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A Ministry of Bob and Maureen Hoffman providing free web hosting to Indpendent Baptist Ministries.
"Providing Leadership Workshops with fresh ideas"
A Ministry to the Local Churches of America
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TIBC Ministries Welcome to TIBC Ministries of Middleton, TN. We are glad that you stopped by and hope that you will subscribe to our channel ...
TIBC Ministries Welcome to TIBC Ministries of Middleton, TN. We are glad that you stopped by and hope that you will subscribe to our channel ...
TIBC Ministries Welcome to TIBC Ministries of Middleton, TN. We are glad that you stopped by and hope that you will subscribe to our channel ...
4/9/23 Sunday PM Welcome to TIBC Ministries of Middleton, TN. We are glad that you stopped by and hope that you will subscribe to our channel ...
Are We Doing Well? Missionary and Church Planter Stephen 2 Kings 7:3-9 Missionary Service featuring H.E.L.P Ministries March 6, 2023.
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The Rev. Franklin Graham warned members of Christian news media organizations and others about the “coming storm” headed toward churches and ministries in the United States.
I am nearing my ninetieth birthday. I made public my call to preach on Thanksgiving night of 1954. A few days after that I preached my first sermon in the prayer meeting service of the Black Oak Baptist Church in Gary, Indiana. Two years later, I began pastoring. I have been in full-time ministry since 1956—nearly seventy years.Because of the various ministries I have served in, I've preached in literally thousands of churches all over the world. Being in so many churches is a blessing because I get to meet men and women who are faithfully serving Christ all around the globe. But going to so many places does have a downfall: I sometimes see the sad disunity among God's people. Churches, Bible Colleges, mission organizations, preachers, and ordinary Christians find reasons to quarrel with one another.Of course, every church or organization has some differences with the next organization. But among the independent Baptist places where I am privileged to serve, most have so much more in common than different. Yet, for some reason, we emphasize our differences more than our common practices and beliefs. Would it not be wonderful if we would emphasize our commonality rather than our differences?Many years ago when I became the Far East Director of BIMI, my pastor, Dr. Lee Roberson, was generous in giving needful advice—principles by which to conduct my ministry. One night as we were driving together back to Chattanooga from a meeting, he said to me “Don, you go anywhere that you believe God is leading you to go and minister. Some of the places you go to some of the brethren will criticize you. Don't fight with them; just keep going where you know God wants you to go.” Of course, Dr. Roberson was speaking about doctrinally-solid Baptist churches. And that was good advice. He was right on both points—some brethren criticized me, and I learned not to spend valuable time defending myself.For the first eight years of my ministry. I was a Southern Baptist. When I began to see the liberalism and compromise taking place in the Southern Baptist Convention, I became an independent Baptist by conviction. I'm grateful for that decision, and I would do it all over again—even today. I soon learned, however, that independent Baptists sometimes aren't very independent in their relationships with one another. If I did things the way they wanted me to do and went where they wanted me to go and refused to go where they did not want me to go, I was accepted. But when I didn't meet those criteria, I was not always accepted.Over my nearly seventy years in the ministry, I have seen several leaders try to be a Baptist pope (although not, of course, with that title). None of them have succeeded. The reality is that we must each answer to God—not to each other. “Who art thou that judgest another man's servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth. . . . But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ” (Romans
If you want to make a real difference, don't get bogged down in the details of video streaming.Just about every church is live-streaming their services now.Necessity being the mother of invention (and adaptation), we’re all doing what we have to do.Churches with pre-existing live-stream technology are learning how to conduct their service from an empty room, while those who haven’t live-streamed before are learning the basics – fast.But let’s face two facts about churches that are new to the live-stream world:1. Most first-time streamers are my friends in small churches.2. Most of us aren’t doing live-stream very well.But that’s okay.Here’s why.You Can’t Live-Stream Your Most-Needed MinistriesWhile it’s important to make a Sunday experience available to your church members, a high-quality live-stream Sunday service is not the most significant way you can serve your church or your community over the coming weeks.Top-notch video production is not what the typical small congregation expects or needs from their church leaders.Especially now.They just need to hear from their pastor, their Sunday School teacher and their friends.And not just on Sunday morning.Do What You Do BestIf your service is being live-streamed, keep it simple and do it as best you can, then move on to doing the kinds of ministry you do well.Go old-school.Regular text messages or phone calls to check in on people will mean more than seeing you on a computer screen once a week.Recruit some younger, healthier volunteers to find and bring needed supplies to those who can’t get out.Those kinds of small, simple, low-tech ministries will be of far greater value than how you frame a video shot.What We’ll RememberAt some time in the hopefully-not-too-distant future, we’ll be able to gather ...Continue reading...
This is a big wow to me. Our Bible institute student's and teacher's ministry. They go and teach full time bible classes in several public schools in the mountains of Honduras(in green shirts in photos). They sacrifice and do this free and full time all day, 5 days a week. The photos are them handing out bibles and using them in classes. The Bibles that were donated and sent to us. Through Directline Ministries..
Tom StilesArise! MinistriesSunday Evening 7/8/18
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