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Msg #2212 Saints at Phillipi Rejoicing

Msg #2212 Saints at Phillipi Rejoicing

What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice

Msg #2212 Saints at Phillipi Rejoicing

What The Bible Says

Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice


When the Apostle Paul writes a letter of encouragement to close friends and co-laborers in Christ, it promotes genuine rejoicing. Nineteen percent of New Testament joy and rejoicing is found in his letter to the saints of Phillipi. Paul remembered how the Holy Ghost forbade his going to Asia and sent him to Phillipi, he remembered Lydia's salvation testimony, and the Phillipian jailer who framed up the children's song, “Acts sixteen, verse thirty-one, tells you just what must be done ... Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ (3x) and thou shalt be saved!” For good reason Paul's remembrance and prayer for them was made with joy (1:3-4). The gospel bound him to these saints at Phillipi and he lists four distinct ways it did. First is the fellowship they had in the gospel, “from the first day until now” (vr.5). Fellowship comes with a common bond, a common goal, and a common effort. The richest, most Biblical fellowship comes from a shared gospel preaching goal and calling. Next, Paul has great confidence in that gospel which he expresses in the continuation of his sentence (vr.6). Then he makes this a run on sentence when he adds the jail time associated with the gospel, the defence of that gospel, and the confirmation of the good news of the gospel (vr.7). In short, and in introduction, the rejoicing that a believer has is all wrapped up in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. In 1828 Noah Wedster defined joy as, “the passion excited by acquisition or expectation of good,” and its verb, rejoice, as “experiencing joy in a high degree.” Remembering ones salvation, meditating in the simple gospel that was received, and looking to where that gospel message will take them, is indeed “an acquisition and expectation of good.” Rejoice evermore.


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