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Here’s a 48 minute lesson taken from our Worship Vocals DVDs. This is Part 8 where vocal coach Kate Silbur shows how to: Add vocal “colour” using the song Amazing Grace Review learning to date from parts 1-7 of the vocals course – this is a great overview of what you can learn on the […]The post Huge free worship vocals lesson – adding vocal “colour” appeared first on Musicademy.
Over the years our Song Learner and Worship Collection Lessons have been really popular, especially for people who have gone through our curriculum-focused worship courses first and want to explore more songs and techniques such as those used on professional recordings. So we’re delighted to announce a new look category called “Song Based Lessons” that […]The post New electric, acoustic and bass ‘Song Based’ lessons launched today appeared first on Musicademy.
I recently re-read this post on Musicademy in which Tim Bowdler wonderfully tells the story of how his stage fright – helped by a rather undiscerning bandleader – resulted in one of the most embarrassing gigs of his life. And I can relate. I used to be full of fear when going on stage – […]The post How to Deal With Stage Fright as a Worship Musician appeared first on Musicademy.
There is an old joke that says ‘How many electric guitarists does it take to change a light bulb?' The answer is 100. One to change the bulb and 99 to say ‘that was rubbish, I could do it much faster'… Every so often I come across a teenage guitarist who has been playing for […]The post 8 tips for training younger worship musicians appeared first on Musicademy.
Decide what you expect: Prior to getting began, give consideration to which things are generally most important towards your apps achieving success. The things end goal are you feeling wanting to achieve with the application? Often is the request component of a computer software as a assistance offering, or simply do you find yourself utilizing […]The post best mobile app development platform appeared first on Musicademy.
1. Have you practiced before the rehearsal? The key to rehearsing is to look at it as a time to build arrangements and getting the band to ‘gel' with a song. Rehearsing is different to personal practice times.I always try to get my band members to learn chords, parts, lyrics, melodies etc well before they […]The post 7 questions to help you get more out of your worship team rehearsals appeared first on Musicademy.
I have a friend who is a professional drummer. He's one those musicians who you never really know how good he is because everything he plays in a worship setting is simple, understated and doesn't draw much attention to itself. Yet in the studio he is a first call drummer for a number of well […]The post 5 ways to work on your timing as a worship musician appeared first on Musicademy.
Copyright is an intellectual property right given to the creators of original musical, literary and dramatic works. In the UK the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 is the current legislation and provides the creator with both an economic and a moral right. This moral right means that only the copyright owner of a song […]The post Can we change or make a new arrangement of someone else's song? Guest post from CCLI appeared first on Musicademy.
Story essays include narratives which are intended to demonstrate a point. Your new publication comprises a few poems which are rather reasonable in regard to their descriptions of sex. To start composing a detailed composition, pick the subject you are going to be describing. If you like to comprehend how you can compose a poem, […]The post What to Produce With Report appeared first on Musicademy.
We Discuss Great Mark Our final objective will be to order a great paper. Although we offer affordable essay writing service UK, you’ll have assurance knowing your papers continues to be informative speech coming from experts. Finish is the final part of the essay your subscriber will experience. Creating an excellent summary for your own […]The post How exactly to Enhance Skills for Sixth-Graders appeared first on Musicademy.
On its part, customessaywritingservice h AS noted it is going to keep on spending so much time so as to retain the present customer care amounts in its expert solutions. Article authorship is an increasing business so when the net expands, need is is most likely to increase. In any kind of content options, you […]The post Just how to Execute Academic Study appeared first on Musicademy.
We've just launched another batch of five new MultiTracks. As ever these are big, well known songs with familiar arrangements but in the usual Worship Backing Band style we've slightly (or sometimes hugely) modified each song to make it as congregationally singable and playable as we can. So here's a brief rundown of how we've […]The post Five huge new MultiTracks appeared first on Musicademy.
We are delighted to announce our Black Friday sale offers for 2016. In a moment of utter madness we’ve decided to reduce our prices by up to 80% on 30 of our best selling products. Most are physical DVDs and CDs but there’s the odd download there too as well. As always, shipping to the […]The post Black Friday offers: up to 80% off 30 of our best selling products appeared first on Musicademy.
