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New high-speed movies of hummingbirds show how nectar in the retracting tongue is drawn into the mouth.
An article on the evolution of the tongue deserves the Bronx cheer.
An efficient system involving multiple complex parts keeps a cell clean, new Darwin-free research reveals.
If one's interpretation of Genesis leads to the idea that males can get pregnant, something has gone very wrong in hermeneutics.
Pole vaulters, gymnasts, and hurdlers got their start by accident in precocious fish, say evolutionists.
A century-long strategy has allowed Darwinians to parasitize science, overcome its natural defenses, and establish storytelling as legitimate research
Butterflies magically arise, fly around the world after surviving asteroid strike that killed dinosaurs.
Evolutionary theory, with its Stuff Happens Law, makes nonsense more probable than sense.
The trend of finding increased complexity within the cell further reduces the probability of random-chance evolution.
Comb jellies pull ahead in an endless game to earn the title Last Common Ancestor of All Animals
Secular science reporters don't do their homework. Their simplistic answers deceive the masses.
Not all research assumes Darwinism or accepts the warfare myth. Here are three recent scholarly examples.
Old agers can't weasel around it any more. Saturn's rings are short-lived. They cannot be as old as Saturn.
Historians Are Finally Coming Clean About How Darwinism Birthed Eugenics which Spawned the Holocaust
Who's calling ugly plants and animals repulsive? To know them is to love them.
Only an ignorant person would use the Dunning-Kruger Effect to shame you, says a mathematician.
If scientists knew as much as they think they do, they wouldn't be rethinking so many things so often.
What explains the fascination with extraterrestrials in the science media? Darwinism.
The results of a survey reported in April 2023 show Christian Colleges buckling uncritically to Darwinist groupthink.
A new proposal to solve the hard problem of consciousness misses the real problem: evolutionary materialism.
They admit it exists, but can only make up stories to explain how it might last tens of millions of years.
Molecules just want to come together and become living cooperators, say these university eggheads.
Scientists collate hundreds of mammal genomes to display the explanatory power of Darwin trees, but are some important questions being begged?
It illustrates the problem of being blinded by your conclusion, then attempting to build a case to support it.
David Sloan Wilson is still at it, seeing evolution as a hammer and every human problem as a nail.

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