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Pastor Paul Chappell | The Pastor's Perspective

Pastor Paul Chappell | The Pastor's Perspective

Encouraging Words from Dr. Paul Chappell
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 When you host a special day or event as a church—such as for Resurrection Sunday or a graduation or conference—it is tempting to finish the event and then kick into low gear. Or, if you are Type A like me, finish the event and quickly move on to the next! We have learned however, […]Related posts:7 Practices to Build into Your Annual Calendar Cultivating Joy, Growth, and a Passion for Excellence in Your Staff 10 Diagnostic Questions to Assess Balance and Sustainability, part 1
No doubt about it, Resurrection Sunday is a highlight of the year. I thank God for the opportunity it provides many churches for extended outreach and gospel preaching, and I praise Him for every soul saved around the world this weekend. It is always a blessing to me to watch our church family invest extra […]Related posts:Continuing the Celebration: Living in Light of the Resurrection Growth Points 29: Seven Suggestions to Maximize Your Resurrection Sunday Outreach The Empty Tomb: a Surprise Beginning, Pictorial Steps to the Resurrection, Part 8
At Lancaster Baptist Church, we typically observe the Lord's Table several times throughout the year. One of those times is the Sunday before we celebrate Christ's Resurrection. I am thankful for how this focuses our hearts on Jesus' sacrifice and the events leading into His crucifixion and resurrection. Before we observed the Lord's Table this […]Related posts:Why I Love Laboring in the Work of the Lord What the Passion of Christ Teaches Us about Trials, part 1 How a Christian Should Celebrate Easter
The longer I serve in ministry, the more I recognize the value of working with young people. In fact, the longer I serve, the more I believe we should pour more of ourselves into serving our youth. Some of the most significant decisions of my life I made as a teenager. I sensed the call […]Related posts:Helping Teens Hear God's Call Growth Points 71: Characteristics of an Effective Servant of God 4 Ways Spiritual Leaders Build God's People
I'll be upfront: as an independent Baptist pastor, I am concerned. Statistics bear that various groups are sliding, and every indication is that established independent Baptist churches are seeing fewer people added to the church by baptism. This means that even as our nation is growing, our evangelism and discipleship efforts are not. Or at […]Related posts:4 Ways Spiritual Leaders Build God's People 3 Reasons You Should Not Attend Spiritual Leadership Conference (and 5 Reasons You Should) 5 Traits Common to Leaders Who Continue
One of Terrie's early, unspoken expectations of marriage was that I would help around the house. Shortly after we were married, we had invited company over for dinner. I noticed she was stressed with the preparations and offered to help. I was pleased with how delighted she was at my offer and silently congratulated myself […]Related posts:3 Myths about Marriage 10 Basic Marriage Truths Every Christian Spouse Should Know Marriage and Ministry—Competing or Complementing?
As we approach Resurrection Sunday, our church is praying and working to impact our community with the largest gospel outreach in our history. Many of our friends around the country are similarly using Easter Sunday as an opportunity to magnify the message of the gospel. Over the years, we have developed printed resources for soulwinning, […]Related posts:What If You Took It Personally? 3 Often-Overlooked Ways Every Spiritual Leader Can Be Engaged in the Great Commission 7 Ways to Engage a Church in Regular Outreach
This past Monday, right after preaching at the Capitol Connection meeting in Washington D.C., I received a phone call from Terrie letting me know that her mother had just gone to be with the Lord. In some ways, we were not shocked as Shirley (aged ninety-one) had been in hospice care since this summer. But […]Related posts:Making the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” Wonderful Soulwinning Father's Day Weekend
In part 1 of this post, we set the context for wanting our music to be honoring to God and offered three principles related to music. In part 2 we looked at seven more principles, for a total so far of 10: I believe preaching is central in worship and evangelism. I believe music is […]Related posts:Biblical Principles for Music and Worship, Part 2 Biblical Principles for Music and Worship 7 Biblical Purposes for Music
In part 1 of this post, we set the context for wanting our music to be honoring to God, and we looked at three principles related to music: I believe preaching is central in worship and evangelism. I believe music is to reflect the holiness of God. I believe there is a true danger in […]Related posts:7 Biblical Purposes for Music Biblical Principles for Music and Worship 3 Expressions of a Thankful Heart
I thank God for the gift of music. I am particularly thankful for sacred, Christ-honoring music. Music is an integral part of worship and edification. It can draw our hearts closer to the Lord and reinforce scriptural truths in our minds, or it can weaken our walk with God and pull our flesh toward the world. […]Related posts:7 Biblical Purposes for Music New Podcast Posted: Principles for Biblical Church Growth 7 Principles for Hiring Quality Church Staff
One of the greatest joys of my life is training young men and women in the ministry through West Coast Baptist College. It is a privilege to make a joint investment in what parents, home pastors, teachers, and others have already poured into our students’ lives. It seems that wherever I travel to preach (including foreign […]Related posts:WCBC Graduate Interview: Kyle Haynes We Need More Timothys 10 Indicators of a Spirit-Filled Leader
