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Msg #1418 Awesome Name in an Awesome Chapter

Msg #1418 Awesome Name in an Awesome Chapter

What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice

Msg #1418 Awesome Name in an Awesome Chapter

What The Bible Says

Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice

God's revelation lets man know what God has done, what God is doing, and what is going to happen next. It is marvelous for the believer to read Isaiah 12 and see a description of the New Covenant relationship that we have in Christ. Penned by God through Isaiah 746 years before the Only Begotten Son of God became our propitiation it begins, "And in that day..." It defends the use of that word, "propitiation," with this insight, "though thou wast angry with me, thine anger is turned away." (vr.1) We know now that Isaiah's wording "and thou comfortedst me" is prophetic of the Comforter that Jesus sent after his ascension. "Behold God is my salvation: I will trust and not be afraid," is descriptive of the New Covenant in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. The personal name of God is only spelled out in English four times in the Holy Bible. All other times this most revered name is handled in English, as it was in spoken Hebrew, by substituting LORD in its stead. Appropriately two exceptions are when Moses and David spell out what his name actually was in Exodus 6:3 and Psalm 83:18. The remaining two exceptions drip from the pen of Isaiah when he writes about God being our salvation in a New Covenant (Isa. 12:2) and Israel's salvation in the 1,000 year kingdom reign of Christ. (Isa. 26:4) The meaning of that carefully, reverently used name is given in Exodus 3:14, "I Am, that I Am." In Jesus Christ, called the Mighty God, called the Everlasting Father, we have our salvation, and our Saviour is called by that most revered name. Here, for the "first-fruit" inhabitants of Zion's kingdom (vr.6), that Holy One of Israel is our salvation. What an awesome chapter.

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