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Articles we printed in April 2002 lead to a question: have evolutionists changed in the last 22 years?
Struggle for existence? No; love makes the world go round.
Attempts to harmonize living fossil research with mutation research fail.
? The "Population Bomb" scare was a dud. The opposite is now worrying scientists.
It started when he was told the same moon rock had two vastly different ages.
A skeptic's own lab proves that amino acids are from the original dinosaur.
Millions stood in awe of the April 8 solar eclipse? but theists had the best time.
Tall tales about the loss of the human tail continue to mislead.
More lost stories from the end of March 2002 are republished here. Topics: the tuatara, eyes, self-organization, cells, architecture.
Fifty years of speculation has offered no solution to how birds fly.
Enjoy a beautiful new video for Easter from Illustra Media.
A study on roundworms thriving in the forbidden zone does not falsify the genetic entropy hypothesis.
The Myth was not the man. A new book shows this in Darwin's own words.
Out with junk DNA. Out with the Central Dogma. Make way for design thinking.
These stories from 2003 are still fun to read after 21 years. Note: some links may no longer work. How a Plant Would Evolve Wood if It Could? ? 03/25/2003 Lignin is the molecule that gives sturdiness to cell walls, and is a major component of wood. Its presence differentiates land plants from the slimy algae […]
Powered flight in birds arose only once; no! it arose many times!
The living fossil myth: are they really 66 million years old?
You can't help yourself. You're a victim of selection.
It's not necessary to be a scholar in academia to recognize logical blunders. It just takes common sense.
The James Webb Space Telescope sees mature stars and galaxies too early for big bang theory.
New research reveals dangers in the gender transitioning experiment.
California's giant trees have a new habitat across the globe. What does this imply about geographic distribution?
Two events are presenting evidence for a global Flood and a floating craft that saved Noah's family.
These stories from March 2003 are useful for comparing what science was saying 21 years ago with discoveries since then.
When 95% of staff university staff are leftists, what do you expect of their research?

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