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Site Sketch 101

Site Sketch 101

468x60-AFor several years now, I have been scowering the internet searching for resources that can be used to produce amazing websites for Christian sites.  I have searched for textures, graphics, icons, tutorials, themes, content management systems, and more.  After years of research, I now have hundreds of resources at my disposal which I fully intend on sharing with you here at Site Sketch 101.

I remember what a depressing feeling it was when I was just getting started and I was having so much difficulty finding tools that I could use to create websites that actually looked appealing to potential visitors.  I know first hand how difficult it can be to set up a site when you are just starting out in this line of work.

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It’s those memories of working so hard only to create only mediocre websites that are my inspiration to create this website.  I want to take my years of experience and pour them out so every one of you who has a desire to create amazing, appealing websites or blogs for your church, ministry, or business can get it done.  This site is all about taking you from the beginning stages of web design and launching you into a realm of professionalism that will make you stand out on the internet and doing it all in a way that is easy to follow along and enjoy.

So friends, welcome aboard Site Sketch 101.  Your web development education is about to begin!

In Christ,

Nicholas Z. Cardot

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