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Preaching Today: Sermons

From the editors of CT Pastors, PreachingToday.com provides preachers with sermon illustrations, preaching articles, outlines, sermon ideas, graphics and more.
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God has the power to work through us despite what we believe is a problem/deficiency.
When God's will is made clear in life and we obey, nothing is impossible.
We must learn to align our lives to God's plan as he leads.
As believers we must understand that the gospel reaches all people.
When you "see" Jesus are you filled with excitement and anticipation?
There are many things that keep us settled, but we must choose to seek the Lord.
The church should offer itself as a zone of radical hospitality, to all, but especially to unborn children.
First person narrative sermon from the perspective of Joseph of Arimathea, Member of the Sanhedrin, for a Good Friday service.
Are you living your life according to the Judas tree or the Jesus tree?
A ceremony instituted to remind us of Christ's sacrifice for our sin.
Stop disbelieving and become a believer!
Jesus appeared to strengthen the faith of those who would carry the message after him and for us today to understand that Jesus is truly alive.
The death and burial of Christ sets the stage for the true victory that every believer has in Christ.
We are to fulfill the mission God has called each of us to complete.
Do not be anxious and seek first the kingdom of God.
Our covenant-making, covenant-keeping Lord goes before us and he is with us.
Christ has given us what we need to fulfill his mission in our lives.
In the midst of life's woundability, what is your foundation?
We ought to submit and surrender as Christ submitted and surrendered to his Father.
Preaching Today provides pastors and preachers sermon prep help with sermon illustrations, sermons, sermon ideas, and preaching articles.
4 characteristics we can learn from Eunice.
God causes all things ultimately to work for the good of those who love him.
It doesn't require status or wealth to be a good dad, just trust in following God.
Bad things will happen, but never doubt that God is still good.

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