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A soft-tissue fossil should shame Darwinians into embarrassed silence, but they're using it to promote evolution.
After 150 years, evolutionists have still not found Ancestor X! Some scientists openly admit this fact.
How fast does it take to fill a big magma chamber? Millions of years? No. Just a few months, actually.
A philosophy of science professor says we should believe what Big Science says. Are his reasons sound?
Don't take evolutionary stories so seriously. They're intended to be funny.
Evolution means nothing at all if it means an organism can stay the same for 541 million years.
Like any tyranny, one-party rule by the Darwin consensus is unhealthy. It encourages laziness and propaganda.
The asteroid theory is coming under fire again. Some scientists resurrect volcanoes as the killers.
Illustra Media has just released a short documentary about an underwater sharpshooter: the Archer Fish!
Secular scientists and astronomers are only human; they feel awe, too. But why, and for what end?
It's Labor Day in America, but the molecular motors in your body never take a holiday break.
Cassini's finding of a mostly dry Titan falsified expectations. But secularists refuse to give up on their beloved billions of years.
Has new research about teeth helped evolutionists understand why humans evolved large brains?
No animal makes things on this scale. Humans are endowed with skill and foresight to plan big things.
Psychology is so stuck on an illogical paradigm, it is out of touch with reality. As it tries to explain schizophrenia, it exemplifies it.
We're seeing the return of a political view with long, dark roots: pragmatism requires populations to lose their rights.
It can be done, but there are certain other requirements that are not likely to happen naturally.
Skin of a juvenile hadrosaur emerges from a riverbank in Canada; is it really 78 million years old?
A widely-used tool, relied on in hundreds of thousands of studies, has been exposed as fundamentally flawed.
New findings continue to complicate theories of human evolution. Maybe they can sound trendy by dragging climate change into it.
New film on the human heart opens the door to prior fitness of the universe for complex life.
If you wait long enough, scientists will find exceptions to their dogmas and will have to rethink everything.
Evolutionists strive to explain traits even if no good evolutionary reason exists for them.
Evolutionists have a strange way of expressing disappointment. They pretend to be excited about it.

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