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In academia, there is tolerance for thee but not for me: behold an Oxford University professor's career as a transsexual advocate.
It's one giant leap for Darwinkind: how to explain the origin of powered flight without engineering.
There's more going on under the skin and on the skin than we know.
These evolutionists are either starting a new Darwin comedy show or are seriously deprived of logical thinking.
One of the fascinating segments from Illustra's documentary Living Waters, "Dolphins!" delights the senses in a short re-release.
Beware, believers in the scientific method: science cannot exceed the honesty of its practitioners.
Dinosaurs have come along way from the horror films decades ago; their image is evolving.
Many stars, including sunlike stars, murder their children. Only special conditions allow for habitability.
How Scientists and University Professors Produced the Holocaust: The Shadow of the Professor Change Laura Tan Case.
Science will gain more respect if it terminates the Darwinians. They could serve society better as truck drivers or laundry workers.
If you buy into NASA's perennial search for the origin of life, you'll lose it all. There's no collateral.
The James Webb Space Telescope is turning up contradictions to consensus views on cosmic evolution.
To believe this evolutionary tale, one must accept that a genetic mistake created our beloved backyard acrobats.
Here is a list of the most visited articles in Creation-Evolution Headlines in 2022.
It's not often that a new part of the brain is found. This one keeps our cerebrospinal fluid clean and disease-free.
Microbes in the ocean share genes in tiny bubbles, but where did the genes come from?
Professor Change Laura Tan expelled: a new book about a new case.
New findings show that our ocean, and the unique molecule—water—are designed to ameliorate climate catastrophes.
Here's another collection of groaners by Darwinians worshiping King Charley.
"We are dropping everything else" shouts an astrophysicist upon first look at a mature barred spiral in the early universe.
If geologists relied on empirical observation, they would not get billions of years out of rocks.
Giant ichthyosaurs, as big as a bus, do not become buried in rock slowly over millions of years.
Dramatic clash between observation and theory leaves astronomers dumbfounded.
The Museum of the Bible in Washington DC is opening a new exhibit in January called "Scripture and Science."
Atheists don't want to be left out of Christmastime. But are their "ethical celebrations" well grounded in their worldview?

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