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The latest articles by Ken Ham.
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Darwin has been replaced. Starting with God's Word, creation scientists have made testable predictions—and they've been confirmed by observational science.
We're adding a state-of-the-art lab to the lower level of the Answers Center. I'm excited to announce that lab is now fully funded thanks to your generosity!
The Bible teaches we're all descended from one man and one woman—we're all one race and all made in the image of God.
The Ark Encounter will be welcoming some of the biggest names in Gospel music for our 40 Days and Nights of Gospel Music event, August 2–September 10, 2021.
Darwin's ideas gave people an excuse to reject God's Word. And that worldview has been destructive to families, societies, and even churches.
The Cambrian explosion is a collection of fossils in a rock layer laid down during the global flood.
We're offering all fathers free admission to both the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter on Father's Day, June 20, 2021.
How compromise at Union College and faithfulness at other colleges reflect two ways to approach God's Word
When you start with the Bible's history, dinosaurs and man lived with each other. But . . . is there any evidence of this? Yes, there is!
I will be joined by the Wild Brothers, the four missionary brothers behind the popular reality DVD series The Wild Brothers and the vlog series called Wild Way.
According to James 4:6, God is actively opposing those proudly waving colorful banners and chanting “love is love.”
All of the following have been suggested as answers to why the dinosaurs went extinct: an asteroid impact, overeating, starvation, indigestion, and climate change—and that's just a few of the ideas!
Genesis tells us that Noah took two of every kind of land-dwelling, air-breathing animal on the ark. How did Noah fit the dinosaurs?
Summertime is in full swing! We're offering a special summer sale in our online store.
T. rex originally would've been snacking on fruits and plants. But wait—what about their huge teeth?
Today marks one year since the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum reopened after the state's COVID shutdown—and what a difference a year has made!
Our culture says that we're “born this way,” but Christ says, “You must be born again” (see John 3:1–17).
Where did dinosaurs come from? Many Christians struggle to answer this question. But it's not a hard question if we use the Bible as our starting point.
Sadly, biblical illiteracy is rampant in the church, but you can help your children to know what the Bible teaches with a new show called Building Blocks.
The nation's leading Christian colleges that take a stand on a literal Genesis and a young earth are coming to the Ark Encounter, November 4–6, 2021.
Take a faith-building “walk through the Bible” with devotionals by Mike and Libby Wild, missionaries to unreached people living in the jungles of Asia Pacific.
The Lutheran denomination just elected a transgender woman as a bishop, further indicating the country's further slide into moral anarchy.
Experience the glory of God displayed in the nighttime sky with unique biblical-worldview-based Astronomy Live programs at the Creation Museum.
Citing a “long journey toward becoming an anti-racist organization,” Bethany Christian Services is advocating for racism and discrimination in adoptive families.
The rich, “meaty” teaching of our very successful and greatly impactful Answers for Women Conference is now available for subscribers to stream on Answers TV.

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