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Pastor Marc Smith  PM Service  091822  Isaiah 58:4-6  The Basics Of Worship ... True or False Pastor Marc Smith “The Basics Of Worship True or False?” Isaiah 58:4-6 ---------------------------- Ambassador Baptist Church ...
Num lesson 17 | Felipe Soto| | Num 9:-10- 10:1 Num lesson 17| Felipe Soto | Num 9:-10- 10:1 verse by verse Sunday School By Felipe Soto.
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We have been studying (in our “Evening Meditation” Bible Classes) John chapter 6. It contains a total of 71 verses, and a lot of red ink in my Bible! (Which expresses all the Words of Jesus in that bright color, to mark them as vitally important.) Come to think of it, John chapters 3 and []
When Jesus Self-identified as the “Bread of Life” He claimed an amazing Truth about Himself. By the way, “bread” is mentioned 361 times in the Bible! Enough to show us how vitally important it was in those ancient days. It is the staple in the ancient middle eastern diet! Thus, it is essential for human []
In our most recent “Evening Meditation” Bible Study we looked at John 6:60-71, that whole Paragraph. Within its scope is this great Event “What and if ye shall see the Son of man ascend up where he was before?” That event being our Lord’s Ascension back to Heaven, John 6:63. Jesus had repeatedly told []
In John 6:44 we are told that God the Father “draws” people to Jesus! Then in John 12:23 Jesus says that He Himself will “draw” men unto Himself. Excuse the redundancy please. And in John 15:26 the Holy Spirit is clearly said to “testify” of Jesus, implying an act of drawing men and women to []
An 11-year-old North Carolina boy is inspiring millions of people with his determination to succeed in sports, despite having been born with only one arm. A pitcher on his Little League team, Tommy Morrissey recently hit two home runs during a tournament in Cooperstown, New York, and a video of the moment went viral on []The post 11-Year-Old Tommy is a Baseball Star, Even Though He Has Just One Arm appeared first on LifeNews.com.
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