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Thanks to Pastor Edgar Carlisle for sharing this.
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Baptism of young Vincent Asebedo final service for this ministry in Garden city Ks This ministry is moving from Garden City Kansas to Oklahoma , storefront has to close due to landlord needing property.
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California Gov. Gavin Newsom quoted a well-known Bible verse about “loving your neighbor” to promote the killing of unborn babies in abortions this week in a new ad campaign targeting pro-life states. On billboards going up in Mississippi and Oklahoma, the Democrat governor asserts that California is demonstrating Christian love by helping women abort their […]The post Gavin Newsom Runs Abortion Billboards Saying Killing Babies is “Loving Your Neighbor” appeared first on LifeNews.com.
Staffing shortages and ongoing pandemic restrictions have kept volunteers out—and left the incarcerated craving the kind of spiritual support they had before.James Hyson hasn’t had access to ministries, classes, or mentoring groups since before the pandemic.That’s because the ministry staff who volunteer at the New Jersey prison where he is incarcerated haven’t been able to return.Though pandemic restrictions have loosened in most parts of American life, many state prisons and jails still limit outside volunteers. Ministries reported to CT that states have either not lifted their 2020 ban on volunteers, blocked volunteers whenever there is a COVID-19 outbreak, or cut the number of volunteers allowed in.Some states and individual facilities have restored full access to volunteers—ministry leaders reported Michigan, Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma were very open—but many across the country still cannot get through prison doors.Jumpstart, a ministry that works in 17 prisons in South Carolina, has seen temporary shutdowns at 75 percent of the facilities it serves over the summer because of COVID outbreaks. Kairos Prison Ministry, which operates in 37 states, said it still can’t send volunteers into Connecticut facilities.State prisons and local jails—which house the vast majority of the 1.9 million people incarcerated in the US—have been slower to open up than federal prisons, which have been letting volunteers back in since November 2020.“There are certain things out of our control, and we have to trust God to provide. We would love to be in there and be ministering and providing tools,” said Evelyn Lemly, the CEO of Kairos Prison Ministry. “But we honor and recognize that it’s [the state’s] house. And we serve at their pleasure.”Prison ministries, motivated by the scriptural call to “remember ...Continue reading...
The congregation of an Oklahoma church heavily damaged in a tornado met together just one week after the storm to pray and worship despite the losses.
In the last seven days, an impressive number of Republican states have raced to send pro-life legislation over the finish line. Of course, the backdrop to these gains is the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on Mississippi’s abortion law (expected in June) that could potentially overturn Roe v. Wade. Thanks to the bold leaders in Arizona, Oklahoma, Florida, and Kentucky, we’re witnessing a cultural shift that will have generational impact—regardless of what the justices decide.Arizona’s Governor Takes Major Stride in Protecting the UnbornOn March 30, Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey (R) signed a bill that criminalizes abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. This bill, sponsored by state Senator Nancy Barto (R), also prohibits the prosecution of women who undergo an abortion.Abortion businesses that breach this law, however, could face felony charges and lose their medical licenses. Physicians can carry out abortions past the 15-week mark only during medical emergencies. The bill does not allow exceptions for instances of sexual abuse.In a letter, the Republican governor wrote, “In Arizona, we know there is immeasurable value in every life—including preborn life. I believe it is each state’s responsibility to protect them.”In 2020, the Arizona Department of Health Services reported that 13,186 abortions were carried out in the state. Recent data reveals that 636 were after 15 weeks of pregnancy.Conservatives consider Senate Bill 1164 a victory for the unborn. However, abortion business advocates have condemned the legislation as part of a long-term effort to make abortion illegal in Arizona.
WASHINGTON D.C. – On April 12, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt (R) signed into law SB 612, a bill that makes it illegal to carry out an abortion in the state except for medical emergencies.The bill not only makes it a felony for doctors in Oklahoma to carry out abortions but has a penalty of up to 10 years in prison and up to $100,000 in fines. Senate Bill 612 was approved by more than 80 percent of the state legislature.This pro-life legislation has been labeled “extreme” and “disturbing” by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. In a “Washington Watch” interview, Gov. Stitt supported SB 612 saying, “Other states can do things differently, but in the state of Oklahoma, we want to protect life.” The Republican lawmaker emphasized that he is representing all four million Oklahomans by taking a “stand with life” and is prepared to “push back against the federal government.”Watch the full interview with Gov. Stitt on tonyperkins.com at 5 p.m. EST.
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