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Inspiration of the Scriptures

Inspiration of the Scriptures

Chapter 2 – 30 Minutes

A. Does the Bible Claim to be the Word of God?
- One of the greatest questions among men: “Is the Bible true?”
- Many important questions in life. Seeing the answers are in the Bible, settling in our hearts and minds that it is true is of primary importance.
- “Inspired” = God breathed, or God given/spoken. God spoke through men
- Does the Bible Claim to be the Word of God? See Ps 119:89; Ps 138:2; John 17:17; Rev 22:6. Yes! (Exodus 17:14, first reference to written word)

B. Five Sources of Evidence for Inspiration
- There is simply No Way to destroy the Word of God.
- Every word essential, See Matt 5:18, Mark 13:31; John 10:35.
- Printing press used by Thomas Payne handed over to Bible printers.

- The great three verses from Genesis: Ch 1:1 (Origin of Life) Ch 1:24 (Law of Reproduction according to Kind) Ch 1:26 (Origin of Man)
- Fulfilled Prophecy Proves the Inspiration of the Bible
- 16 examples of Fulfilled Prophecy are given in the book. Consider number 13 which relates to Religious Cancers of Today, see Jer 14:13-14

- Scientific facts prove the Bible to be inspired.
- 8 examples of Scientific Facts are given in the book.
Consider two:
1) Science has discovered that the blood is the life of the flesh. This fact was taught in the Bible hundreds of years before, see Lev. 17:11.
2) Science teaches that the earth rests on nothing. The Bible teaches this fact in Job 26:7.

- The Bible is more than light; it is an “enlightener.” See Heb. 4:12
- 9 examples of the irresistible power of the Bible given. Consider two:
1) The Word of God begets sinners, James 1:18 and 1 Pet 1:22-23
2) We must meet the Word of God at the judgment, John 12:48
Sinners who listen to the Word of God in its simplicity and power will sooner or later be saved or it will make their bed in hell terribly hard.

- The Bible meets every need of man, and every demand of life.
- It is the only book that tells about Christ as the Saviour of lost men.
It reveals Him to:
1) The sinner as the Saviour, John 3:16
2) The dead as the only Source of Life, John 11:25
3) The seeker as the Door, John 10:9
4) The blind as Light, John 8:12
5) The learner as the Truth, John 14:6
6) The hungry as the Bread of Life, John 6:35
7) The traveler as the Way, John 14:6
Six more of these are provided in the reading material.
- Three Solemn Warnings against adding to or subtracting from the Bible
1) Deut. 4:2...shall not add unto...neither shall you diminish from it
2) Prov 30:6...Add thou not unto His word lest He reprove thee…
3) Rev 22:18, 19...Add-God will add plagues...take away-take part out...

C. The Dean Burgon Society
- This society is set for the defense of the KJV Bible.
- Believe they take the right stance in defending the scripture.
- Associated with The Bible For Today – the Defined Bible

D. Questions
1. What does the word “inspired” mean?
2. What is the greatest question in the minds of men today?
3. Give scriptural proof for your belief that the Bible is inspired.
4. What is meant by the term the “indestructibility” of the Bible?
5. Give some internal evidences that the Bible is the Book of God.
6. Who was Thomas Payne and what did he desire to do with the Bible?
7. How does true science and the Bible harmonize?
8. Give some fulfilled prophecy that proves the inspiration of the Bible.
9. What is meant by the irresistible power and influence of the Bible?
10. What is meant by the inexhaustible supply of the Bible.

Optional written assignment
In three pages or less, use the scriptures given in this lesson to explain the irresistible power and influence of the Bible. Provide examples that
illustrate how this should be practiced.

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