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New Life Baptist Church Prince Frederick Maryland

New Life Baptist Church Prince Frederick Maryland

Pastor Jason Baxter
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Midweek Service 9.16.20 Growing Spiritually Booklet We've started a Series Booklet called-Growing Spiritually, Seven Growth Lessons for Believers. This first week covered a portion of What Christ Did For Us.
More 9.20.20 2 Cor. 9:5-8, if you sow sparingly, you'll reap sparingly. If you want more out of God, give more to God!
Special Music Tent Meeting Part 1 Mon  9.7.2020 More about Jesus, would I know! More of HIs grace to others show! More, more about Jesus!
Special Music Tent Meeting Part 2, 9.8.20 Still love that altar! Find you an altar!
Will Thy Seat Be Empty-Dr. Darrell Cox 9.8.20 From our Tent Meeting on Tuesday, 9.8.20. David left his seat empty. There was a need and an expectation, but the seat was found empty. Will Thy Seat Be ...
Get Your Own Altar-Dr. Darrell Cox 9.7.2020 Tent Meeting 2020. Dr. Darrell Cox preached a convicting message on finding your own altar. So many people, men especially, have placed their faith in ...
Special Music Tent Meeting Part 1 9.8.20 More about Jesus, let me learn! More of His Holy will discern! More, more about Jesus!
I Found It All-Special Music Finding it all requires dying to oneself. May you be blessed by this special from our services.
Consider Him 8.30.20 Let's not forget about Christ or the Cross in these days!
Special-I Have Been Blessed Special Music by the Baxter Family.
Getting God Involved-Part 1 Sun. AM 8.16.20 Let's begin to look at the recipe for Getting God Involved.
Modesty-Part 2 Sun. School 8.16.20 Modesty is important to the Lord and it's important to see what the Lord has said about it in His Word.
Security in Thoroughness, Part 1-8.12.20 Faith is often Overlooked, Underrated, Undervalued and Misconceived. There is security in the Lord. We know the Lord is Faithful. We find in Psalm 91 how we ...
Modesty-Part 1 Sun  School 8.9.20 Modesty applies to men and women alike. Modesty is so much more than simply dress. Let's look at what God says about Modesty and His children.
Most Miserable 8.2.20 Either Christ resurrected or He didn't. If you're born again, you'll never be happy outside of God's will. Join In. God is good!
7.29.20 Center for the Christian, Continued The Christian has a center of focus. Please follow along in this study as we study what that Center is. Our study is throughout the book of Colossians Chapter 3.
Troubled, Yet Assured 7.26.20 This year of 2020 has left a lot of people, especially God's people, in a lot of perplexity. Hopefully these reassurances will help you. God is still able!

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