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The Book of Revelation is an invitation to trust Christ when the pressure is on.
Why would you leave Jesus to go back to what is inferior?
Keep asking God till you get a yes—or the grace to live with the no.
And three answers every mother should know.
Loving lackluster Leah (Church) makes us Leahs more like radiant Rachel (Christ) and enables us to experience more intimate union with radiant Rachel.
The resurrection of Jesus offers us unshakable hope because we have God's peace, presence and power!
We can wager on truth and we can wager on life because of God's love, God's love that is the event that happened.
Jesus our Savior is Christ the Victor.
If Jesus could conquer death for this one man, maybe he could conquer death for us all.
Will we choose the basin of service or the basin of power, we can only choose one.
Practicing the embodied spiritual practices of fasting, praying, and giving.
The Bright Sadness of Lent is the hope of once again being close to God.
Who needs your fierce civility?
Just as baptism requires us to hold together a proper relationship between dying and rising with Christ, so too politics work best when a nation's liberal ideals are built upon a solid foundation of conservative truths.
Baptism provides a theological framework for helping us gladly and charitably embrace each other as Christian brothers and sisters in the midst of our political diversity.
The Magi embody the quest for truth, meaning, and purpose in life.
In our journey with Christ we need the work of faith, the labor of love, the uppomano of hope, and the sudden turn of joy.
The predictable message of the birth of Christ shows us that a Wonderful, Almighty, Everlasting Prince reigns now and forever.
We may skip Christmas but we dare not skip Christ.
God has put the hope of the world where anyone in the world can reach him.
Christmas is really a surprise!
Lost sheep are searching for their Good Shepherd.
The Promised Messiah ushers in the promises of God at Christmas.
Jesus is the hope for the world because through him people are aligned to God.

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