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Msg #1321 Beware of Darkness

Msg #1321 Beware of Darkness

What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice


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Pastor Ed Rice,  Good Samaritan Baptist Church, Dresden NY 14441

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Msg #1321 Beware of Darkness

What The Bible Says

Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice

    On memorial day we commemorate, remember, and honor those who gave their life to secure and maintain our freedom. In this observation it becomes obvious that the battle for true freedom is ongoing. Oppressive darkness swallows freedom all around us. Just this week it swallowed the boyscout organization. They no longer have the freedom to call homosexuality and sodomy an immoral abomination to God, the God that they used to exalt and serve. It is a sad day when immorality triumphs by distorting 'civil rights' and even uses our federal government to provide leverage. We, as a nation are headed back into darkness. Ephesians5 says you were sometimes darkness. Before one is quickened by Christ, the unregenerate soul, the unsaved individual, is not only 'in' darkness, they 'are' darkness. The quickened are no longer darkness, they were converted to be light, but they have an adversary, and that adversary is darkness. In the Scripture the 'roaring lion' was at Golgotha, Psalm 22; it is the wicked and Godless leader, Proverbs 28; it is the false prophet/teacher, Ezekiel 22; and it is this ever present darkness in man. Ergo, you were darkness, your unsaved loved one still is, your lost neighbor is darkness, and your unregenerate coworker is darkness. Each is that roaring lion seeking whom they may devour. There is a battle going on and you must not only fight for right, you must fight for light. Be sober, be vigilant. They do need salvation; they are 'in' darkness; but be aware, they 'are' darkness. Don't be devoured. The lion takes the weak and stragglers, being those who skip out on Church attendance, Bible study, and prayer time. Ephesians warns us to be careful who we fellowship with, we were darkness, now we are light. Let your light so shine.
An Essay for week #21 Sun, May 26, 13

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