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Msg #2108 A Taste of Paradise

Msg #2108 A Taste of Paradise

What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice

Msg #2108 A Taste of Paradise

What The Bible Says

Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice

For Valentine's Day, we saw the importance of “securing” our “soul-mate”, and making them our “significant-other”; this week let's look at the importance of communicating with them. There are four essentials for following God's commands in marriage and becoming one-flesh in bliss, producing a marriage that is a taste of paradise on earth. Faithfulness is essential, forgiveness, just as essential, communication paramount, and fidelity to each other and to God's Word is the fourth essential. It behooves couples to study and revisit each essential annually, and February is ideally suited for just such a visitation. Communication is the most fun to examine because we all do it so poorly and it links to the other three. Five characteristics of a communication lifeline in good working order are: 1) A sense of freedom to express yourself; 2) A sense of being understood; 3) An absence of win-lose arguments; 4) A reduction in tension; and 5) A sense of being safe and secure in the relationship. Two or more of those characteristics upside down give you a critically impaired lifeline that needs help immediately as increasing distance and silence sets into your marriage. Every marriage needs some improvements in their communications lifeline, and the greatest help often comes when one improves their listening skills. Consider eight ways to do that: 1) "Half is Not Enough"... Give complete attention; 2) "No Interruptions"... Don't interrupt each other! 3) "Repeat, Re-pete"; 4) "Respond with Your Eyes" Real listening involves eye contact; 5) "Don't wait for Commercial Breaks"; 6) "Silence is a NEGATIVE Feedback"; 7) "With a Breakthrough Don't Overwhelm"; and 8) "Give a LOVE Message." When you listen to your partner, you are showing love. It is B-E-S-T to Bless, Edify, Share, and Touch. Happy Valentine's Month.

An Essay for week #8 - Feb 21, 2021

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Penny Pulpit
Penny Pulpit

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