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Msg #1544 The Truth about Chiliasm

Msg #1544 The Truth about Chiliasm

What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice

Msg #1544 The Truth about Chiliasm

What The Bible Says

Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice

The last four chapters of the Revelation of Jesus Christ are the most misdiagnosed chapters in history. When the Roman Empire did a hostile takeover of Christianity they refused Christ's 1,000 year reign. The Roman Church and its Protestant Reformers never did come back to what these chapters reveal about Christ's 2nd coming. First, Christ comes for his saints (1Thes 4:16) and later he comes with his saints (3:13). In Revelation 19 he is coming with his saints to rescue his chosen nation; Israel is in Jerusalem, in siege by all the nations of the world. In rides “Faithful and True” followed by the armies which were with him in heaven (19:14), that's us, resurrected saints, wearing fine linen, white and clean. We are riding with the King of kings and Lord of lords to the Battle of Armageddon (cf Rev 16:16). Revelation 20 then describes the 1,000 year reign of Christ, known and hated by the Orthodox Church, the Roman Church, and the Protestant Churches as “Chiliasm” (Greek). Their despise is what has made these four chapters historically misdiagnosed. For 1,700 years Bible believers holding to the literal rendering of these chapters have been called heretics, crucified, burned, and exiled. The real separation of Church and state stopped that. Studying Baptist history with Chiliasm in a search engine is surprisingly enlightening. Still many Evangelicals remain ignorant of this unprecedented persecution of Bible truth. They choose rather to follow Mike Blume, while Baptists read John Piper. No matter how popular, or how charismatic, the preacher who rejects these chapters in their literal sense is a false teacher. “Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time” (1John 2:18).

An Essay for week #44 Nov 1, 2015

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