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News of more plasticity in vision than we thought was possible in older children is most welcome.
The journal Science said 19 years ago that the lopsided political views in academia marginalizes conservatives.
Either a dinosaur walked on bird feet, or evolutionists are way off on their story of bird origins.
Ruled by leftist academicians and globalists, scientific institutions have betrayed the public.
Abandoning rigor, the Big Science Cartel and its promoters in the media turn goofy.
No Evidence Exists for Sperm Evolution: More Complex than Assume Just a Few Months ago
We were among the first to announce the geysers found on Enceladus.
A key figure in the intelligent design movement considers the worldview implications of the fine tuning he has documented.
An eye surgeon considers the implications of giving sight to someone who never saw.
Atheists mangle the meaning of gratitude by making it selfish.
Evolutionists are at a loss to explain the patterns that adorn many diverse animals.
Yet more experimental research documents intelligent design of sperm cells.
A comparison of cephalopod eyes with mammal eyes does not demonstrate Darwinian evolution.
—A fact documented by a new study published by the leading medical journal The Lancet.
This article from 20 years ago debunks (by scientists) the myths of "pristine wilderness" ruined by white settlers.
Just say it evolved because of selective pressure, and your work is done.
Saving the planet while demolishing Darwinism, this Christian chemist is blazing a new trail of beneficial science.
Research is proving that a supposed simple cell is far more complex than once thought
Could we use antimatter-based propulsion to visit alien worlds?
A study on African hunter-gatherer singing habits borders on racism, elitism, and malpractice.
Learn about butterflies that live long and fly thousands of miles to an exact spot they have never seen.
The Apollo 8 crew is remembered for its Christmas Eve reading from Genesis 1.
Like a rabbit's foot, evolutionary paleontologists hope Darwinism will bring them good luck.
This article from November 2006 is one of many falsifications of Darwinism. Yet like zombies, the Darwinians keep rising from the tombs and stalking the town.
Dr James Tour's easy challenge to origin-of-life leads is a total victory against chemical evolution.

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