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Pray for Russia

Pray for Russia

Posted in Facebook by Jeff Quigley
At the request of a dear Russian friend and with prayer, I am posting these thoughts for your consideration. These are not my thoughts - they are those of a Russian brother. He has asked me to make this post to protect his anonymity (Russians do not enjoy freedom of speech as we know it). His thoughts:
I SEE A LOT OF PEOPLE PRAYING FOR UKRAINE. This is absolutely right. Praise the Lord!
The problem, however, is that ego always seeks an enemy, and for Christians designating “Russia” as the enemy is a mistake.
1. "Russia" didn't start the war in Ukraine. Russia is MUCH more than President Putin, political establishment, oligarchs, military... We do need to pray for every man, especially for "For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty..." 1 Tim 2:1-4. We need to pray for those who are making decisions in Russia that they humble themselves before the God of Heaven and accept Christ as their Savior. So they stop bloodshed and seek peace. Matthew 5:9
2. Jesus’ desire is for all men to be saved. This includes Russian soldiers, many of whom have been brainwashed to go and kill their brothers. Russian “compliance enforcement” machine is so brutal, that many are afraid of prison more than of dying. It is illegal in Russia to report on anything associated with Russian military, including physical abuse (hazing), official corruption, morale… Contradicting the official “story” carries a heavy sentence. That’s why 34 journalists were murdered in Russia since 2000 (compared to 2 in China and 3 in the US during the same period).
3. Russian economy is badly damaged by sanctions and there are a lot of innocent people that are affected by this, who have nothing to do with the military actions — pensioners, children, students, people with special needs, average families... They have to deal with increased inflation, debit cards being blocked, gas stations rationing fuel, banks putting limits on the amount of cash that customers could withdraw...
4. About 30% of people in Russia have relatives in Ukraine. Many Russians are against the war and are protesting and getting arrested. The penalties to them can be severe. Many are too scared to let their voice heard. Those that support the war, may be misled by blatant and persuasive propaganda that is 24/7 on Russian news channels. There are no independent (from the government control or censorship) news outlets in Russia. As a matter of fact, it is now illegal to use media (video, audio), that has not come from Russian official sources.
5. As believers, we are called to spread the Good News and point people to the Lord. Any news or circumstances that are taking attention (both of believers as well as those whom they witness to) from this are detrimental to the Gospel. Satan can use the current situation to grow fear, discontent, anger, false idea of enemies...
Please pray for Russia

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