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Grace Notes 6/9/09 - Father's Day Section / All time top sermons

Grace Notes 6/9/09 - Father's Day Section / All time top sermons

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In this edition:
  • 5 Father's Day Sermons
  • Our all time top messages
  •  5 Year Anniversary Celebration!

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  • First Timer Info.
from Pastor Jerry:
"At the present rate we will reach our goal of 3 million hits sometime this week!  Please read below for details on how we are sharing this blessing with you subscribers in the form of our best discount ever.  God bless you and HIS ministry thru you there!"

5 Father's Day Sermons                                 Our Top Sermons

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We work hard to gather the best of free resources from numerous corners of the globe, and it's our privilege to share them all for free with you simply for the furthering of the Gospel, the growth of the Kingdom, and the joy of sharing!
Please feel free to copy and paste any of Pastor Jerry's original manuscripts from the site.  You are free to use them in live services without giving credit, along with the PowerPoint visuals provided.  Our CD ROMs are available by snail mail or Instant Download as a convenience only, but your purchases help support this growing ministry.  There are many benefits to getting our resources in this way, but as always, all materials are free to copy from the site if you don't mind the work and know how to retrieve them.

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Sermon Central is where many of you learned of this ministry, and they have changed their voting to the 'star system'.  [rate up to 5 stars with a click]  It's easier than before and I think better.  In 10 seconds you can make a difference in 3 simple steps:  1.) Click on the 'recommend' button under any sermon on our site  2.) The same sermon will open up in a new page on the SC site...click on the 'rate this sermon' link right below the 5 stars  3.) Click on the far right star to give the highest recommendation if you can."

Bonus Sermons included only in the "Complete Collection": 

Noah's Ark PowerPoint Sermon

"Ark Almighty" - Hebrews 11:7
Uses "Evan Almighty" theme - GET SAVED, GET RIGHT, GET INTO CHURCH!  How parents of today can construct an ark of protection for their household. 
Muslim PowerPoint Sermon
"Allah is NOT My God" - Genesis 16:11-12
The real ‘Path to 911’ started with Ishmael.  A study of the differences between Christians and Muslims, Jehovah God and Allah, and Jesus Christ and Mohammed.  Islam is not just another denomination down the street.  Learn what they believe and why, and the terrorism connection in light of Bible Prophecy.

Israel PowerPoint sermon - Lebanon War "Israel & The Middle East For Dummies" 

- Genesis 12:1-3; 16:1-4; Psalm 122:6

Christians of all people should not be ignorant of these things, and the signs of the 'end times' now upon us.

For a limited time these sermons come as free gifts when you order our ‘Complete Collection’ 


Call us if you have any trouble using your credit card thru PayPal:  217-877-0009 [Note:  We cannot process orders by phone, but still may be able to help with your online order or by snail mail order.  You may need to leave a message for call back.]

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Grace Notes

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You say:  "It's amazing that this ministry is free...no one else is doing this with Sermons and PowerPoints"   
We say:  Please help keep it free by honoring our system: 
By design and intent, this sermon service will always be free-but this is made possible by those of you who take the brief moment required to vote for the sermons after you click on them.  You do this from the link on each sermon’s page which says…
Click here to recommend this sermon ministry to others. 
Help spread the Word by casting your vote...it's a proven system that keeps this ministry free!

If you don’t, it’s still free…But many thanks go to those who help make it free for everyone and are helping to spread the Word in the process…you too have the “spirit of sharing” and are a great part of this ministry! 

How have some received a series at no cost?


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*Remember, all sermons on the site are free to download if you don't mind the work.


Your Feedback:


“I received my CD...these sermons will be a great help to me. My situation limits how much time I can put into sermon preparation.  Grace Notes gets me started, and then the Lord helps me to make it my own.”            Pastor-USA
Welcome to many new subscribers this week, you number in the thousands…to God be the glory!  You can help broaden our influence when you forward these links to others you believe may benefit.  They can sign up at the “Grace Notes” homepage. 

Those who want to say “thank you”…please, just vote for the sermons at the link on each sermon’s own page and forward these links to others…it all helps this ministry expand which in turn helps the Kingdom of God to grow…which is what it’s all about.

International Users:  Don’t forget to sign the GuestMap below and show us ‘where in the world you are!’ 

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Have a wonderful day, be blessed, and enjoy!      

Pastor Jerry Shirley & Grace Notes Staff

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