Words cannot express how thankful I am that the Lord brought Dr. Don Sisk into my life over twenty-five years ago. I will never forget the day I met him at a pastor's fellowship in Atlanta, Georgia. The meeting turned out to be non-edifying and issue-orientated, and before it was over, I found myself seated […]Related posts:Don & Virginia Sisk 60 Years of Serving 10 Ways to Be a Blessing to Your Missionaries
We know that a biblical perspective on our finances is based in the awareness that God is the ultimate owner of everything and has entrusted resources to us to steward, or manage, for Him. Our job, then, is to be faithful stewards. It's easy to talk about faithfulness and to assume we are faithful just […]Related posts:7 Disciplines of Highly Renewed Life Stewards 4 Stewardship Habits to Teach Your Children Why I Preach about Finances
The greatest ministry responsibility of a pastor's life is noted in Acts 6: “But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word” (Acts 6:4). Yet, the time spent in prayer and study for messages is probably a pastor's greatest challenge as well. There are just so many pastoral responsibilities […]Related posts:4 Ways Spiritual Leaders Build God's People 7 Practices to Build into Your Annual Calendar 7 Ways to Find More Time to Read
My generation tends to think of a strong spiritual leader as someone who is authoritative and able to administrate from a position of command. Indeed, we see leaders like this throughout the Bible—Joshua, Nehemiah, perhaps Paul. Millennials, however, have a greater tendency to see a strong spiritual leader as someone who is relationally connected and […]Related posts:3 Characteristics of a Servant Leader Becoming a Team-Building Leader 8 Relationships Every Ministry Leader Should Cultivate
It came to my attention several weeks ago that for nearly six months city leaders and planners have been studying and discussing issues regarding cannabis and the effect it would have on our community to grant cultivation permits for medical marijuana. I have been asked by our city leadership to share my opinion on the matter, […]Related posts:Will Marijuana Help California? How Is a Biblical Christian to Respond in This Election? Praying in Jesus' Name
We know that God calls us to “Grow in grace” (2 Peter 3:18). And every Christian who is walking with the Lord desires this kind of growth. But how do we know if we are indeed growing? What are the benchmarks of growth in grace? There are many throughout God's Word, but here are three […]Related posts:3 Dynamics of Growth in Grace 4 Results of a Grace-Based Approach to Ministry Growth Points 56: Growing through Adversity
A dream without a plan is a wish. So a spiritual, team-building leader doesn't just assemble a team of dreamers, but a team of doers. In this Spiritual Leadership Podcast episode, we discuss what areas a pastor needs to develop strategy for his team, as well as how he can assemble a team of leaders […]Related posts:Spiritual Leadership Podcast: The Soulwinning Church…By His Spirit Spiritual Leadership Podcast: How to Host a New Members Orientation New Podcast Posted: Helping Your Staff Reach Their Full Potential
In part 1 of this post, we looked at five characteristics of a healthy church: A Biblical Purpose A Spiritual Passion An Uncompromised Position An Endowment of Power A Growing Leadership In part 2, we'll look at five final characteristics: 6. A Transparent Policy There's a lot of talk in our day about transparency. Some […]Related posts:10 Characteristics of a Healthy Church Growth Points 41: Characteristics of a Healthy Church, Part 2 Growth Points 40: Characteristics of a Healthy Church, Part 1
We know that God is more interested in the spiritual health of a church than its numeric growth. A spiritually thriving church will be reaching people with the gospel and seeing people added to the church, but a church focused only on growth may be seeing people added without true conversion or spiritual maturity. But […]Related posts:Growth Points 40: Characteristics of a Healthy Church, Part 1 Growth Points 41: Characteristics of a Healthy Church, Part 2 10 Characteristics of a Spirit-Led Church
President Trump has certainly been a controversial figure on our political landscape throughout this past election season. Today, however, I am thankful for one of the first executive orders he signed—an order to reinstate a ban on federal funds to foreign abortions. Often called the “Mexico City Policy” (because of the location where it was […]Related posts:No Inclusion for the Unborn President Bush Visits Troops The Sanctity of Life
Do you need grace today? Do you desire to grow in grace this year? I suppose these are questions with self-evident answers. We know we need God's grace, and we know Scripture commands us to grow in grace. But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him […]Related posts:4 Results of a Grace-Based Approach to Ministry Growth Points 006—Religion, Grace, & the Local Church 4 Ways You Can Promote Grace in Ministry
When I think about a great ministry or a great minister, I think of John the Baptist. Jesus Himself called John and his ministry great: “For I say unto you, Among those that are born of women there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist…” (Luke 7:28). John wasn't as concerned with being […]Related posts:Growth Points 43: Pressing into the New Year with Godly Passion Growth Points 67: How to Rebuild Your Joy Growth Points 44: Pressing into the New Year with Godly Passion, part 2

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