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Salem Baptist Church, Winston Salem North Carolina

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Today’s Reading: Acts 9:36-42 How do you want people to remember you? Everybody has attempted to answer that question for him or herself at least one time or another. The popularity of this thought is due to our innate desire to make an impact. We were designed by God with the desire to make an impact on [...]
Today’s Reading: Acts 9:32-35 Have you ever felt helpless? I’m not talking about what you thought was helpless; I mean “full-blown, I can’t do anything by myself” helplessness. Most of us have never felt this way. The man in today’s reading knew what real helplessness was all about. Aeneas had been paralyzed and confined to a bed for [...]
Today’s Reading: Acts 9:26-31; Galatians 1:1-20 Taking a look at the Galatians reading for today first, we find that these events covered a 3-year period.  Many believe, as do I, that during these three years Saul was being taught by the Lord Jesus concerning the truth of the gospel message (Gal. 1:11-12).  Upon his entry into Jerusalem, [...]
Today’s Reading: Acts 9:19-25 The movie adaptation of the best seller, The Da Vinci Code, premiered with an opening weekend profit of about $77 million. People were flocking to see this well-written story that makes some pretty outlandish claims about Jesus, His relation to Mary Magdalene, and the true origins of the Church. While I don’t believe we as [...]
Today’s Reading: Acts 9:10-19 I have a confession to make. I have been known to cry during movies. I’m not talking about “chick-flicks” or a sad story, that wouldn’t be so bad.  The problem is that I cry every time I see this one specific movie.  The movie is Rudy. If you’re not familiar with this film, let me give [...]
Today’s Reading: Acts 9:1-9; 26:12-18 Have you ever been in a situation where you were only hurting yourself by being a part of it?  Usually this occurs when we’re with our friends and an incident arises where we may not want to participate but choose to do so in order to keep your standing before them. You [...]
Today’s Reading: Acts 8:26-40 Have you ever felt left out? Ever been the last kid picked? Ever spent a lonely night at home while you’re friends had a get-together that you weren’t invited to? Ever wondered what’s wrong with you? Today’s passage is about isolation. We meet a man, an Ethiopian official, who feels left out. Walk with me up to [...]
Today’s Reading: Acts 8:9-25 I want to spend a little bit more time in this passage to answer some questions that may have come up when you first read it. This passage actually contains a lot of doctrinal information concerning the aspects of salvation and eternal security. Plus, there’s a lot of neat back story that we [...]
Today’s Reading: Acts 8:4-25 There are some places that scare me. It may not be a specific location, but there are some places that I would rather not be. These places usually have one big correlation between them: darkness. Not that I’m scared of the dark (please keep this between us), but there is something about darkness that [...]
Today’s Reading: Acts 8:1-3 Sometimes our past continues to haunt us even after we are saved. For many, life before Christ was a roller coaster ride of sin’s pleasures and consequences. After salvation, the scars of this lifestyle can still remain. Guilt, remorse and shame can preoccupy our minds as we seek to honor Christ. We see [...]
This is truly an historic time! As a pastor and teacher, I am constantly being asked about how I feel concerning the new president and how someone who may not be a supporter should respond. I have decided that the only truly Biblical reaction to the previous election’s results is found in Romans 13: “Let every person be [...]
Today’s Reading: Acts 6:8-7:60 A common phrase used this time of year is “Finish Well.”  This is the time when students are coming to the end of another school year and are tempted to cast the reat of the way.  Assignments get ignored.  Tests are not taken seriously.  For many, summer vacation has already started and they [...]

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