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Thinking about the hands of our Savior today. Those hands that worked in Joseph’s carpenter shop. Those hands that took little children up in His arms & blessed them. Those hands that touched blinded eyes & made them see; that touched the leper & cleansed him; that touched the deaf man’s ears & he could hear. Those hands that were known in the way He broke the bread. In fact, He broke the bread on 2 occasions in scripture & fed thousands. Those hands even touched the casket & raised the young man from the dead in the city of Nain ( Luke 7 ). Tender hands! Strong Hands! Powerful hands! Loving hands!
Those hands that had done so much good & blessed & healed so many were pierced. A Roman soldier took a hammer or mallet & nailed our Lord to a cross. Those hands that had done wondrous works were wounded for us. Ps. 22 prophesied that His hands & feet would be pierced. Those wonderful hands bled & hurt because of the nails. He endured the suffering & pain of the cross that we might be forgiven. Then, it was those hands He showed to Thomas after the resurrection saying, “ Be not faithless, but believing. “.
Those hands are outstretched to you today welcoming you to come to Him & be saved. As the old song goes, “ Put your hand in the nailscarred hand. “. As a preacher said, “ The only man made thing in heaven will be the scars of Jesus. “.
THOSE HANDS! We need His touch upon our lives. Thankful today for Jesus’ hands!

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