Bible College years and remained faithfully there until God called me to pastor Temple Baptist.¬ I joined Temple Baptist and have remained here.¬ In March, it was 33 years.¬ b)¬ As a general rule,¬ these planted plants feed and water themselves.¬ I may have to pour a little water on them in drought or fertilize once a year, but they are self-feeders.¬ About once a year, I prune them so as to help natural growth.¬ I am careful in my pruning because they can be cut back too hard.¬ They will still grow but may skip a year in fruit production.¬ I prune as to leave buds for natural growth and buds for fruit.c)¬ I thank God for our people¬ as most of you have been here for years and can be depended upon in both good and bad times.¬ Planted plants are buried deep in the soil and survive because they can withstand the elements in the area in which they are planted.¬ You can lead them and you can feed them.d)¬ Planted plants stay planted.¬ We have a Windmill Palm in our front yard that is app. 20 feet tall now.¬ It is a thing of beauty and adds so much to the overall d√©cor of our yard and home.¬ I never come home and find that my Palm tree has moved over to the neighbor's yard or somewhere else.¬ Planted plants are always where the planter put them!e)¬ These ‚Äúplanted plants‚ÄĚ are the¬ ‚Äúheart and soul‚ÄĚ of the local church!¬ It is them that carry on the work of the ministry.¬ It is them that support the local church with their tithes and offerings.¬ It is them that help missionaries get on the field and stay on the field with their missions giving.¬ You cannot support new missionaries with inconsistent support!¬ You cannot pay bills and maintain the church with inconsistent tithes and offerings.¬ God bless these ‚Äúplanted plants!‚ÄĚE.¬ We need to¬ remain or to become¬ ‚Äúplanted plants‚ÄĚ in 2014!¬ 1.¬ Planted Plants are Faithful Plants ‚Äď vs. 1-2¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ Psalms 27:4¬ One thing have I desired of the LORD, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to enquire in his temple.2.¬ Planted Plants are Happy Plants ‚Äď vs. 4¬ ¬ Psalms 122:1¬ ¬ I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD.3.¬ Planted Plants are Protected Plants ‚Äď vs. 9¬ Psalms 27:5¬ For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock.4.¬ Planted Plants are Fruitful Plants ‚Äď vs. 14¬ Psalms 1:3¬ And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.5.¬ Planted Plants are Satisfied Plants ‚Äď vs. 14¬ Psalms 42:4¬ When I remember these things, I pour out my soul in me: for I had gone with the multitude, I went with them to the house of God, with the voice of joy and praise, with a multitude that kept holyday.F.¬ Now, the question is,¬ ‚ÄúHow do we become planted?‚ÄĚ1.¬ Planted comes through Realization!¬ There are no perfect churches!¬ There are no perfect pastors!¬ We will never agree with everything that we see or hear!¬ We will not get our way!¬ ¬ ¬ People are imperfect and no two will ever agree on everything.¬ Where there are people, there will be problems and this includes the pulpit!¬ If we do ever find the perfect church and pastor, we need to leave them along because joining it will mess it up which leads up to point number 2.2.¬ Planted comes through Remembering!¬ We are not perfect!¬ We are not always right!¬ God knows best and faithfulness to the local church is not a request!¬ When you join a church, you join it‚ÄĒit does not join you!¬ We are not there to change the church; we are placed there to enhance it!¬ When we fail to remember that we are flawed and often hard to get along with, then we hold others to a standard that we are not willing to live with ourselves.¬ Critical people not only hurt others but also hurt themselves.3.¬ Planted comes through Resolve!¬ We are joining because we love the Lord and the church is His design and will for us!¬ We are joining the church because it takes the combined effort and talent of the corporate body to get the job done!¬ We are joining the church, not to be seen or to be somebody, but to be a blessing and encouragement to our brothers and sisters in Christ!¬ We have ability to be used for the Lord and the Holy Spirit places me in a church that needs us.
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