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hands on prison barsAn American Christian who has been a pastor of a church in Turkey and ministering to the Turkish people for more than two decades has been imprisoned for his faith.
wrapped up in red tapeConservative members of Congress are pushing President-elect Donald Trump to cut regulations, but one analyst in the business world is skeptical that they can get what they want.
anti-Israel flag BDS anti-SemiticKeith Ellison, the Muslim Congressman from Minnesota who was sworn into office with his hand on the Quran, is skirting around questions about his anti-Semitic past as he is being considered as the number one contender for the next Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman.
Iranian nuclear reactorDespite the Obama administration's insistence that the Iran Sanctions Extension Act is “unnecessary” and runs against its pro-Iran foreign policy, the president's missing the deadline to sign it means that the legislation against the Islamic Republic is now law – acting to curb its rogue nuclear program.
Guantanamo Bay prison (Gitmo)Forwarding his plan to close down America's Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba -- that houses deadly terrorists – President Barack Obama just cleared for release a “forever prisoner” who was found by American intelligence officials to have one or more relatives serving al-Qaeda as a recruiter who can help him re-engage in jihadist plots.
sex educationDespite a growing resistance from school officials, parents in Omaha, Nebraska, remain resilient in their attempts to fight a radical sexual education curriculum that is being implemented in public schools.
abortion clinic examination roomAmericans United for Life is calling on states to regulate abortion clinics.
Coptic Christian church in EgyptEgyptian Christians fear that more deadly attacks are imminent after ISIS has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing at a church in Cairo, Egypt, on Sunday that killed 25 Coptic Christians.
Obama lectures about OrlandoPresident Barack Obama was severely chided by Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) for preventing states from defunding Planned Parenthood.
church congregation (rear view)A respected Christian pollster reports that evangelical pastors generally overrate their influence on how their congregants voted in the recent election – and it may be true about more than politics.
hand on computer keyboardA group battling pornography and all forms of sexual exploitation is challenging a major online retailer to stop catering to sexual predators.
Illegal immigrants caughtAn immigration reform activist says President-elect Donald Trump can move quickly to change course on the immigration front as soon as he takes office.
gavel with Bible 2Traditional values groups in Indiana are looking forward to their day in court in their battle against local ordinances that award special rights to those who are sexually confused.
German migrantsAfter being flooded with Muslim migrants, European countries are watching many of them return home – with the host country paying the bill.
Ryan Zinke (Int. Secretary)A surprise pick to lead the Department of the Interior in the Trump administration is being praised as a knowledgeable leader.
cash 100-dollar billThe City of Portland's approval of a tax on companies with high-paying CEOs continues to draw attention, but not everyone thinks it will work.
hot temperaturesA group of scientists predict that the Earth will be consumed by fire in its last days, but evangelist Ray Comfort assures that those whose hope is anchored in Jesus Christ have nothing to fear, noting that the evolutionists' alarmist account is biblically inaccurate.
Trump and Hillary waving post-debatePresident-elect Donald Trump's divergence from the typical routine of incoming presidents – who jump at every opportunity to keep the press current on their comings and goings – is driving CNN crazy, as the White House-bound Republican has not held a single press conference in more than five weeks.
Bill GatesHighly recognized names in the business world are putting big money behind energy efforts, but critics are wary of massive funding
Texas flagA Texas lawmaker is fighting to make sure that more dignity is bestowed on aborted babies than on pets.
U.S. Navy soldiers carrierA national defense analyst believes that a Transgender 101 training program for midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy will be halted when the Trump administration assumes office.
ABC TelevisionThe Parents Television Council (PTC) announced that a new show in development for ABC is another example of how the Disney-owned network is headed in the wrong direction.
black family having fun togetherA federal court has stopped the family-friendly content filter VidAngel from doing business, despite a federal law allowing what the company does to protect children from inappropriate video content.
economy (money background)Do you know where your state is in terms of economic freedom in the upcoming year?
American flag with peoplePresident Barack Obama says America hasn't gotten past its racist roots. One African-American conservative says the president is right.

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