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Victory in Jesus - Great Old Hymns for "Special Music"!! At Glenwood Baptist Church, we still sing the old hymns from the hymnals even for "special music! We hope you enjoy "Victory in Jesus," sung by (left to right) ...
Saved by the Blood - Bible-believing, Fundamental Preaching! Showing from the Old Testament illustrations of New Testament truths concerning redemption by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, this message was preached ...
Kneel at the Cross - Our Choir Sings the Old Hymns!! For some time on Sunday mornings I have invited anyone interested to come up and join in on an impromptu choir special right before the message. There is no ...
"Good Old Days" Ps. 143 Dr. Christopher Bradford, Pastor First Baptist Church 301 N. Dallas St. Ennis tX. 75119 www.fbcennis.org.
Stephen's Witness to Saul - Old Fashioned Bible Preaching! In addition to the preaching itself, what was it about the testimony of Stephen that got under Saul's skin so much? This message was preached on Sunday ...
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A new survey finds a majority of Americans who believe that America is a “city on a hill” chosen by God to receive blessings and be used as an example in the world, also believe in a “replacement” conspiracy theory holding that immigrants are invading the U.S. in an attempt to replace the country's current culture.
Parents in Australia are calling out the medical community for discriminating against their unborn babies with Down syndrome after a new study found high rates of neglect and discrimination by medical professionals after a prenatal diagnosis. Julia Laine, of Queensland, and her son Grayson are among them. She told ABC News Australia that her doctors acted like […]The post AWFUL: Doctor Said Grayson Would be a “Massive Burden” Because He Has Down Syndrome appeared first on LifeNews.com.
Today's category: Old FolksContemporary Art A tiny but dignified old lady was among a group looking at an art exhibition in a newly opened gallery. Suddenly one contemporary painting caught her eye. "What on earth," she inquired of the artist standing nearby, "is that?" He smiled condescendingly. "That, my dear lady, is supposed to be a mother and her child." "Well, then," snapped the little old lady, "why isn't it?"View hundreds more jokes online.Email this joke to a friend
Link: https://thefederalist.com/2021/10/04/as-christian-cold-war-heats-up-the-faithful…Format: Web PageTopic(s): Contemporary Essays & ArticlesAuthor(s)/Speaker(s): Curated Resources
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