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Commonly known as the "Alpha Center".
Preaching Christ By All Means Everywhere
Helping Local Churches Fulfill The Great Commission
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Expected to Pass Bill that Will Keep You From Getting Needed Information
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Do the Ten Commandments Have a Place in the New Testament Church?
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Rescue the Perishing  - Great Old Hymns for "Special Music"!! At Glenwood Baptist Church, we still sing the old hymns from the hymnals even for "special music! We hope you enjoy "Rescue the Perishing" sung by (left to ...
"They That Be Wise" | Pastor Tom Fry | July 25, 2021 | Morning Service www.ambassadorbaptistchurch.faithweb.com Theme for 2021: "Dare to Be a Daniel" Daniel 12:1-4 1 And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince ...
Daily Devotions - How We Define Riches (July 20, 2021) Proverbs 13:7 There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing: there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.
Saved, Saved! - Great Old Hymns for "Special Music"!! At Glenwood Baptist Church, we still sing the old hymns from the hymnals even for "special music! We hope you enjoy "Saved, Saved!" sung by (left to right) Ron ...
Bills Lake Baptist Church Sunday Morning Service July 11, 2021 Exodus 15:1-13 The greatness of His excellence Pastor Niemann Comments can be posted on the channel's discussion page.
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Despite the lingering stereotypes, the Monterrey-based singer and minister set out to prove contemporary worship services can hold to the authority of Scripture.For Layla de la Garza, worship music has been a way to draw nearer to Jesus and the Word.Having grown up in a conservative traditional church, Layla was transformed by listening to Passion’s worship music as a teenager. Many years later, in 2015, she met CCM musician Christy Nockels, who became her mentor and invited her to participate in IF:Gathering. De la Garza has used her talents in this ministry to serve as a worship and teaching leader, multiplying IF’s reach among the international Spanish-speaking community.Back in her hometown of Monterrey, a city of more than a million in northeastern Mexico, some still remain suspicious of contemporary worship, with its bright lights and big stages. But at VIDAIN church, where de la Garza and her husband, Diego, serve as part of the pastoral team, they’ve set out to show that high production value does not mean compromising on the truth of the gospel. She’s also the host of Notas con Dios, a podcast where she discusses finding God and hope in everyday life.CT spoke with Layla about her vision for the church, the role of women in the church in Mexico, and her call to worship, ministry, and the fulfillment of the Great Commission. (This interview was originally conducted in Spanish.)How would you describe the evangelical church in Mexico to people from other countries?Latin Americans in general are very passionate. Relationships and building community are very important to us. Our relationships are very warm: We hug each other and create intimacy easily, even with people we have just met. These characteristics of Latin culture are very present in the evangelical church in Mexico.It is beautiful because I believe we have the potential to be like the first ...Continue reading...
A new article in the Washington Post found that teens are turning to the great outdoors to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.
By The Corbett Report While you were distracted by the scamdemic, the banksters have been working on the greatest wealth transfer in the history of...Fight the Banksters with Cash Friday — “Solutions Watch” with James Corbett and Catherine Austin Fitts
By Jesse Smith One of the ways the global cabal is attempting to implement The Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is by putting...Prepare Now! Global Supply Chains at Risk
In the conflict over racial issues, “just preach the gospel” misses the gospel.I remember the World War II stories I was told as a middle school student. Wearing secondhand clothes and sporting an unkempt fade, I sat in a hard wooden desk too small for my growing black body in a classroom full of distracted boys and girls. The air conditioning in Alabama classrooms was unreliable, which meant sweat was an ever-present companion to our education.The teachers told us impressionable youths that the traumas of both world wars revealed American and British grit. These great nations set aside petty concerns and turned to the needs of others. I was told at that unforgiving desk that nations and individuals discover themselves under pressure. When the fervency of belief encounters the unforgiving realities of suffering, our deepest convictions are unveiled. When cancer invades a human body and stresses a marriage, the true depth of love and commitment becomes clear.In more recent history, COVID-19 has been a similar pressure and a similar revelation for the United States and its churches. Just as there are tests that reveal a person’s character, there are national trials that make plain what a country is.What has the COVID-19 pandemic said about the American church? Who have we revealed ourselves to be under pressure? I am talking not about the virus itself. I am talking about the social crisis of the pandemic, which brought to light the ongoing experience of racism and injustice by ethnic minorities in this country.The church had an opportunity to lead in this area and show the world how our faith allows us to press for better treatment for all. Instead, some decided to litigate the validity of critical race theory. With Black and Asian blood drying on the concrete streets of American cities, some decided ...Continue reading...
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