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climate change CO2While some politicians and interest groups are asking President Donald Trump to remain in the Paris Climate Agreement, one organization hopes he pulls the plug.
Trump addresses Congress (No. 2)A pro-family leader says Christians and social conservatives should be very pleased with what Donald Trump accomplished in his first 100 days – and a former DOJ attorney says he's pleased as well.
login and passwordIt's a poverty-stricken area in a state plagued by poverty, and some suggest broadband Internet may help.
surgical instruments 2A conservative activist is outraged that the ACLU is suing a hospital chain because one of its Catholic hospitals refused to perform an operation on a woman seeking to change her gender.
Roy Moore (close-up)A conservative political scientist believes Roy Moore will have too high a mountain to climb to win the Senate seat previously held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
Baltimore riotsA new study reveals that nearly 70 percent of all the murders in the United States take place in 5 percent of the nation's counties – and more than half of all homicides occur in just 2 percent of its counties.
cross broken shatteredThe leader of a persecution watchdog organization says his heart his sickened by the widespread devastation that is taking place with the civil war in South Sudan.
Man covering mouth (censorship)Some state legislators are getting tough on college campuses that take tax dollars but allow students to shout down conservative speech they don't like.
hand on chalkboardThe Texas Board of Education held fast in late April, preserving the right of students and teachers to have open discussion and debates regarding Darwinian evolution.
judge banging gavelA German family is asking Europe's highest court to protect their rights and the rights of all parents to homeschool their children free from government threats.
Palestinians celebrating in IsraelAfter two of the Palestinians' most notorious Islamic terrorist groups, Hamas and Fatah, agreed that the nation of Israel has no right to exist, Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas appears to be distancing himself with the factions in preparation of his meeting with President Donald Trump on May 3 to spur a pro-Palestinian foreign policy.
AG Sessions press conferenceAttorney General Jeff Sessions insists that the real threat to America's judicial system is the increased politicization exhibited by its judiciaries – not President Donald Trump's criticism of their rulings to block his executive orders.
hurricane evacuation route signIt's been seven months since Hurricane Matthew devastated the East Coast, and an effort is under way to help families rebuild their homes.
GE logoA watchdog organization believes General Electric is choosing secrecy over transparency.
Trump supporter bloodiedThe political divide has America the most divided we've been in our lifetime, but a new survey of Americans shows there's one thing we all agree on.
Anne Graham Lotz speakingEvangelist Anne Graham Lotz is sending a dire reminder to Christians that the Rapture can be just moments away, and warns that failing to be prepared for this “trip” – as the world enters the Last Days – is a tragedy.
LGBTQ on campusThe plans for a new queer and transgender student resource center was announced by Wesleyan University (WU) in Connecticut – a bold move by the Christian institution of higher education that is allegedly putting LGBT rights above its adherence to biblical principles.
Internet concept (http)This may go without saying, but broadband Internet isn't considered a necessity – unless, of course, your name is Bernie Sanders.
Kim Jong UnA national defense analyst says the regime in North Korea is all about survival as leader Kim Jong Un hears a drumbeat of war from the United States and South Korea.
heavy tax burdenPresident Trump's tax proposals for Congress, announced yesterday, are being viewed as a good start by groups advocating limited government and free markets.
Planned Parenthood building 2A pro-life/pro-family group sees the GOP-led legislation intended to repeal and replace ObamaCare as a great opportunity to defund the largest abortion-provider in America.
judge banging gavelA former U.S. Justice Department attorney says it won't be so easy for the Trump-led DOJ to defeat a federal judge's order that blocked the President's plan to withhold funds from "sanctuary cities."
Bernie Sanders politickingAfter headlining the recently concluded Democratic “Unity” tour, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) declared that the losing party of the 2016 presidential election is still failing.
U.S. Capitol 2President Donald Trump's cabinet has made a commitment to engage in a weekly fellowship of prayer and Bible study to help lead America down a more godly and successful path.
Trump in Iowa (Unflattering pic)Ross Perot famously called NAFTA a "giant sucking sound" that was taking American jobs to Mexico in 1992, and the benefits and trade-offs of the North American Free Trade Agreement are still being debated today.

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