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Bethel Baptist Church Richmond Hill Georgia

Bethel Baptist Church Richmond Hill Georgia

Pastor Brian Cooper
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A Brief Thought #54 - Pastor Brian Cooper Pastor Brian brings a timely devotion from Psalm 11. MB01IKTQ17CXNLX.
A Brief Thought From God's Word #55 - Bro. Donnie McCullough Bro. Donnie lets God's Word speak for itself as he brings a devotion from Psalm 91. MB01OAA83GXK5UH.
CBT Jr. Church Video 11-16-20 This Children's Church Video will teach you Jesus' response to racism and you will meet Old Man McCullough.
A Brief Thought #56 - Bro. Craig Howard Our gratitude doesn't stem from ideal situations, it stems from who God is and what He has done. We should be thankful in the good times and the times that ...
Bethel's CBT Video 11-23-20 Giving Thanks for God's Blessing this week. Even Dude has to be thankful for his weird family on this new episode of CBT.
A Brief Thought #57 - Pastor Brian Cooper It's important for those in this generation and the generation coming after to see something genuine in us. How has Christ affected you? Pastor Brian brings a ...
A Brief Thought #58 - Bro. Donnie McCullough The Lord loves to use insignificant things and ordinary people. When God touches something, it becomes special! Bro. Donnie brings a Christmas-themed ...
Bethel's CBT Video 12-7-20 Bethel's Junior Church Online is teaching children the value of the simple rag and the value of twins from Mary Slessor.

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