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Some women who travel out of state for the procedure still rely on local pro-life pregnancy centers for support in the aftermath. A young woman, pregnant and scared, entered the Women’s Resource Center in Mobile, Alabama, on a Tuesday. The pro-life clinic confirmed her pregnancy, diagnosed her with a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and scheduled her for an ultrasound.But by Thursday she was in Atlanta for a chemical abortion. (Abortion is banned in Alabama except when the life or health of the mother is endangered.) By the following Monday, however, she was back in Mobile, bleeding from her abortion and asking the Women’s Resource Center for help. She said an Atlanta abortionist had told her the STI didn’t matter; she just needed to make sure the abortion medication worked.The situation filled Women’s Resource Center clinic director Deanna Montieth with both anger and compassion: “I just want the absolute best care and for these girls to make an informed decision—their own decision—knowing the long-term consequences.”Research shows that for women who have abortions with untreated STIs, “the infection can rapidly spread,” Montieth said, “and 30 percent of them can develop pelvic inflammatory disease within a year.”Montieth’s story isn’t an isolated incident. As abortion restrictions tighten in some conservative states following the US Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, crisis pregnancy centers in those states report an increase of women who went out of state for abortions and were given inadequate post-abortion care. Many of those women are turning to the pro-life movement for medical and emotional support.“We’ve seen an increase in women coming back with a lot of needs–physical, emotional, and spiritual,” ...Continue reading...
Bryce Young, the defending Heisman Trophy winner says his faith is giving him purpose and peace as he prepares to lead No. 1 Alabama during his junior season.
An Alabama church's Scripture-inspired sign about the sin of pride has sparked a backlash by some who believed it was targeting LGBT Pride Month.
Florida health officials issued an emergency order last Friday closing an abortion business in Pensacola after a report by Reprotection, a pro-life investigative organization. The group found that within the last nine months, three patients had been hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after their abortions. Extensive blood loss, a “big hole” in the uterine wall, and loss of pulse are just some of the horrors inflicted on patients that the report uncovered.American Family Planning of Pensacola is the only operating abortion center on the Gulf Coast between New Orleans and Tallahassee. But as of May 20, Florida’s Agency on Health Care Administration (AHCA) suspended the facility’s license and issued an immediate closure until an administrative hearing is held in the state capital. This news comes a month after Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed a new law that prohibits abortions after 15 weeks, effective on July 1.Missy Martinez-Stone, CEO of Reprotection, who led the investigation into the abortion business said, “The standard of care at American Family Planning of Pensacola was non-existent, and we are elated that the clinic has been shut down before more women are seriously harmed.”The report revealed that in November 2021, one patient’s abortion procedure was so badly botched that it later “required the repair of uterine perforation, a colon resection, a colostomy, a sigmoidectomy, and a cystoscopy.” The clinic failed to report these complications in accordance with Florida’s laws.In March 2022, another patient who had a second-trimester abortion at 20 weeks experienced severe injuries. During the laminaria procedure to open the cervix she began to bleed excessively. The patient was given Pitocin and Methergine but there are no records of her vitals being monitored as required by law. When she was finally transferred to the ER, physicians discovered she had no pulse and there were two “big holes” on the left and right walls of the uterus. The patient was forced to undergo a total hysterectomy since doctors were unable to save any of her reproductive organs.The third incident took place earlier this month with another patient who was 19 weeks pregnant. When she arrived at the abortion facility, she was given drugs and told to wait in the car with her husband. The patient’s vitals were not monitored. When she began to bleed excessively because of a uterine rupture and cervical lacerations, the clinic reportedly told her spouse to take her to a hospital an hour away in Mobile, Alabama rather than rushing to a hospital in Pensacola. According to the order, once they arrived at the hospital, she had “undetectable blood pressure” and her blood oxygen level was at 80%. Physicians were able to resuscitate her and perform a mass blood transfusion to save her life.The abortionist who carried out the procedures on the last two patients told AHCA officials that he was “unfamiliar” with emergency medical procedures and sought guidance from the office manager, who had no medical or clinical licenses.“Our investigation into this specific abortion clinic has been going on for two years and we have utilized every avenue possible to work to protect the health and safety of women from dangerous abortion clinics like this one,” said Martinez-Stone. “While we don’t know why AHCA did not shut them down earlier, we are grateful the state of Florida has taken decisive action to protect women from dangerous abortion clinics who seek profit over safety.”
While Martin Luther King Jr. Day is mostly commemorated with quotes and clips of King's 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech and footage of bus boycotts and the 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, some of the most important moments of King's work came later, as he turned his attention from civil rights to poverty and the Vietnam War. Here's a sampling:
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