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30 Years Leading the Fight for American Property Rights & Sovereignty
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The second Property Rights Network training call was a huge success with several hundred people tuning in. The focus of this call was to provide local activists with tools and strategies they need to effectively fight local Agenda 21/Sustainable policies on the local level. Two...The post Property Rights Network Conference Call #2 appeared first on American Policy Center.
A couple weeks ago, Tom DeWeese sent out a letter about the World Wildlife Fund and beef. It reads in part: The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is one of the top three most powerful, radical, anti-free enterprise, UN environmental groups in the world. And WWF...The post Going after our food supply appeared first on American Policy Center.
Our nineteenth-century legal theory (individual right, contract, ‘a man can do what he likes with his own,' etc.) was based on the conception of the separate individual. Mary Parker Follett, The New State What is more important to people than their children? If people aren't...The post Snowflakes or reasoning adults – it's the parents' choice appeared first on American Policy Center.
Many seem bewildered by the anti-Trump riots and demonstrations that have covered the nation since the 2016 election. And many keep trying to find a reasonable response. Give it up. You can’t reason with them with words. Here is my take. They know full well...The post The Anti-Trump Riots are a Smoke Screen The Real Goal – Eliminate the Electoral College appeared first on American Policy Center.
The first Property Rights Network monthly training call was a huge success with several hundred people tuning in. As I said earlier, this call focused on positive events – victories that we have gained in the battle to protect property rights. I started with these...The post Property Rights Network Launched appeared first on American Policy Center.
We, the American people, are not each other's enemies. The enemies are those people behind the curtain jerking everybody's chain and trying to divide us up by age, by race, by income.” Dr. Ben Carson, HUD Secretary I have a very important development to report...The post Important Development on HUD’s AFFH appeared first on American Policy Center.
I have been pushing hard lately to let people know that, no matter how big and powerful the opposition, the assault from big government forces can be stopped. That's why I want to tell you about a recent major victory in Louisiana where a wonderful,...The post Not One Inch… The Battle Cry For Property Rights appeared first on American Policy Center.
“At its worst, political correctness is nothing different from Orwell’s Newspeak – an attempt to change the way people think by forcibly changing the way they speak.” Urban Dictionary “Every child in America entering school at the age of five is mentally ill because he comes to school...The post Political Correctness, just one tool in the arsenal of Sustainability appeared first on American Policy Center.
“Whether the mask is labeled fascism, democracy, or dictatorship of the proletariat, our great adversary remains the apparatus—the bureaucracy, the police, the military. Not the one facing us across the frontier of the battle lines, which is not so much our enemy as our brothers'...The post Conservation Easements and Land Trusts, the Ultimate Faustian Marriage appeared first on American Policy Center.
There is an all out assault taking place in nearly every community against private property ownership. It's being perpetrated at every level of government and funded by taxpayer grants. Yet few property owners raise objections, mainly because today most don't have the basic understanding of...The post Why Property Rights Matter – Prosperity – Stability – Freedom appeared first on American Policy Center.
There's lots of talk about where Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh stands on the Roe v Wade abortion decision and if he would vote to rescind it. There is another very controversial Supreme Court decision made just a few years ago, supported by Anthony Kennedy,...The post Will Brett Kavanaugh Stand for Property Rights? appeared first on American Policy Center.
Justice has finally been achieved as the federal government's war against western ranchers and property owners has taken a second major hit. First, Cliven Bundy and his sons, Ryan, Ammon, Dave and Mel, were released in January, 2018, after three trials that never found them...The post It Matters How You Stand appeared first on American Policy Center.
The vital news of the day has been reduced to a carefully crafted summary that can be covered in two minutes or less. Truths are no longer truths, and lies are no longer lies; what matters is how you spin your truth or lie to...The post Church, State, and Global Government Make Strange Bedfellows appeared first on American Policy Center.
Tom DeWeese, recognized expert on private property rights, has released a new book entitled Sustainable: The WAR on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals. DeWeese's book describes in detail the process being used at every level of government to reorganize our society through the destruction...The post Policy Expert Sounds the Alarm on Growing Assault on Private Property appeared first on American Policy Center.
Watch this video and see for yourself the sad and frightening saga of the destruction of the old west – and the American dream. Introduction by Tom DeWeese Wayne Hage, Sr was a friend of mine, as was his second wife, the late Congresswoman Helen...The post The Last Cowboy at Pine Creek Ranch appeared first on American Policy Center.
In nearly every community of the nation the policy called Sustainable is the catch-all term for local planning programs, from water and energy controls to building codes and traffic planning. The term “sustainable” was first used in the 1987 report called “Our Common Future,' issued...The post A Challenge to the American Planning Association appeared first on American Policy Center.
It's in every community in the nation. We hear it talked about in county commission meetings and state legislatures. It's even used in advertising as a positive practice for food processing and auto sales. It's used as the model for building materials, power sources and...The post Sustainable Development: Code for Reorganizing Human Society appeared first on American Policy Center.
I've got some important news to share with you. I believe it's news you've been waiting for! Before I go into the details, let me first say thank you for your incredible support over the past year, especially in our fight against the Southern Poverty...The post Major News on the Battle for Property Rights appeared first on American Policy Center.
There are many powerful forces operating today across the nation to divide the American people and silence opposing views. One of the most active of these efforts is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). There are two very serious reasons why the SPLC is in...The post It's Time to Bring the Southern Poverty Law Center to Justice appeared first on American Policy Center.
No, this has nothing (or very little) to do with Bill Clinton. My question is, ‘Is President Trump' for or against Sustainable Development? He and his cabinet give mixed signals. Yes, Trump has done more positive things than any president in the last decade, that...The post The Definition of “is” appeared first on American Policy Center.
I'm excited to report that the American Policy Center (APC) is growing as our impact and influence are having more of an effect on the nation's political debate than anytime in our thirty one year history. Through a huge presence in radio programs, issue papers,...The post American Policy Center – New Voices and Growing! appeared first on American Policy Center.
Vouchers: A Thorn By Any Other Name “This is an immutable law of the universe. You cannot take government money without government control. Whether the civil government puts the money in your front pocket, your back pocket, direct deposit or you have to take the...The post A Potpourri Of Ways America Is Being Assaulted By Agenda 2030 Forces And Some Are Rejecting Them appeared first on American Policy Center.
Intro by Tom DeWeese: In case you haven't noticed, the United States of America is in real danger of disappearing. A President who is trying to make real changes in order to put out-of- control government back in the bottle is under siege from dark,...The post Destroy the Ability to Think to Destroy an Entire Culture appeared first on American Policy Center.
The post Tom DeWeese presents the history and purpose of Agenda 21/30 and how this internationally-driven policy is transforming America. appeared first on American Policy Center.
NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, an agreement signed by Canada, Mexico, and the United States on January 1, 1989, by President Clinton, is ostensibly a trilateral trade bloc in North America. I say ostensibly because, like many, if not most, of the treaties,...The post Bait and Switch, Blue Smoke and Mirrors, NewSpeak – Take Your Pick. NAFTA Is All These and More appeared first on American Policy Center.

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