Pulling together an order of service that also includes a creative element to both refresh the usual content and appeal to visitors can be pretty daunting. We were discussing ideas for Christmas service planning in the Musicademy Worship Community (it’s a Group on Facebook – you are welcome to join too) when one of our regular community […]The post Re-written narrations of the Christmas story [free Christmas presentation download] appeared first on Musicademy.
We have a huge 22 carols in our backing tracks library now. Click through below to listen to audio samples and to buy: Angels We Have Heard On High/Angels From The Realms of Glory Christmas Offering Hark The Herald Angels Sing Joyful Joyful Joy To The World O Come All Ye Faithful O Come O […]The post Worship Backing Band’s carol repertoire: backing tracks and chord charts appeared first on Musicademy.
The price of MultiTracks and Split Tracks is about to go up. Buy now and save $$$s/£££s. We’re about to launch a new Worship Backing Band website. It’s going to be much simpler to navigate than the current site and a lot easier for you to find the songs you need. As part of that […]The post [Announcement] Worship Backing Band track price rise. Buy now at the old low prices while you can. appeared first on Musicademy.
We were able to record a number of the masterclasses at our recent worship training day in Peterborough. These were doing using Facebook Live so are a single camera and on-board audio feed. Worship Team Essentials Part 1 If you like the concepts covered in Worship Team Essentials we would definitely recommend our Band Skills […]The post Worship training day livestream videos appeared first on Musicademy.
Do’s and Don’ts: Christmas service planning We asked the Musicademy Worship Community (our new Facebook Group) for their tips on Christmas planning and were blown away by a response from Christopher Phillimore that listed some super useful Do’s and Don’ts. We couldn’t agree more with his suggestions. Here is Christopher’s list: DO plan in advance […]The post Do’s and Don’ts for Christmas service planning appeared first on Musicademy.
I go to a lot of live music. Festivals, gigs and conferences. At the majority, sound levels are perfectly acceptable and I leave at the end of the evening without feeling that my ears are bleeding. But sometimes it’s loud. Too loud. At a pub gig a couple of years ago the music was so […]The post Flare Audio’s Isolate ear defenders [Review] appeared first on Musicademy.
Someone once told me that music with dodgy tuning is folk and music with dodgy timing is jazz… So does that mean lots of worship bands are actually playing sophisticated jazz-folk? All jokes aside, so many worship teams could improve their sound immensely if they just focused on improving their sense of timing. Most musicians […]The post Developing a sense of timing in your worship team appeared first on Musicademy.
We did a little ice breaker in a recent worship training day where we asked the delegates to identify the biggest issue facing their worship team. Cue the grand opening of a can of worms. And an awful lot of the same issues coming up again and again. So I thought I’d run with this and […]The post What are the biggest issues facing worship teams right now? appeared first on Musicademy.
Submit your email address to enter We've teamed up with G7th The Capo Company for a great competition for guitarists. 1st prize – One Special Edition Performance 2 Blue Limelight Capo When you’re song writing or jamming, the Performance 2 Blue Limelight exudes an elegant, smoky-blue reflection, as well as helping you stay in tune, safeguarding your […]The post Competition: Win three G7th capos + Musicademy’s Capo Positioning and Transposing Course appeared first on Musicademy.
Free MultiTrack of the month This month’s free track comes from one of the members of the Musicademy Worship Community Facebook Group; independent UK artist and worship leader David Woodman. David's track ‘Impossible' is the second of his songs to be featured in our Free Multitrack of the Month section. This track is more pop/rock […]The post Free MultiTrack from Worship Backing Band: Impossible appeared first on Musicademy.
Recently a guitar student asked me to teach them a cover version of Katy Perry's California Gurls by YouTube boywonder Alex Goot. This kid is one of the many internet viral sensations building a readymade fan base poised for when they come to release their own music by covering other people's songs and filming themselves […]The post Same old chords new shapes appeared first on Musicademy.
Some questions: In an age where much of our congregational worship music is designed for large gatherings or even designed to attract large gatherings does it really best serve the vast majority of Christian worshipers who aren't in large churches with good quality musicians? Is the worship music we use actually the best tool to help people sing […]The post How inclusive are the worship songs we choose and the music we make? appeared first on Musicademy.

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