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By B.N. Frank The use of Facial Recognition technology continues to be controversial. Why wouldn't it be? It's privacy invasive and it's NOT always accurate. ...Facial Recognition Apps for Anyone Who Wants to Identify People Without Their Knowledge or Consent: What Couldn't Go Wrong?
By Whitney Webb Far from being a war against “white supremacy,” the Biden administration's new “domestic terror” strategy clearly targets primarily those who oppose US...Who Is a “Terrorist” in Biden's America?
By Matthew Guariglia and Karen Gullo In March 2016, “smart” doorbell camera maker Ring was a growing company attempting to market its wireless smart security...Emails from 2016 Show Amazon Ring’s Hold on the LAPD Through Camera Giveaways
By Tyler Durden The Honolulu Police Department (HPD) spent $150,045 in CARES Act money to purchase a Boston Dynamics’ four-legged robo-dog called Spot to patrol a homeless...Honolulu Police Used Robo-dog To Patrol Homeless Camp
By Jacob G. Hornberger Whenever some foreign regime that is independent of the U.S. Empire goes after dissenters, U.S. officials trot out the First Amendment...Why the Regime’s Regulatory Power Is a Standing Threat to America
By Aden Tate Yet another consequence of 2020 was the growth of public surveillance (aka Big Brother state) disguised under the umbrella of COVID. When...The State Convinced People It Was Dangerous for Them Not to be Watched — Now Many Believe Surveillance Tech Is “for our own good”
By B.N. Frank Has your utility company generously and persistently offered to install a “Smart Thermostat” inside your home in order to help you conserve...It's Getting Hot in Here! When Utility Companies Remotely Control “Smart” Thermostats Installed in Customers' Homes
By Julia Conley Human rights advocates Thursday denounced a Supreme Court decision in favor of the U.S. corporate giants Nestlé USA and Cargill, which were sued...“Dangerous Precedent”: US High Court Sides With Corporate Giants Nestlé and Cargill in Child Slavery Case
By Charles Burris AP Editor’s Note: An outstanding compilation of full documentaries, videos and books put together by covering America’s sordid history with various...Mind Control: A Comprehensive Overview
By B.N. Frank More alarming news reported about Peloton exercise equipment in addition to some of their treadmills being recalled because of injuries and deaths...Attn Peloton Users: Hackers Could Spy On You and Control Your Exercise Machines
Outer Limits Radio Is the Great Reset failing? Have the globalists fumbled their takeover of the United States due to their own accord or because...Fighting Back Against The Reset with Brandon Smith
By Patrick Carroll Maxime Bernier, the leader of the People's Party of Canada (PPC), was arrested last Friday after speaking at an anti-lockdown protest in...Canadian Political Leader Arrested for Attending Small Anti-Lockdown Protest—Days After Trudeau Attended Massive Ontario Gathering
By John W. Whitehead “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.”— Friedrich Nietzsche Almost every...The FBI's Mafia-Style Justice: To Fight Crime, the FBI Sponsors 15 Crimes a Day
By B.N. Frank A 2018 survey revealed 66% of Americans did NOT want to live in “Smart Cities” due to privacy and security risks. Worldwide...“Smart City” Federal Grant Funding Period Has Ended in Columbus, Ohio. What Now?
By Derrick Broze More than a dozen villages in Mexico recently voted to remove political parties from their communities in favor of managing their own...Over a Dozen Mexican Towns Vote To Reject Political Parties in Latest Election
By Derrick Broze While indigenous communities in Mexico are rejecting the COVID-19 shot, the international effort to convince the public to take the jab is...Governments Around The World Offer Extravagant Bribes In Desperate Effort To Increase COVID Vaccine Uptake
By Mike Maharrey Asset forfeiture funds help build the ever-growing national surveillance state. Civil asset forfeiture is a pernicious policy in its own right. It...Chicago Cops Use Asset Forfeiture Funds to Buy Drones “Off the Books”
By B.N. Frank American COVID-19 concerns have led to recommendations and mandates that many believe have been and continue to be unsafe, invasive, extreme, ineffective,...Delta Requires New Hires to Take COVID Vaccine, Current Employees Not Required; Other Airlines Not Requiring It
By Peter C. Earle The May 11 jobs report took many economic data watchers by surprise. Predictions of over one million new jobs in April...Setting the Table for Covid-X
By Matt Agorist In the land of the free, the job of police officer has morphed drastically over the last three decades. Thanks to the...Cops Knew Suspect Was Not in Home When They Destroyed It, Force Family to Pay for It Anyway
By Robert Wheeler The social credit system took yet another step forward—this time, from Down Under. Under the guise of a welfare crackdown, Australia moved...A Society Based on the Social Credit System is Closer Than You Think
By Aaron Mackey The City of Fullerton, California has abandoned a lawsuit against two bloggers and a local website. The suit dangerously sought to expand...Victory! California City Drops Lawsuit Accusing Journalists of Violating Computer Crime Law
By Aaron Mackey and David Greene President Joe Biden on Friday rescinded a dangerous and unconstitutional Executive Order issued by President Trump that threatened internet...President Biden Revokes Unconstitutional Executive Order Retaliating Against Online Platforms
Why San Francisco? Because that's in the heart of Silicon Valley where the vast majority of Technocrat innovation has come from. The WEF is creating...WEF, Denmark Partner In San Francisco To Embrace Great Reset
Op-Ed by Zachary Yost By this point readers are more than familiar with the previously unthinkable infringements on our traditional rights and liberties due to...The Dystopian Future in Which Almost No One Owns a Car

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