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Msg #1934a Speak Up At State Fairs

Msg #1934a Speak Up At State Fairs

What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice

Msg #1934a Speak Up At State Fairs


While touring the “Center of Progress” building at the NYS Fair, I, a Baptist Preacher of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, was invited to speak at three of the booths. The gargantuan Green New Deal booth invited me to speak on who it was that created the Universe, controls the climate, and will soon judge mankind about what they did with His Only Begotten Son. They only gave me 3 minutes. A huge Rainbow booth invited me to speak for over a half hour on Sodom and Gomorrah, their sin of Sodomy, and their need of a Saviour who could save them from their sin. Their Bible ignorance was overwhelming; some Presbyterian Church had told them that sodomy was not a sin, that all people go to heaven and that there is no hell. They had never in their lives heard John 3:16-18 and 36 quoted out loud. I rehearsed it for them no less than five times before they became intolerant. Turns out they tolerate everybody except kind, soft-spoken, gentle, old, Bible quoting Baptist Preachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, ... and they absolutely HATE, and openly preach hate for, the President of our United States. I invite every Independent Baptist Preacher in Upstate NY to visit their Rainbow booth and use to the full their invitation to talk openly about sodomy. Lastly I was invited to speak some words of encouragement at a tiny-tiny, 4x8' booth called The Amazing Grace Soul-Winner's booth. While two booths invited me to leave, Amazing Grace invited us to stay. I love the NYS Fair.

While at the Amazing Grace Soul-Winner's booth I shared a riddle that Dr. Gardner developed back in the nineteen-hundreds and used effectively to bring people into the booth from clear across the room. Here is the riddle:

“What is IT? If you eat IT you will die! IT is bigger than God! IT is older than Earth! If you do IT you go to hell! ... What is IT?

If you cannot solve this riddle, write me and I'll send you the answer.


An Additional, Fair Essay for week #34 Aug 25th, 2019

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