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Paralegal or Paralawless? Gov't Employees Get Paid to Do Housework
There's a laundry list of problems with the Obama administration -- and it includes actual laundry! President Obama isn't the only thing getting hung out to dry. So are the clothes of Patent Office employees.
All about that coffee, 'bout that coffee (no tea)
by Dan PhillipsIt started Monday morning when I checked in through Facebook, and received a witty reply:That put an idea in my mind, and the rest, as they say... well, you know what they say. For you who don't do Twitter or were doing something else (like ministry), here's highlights — and, like SHST, I'll be adding updates probably until about noon Texas time:Thinking of making my own coffee. Call it "Calvin Coffee." Motto: "You can't help but love it"— Dan Phillips (@BibChr) May 18, 2015I guess the motto for Arminius Coffee would be "I know you're gonna love it...but really, that's up to you; I roasted it the best I could"— Dan Phillips (@BibChr) May 18, 2015@BibChr this cup might be good to the last drop, but no guarantees.— E. Stevenson (@magisterstevens) May 18, 2015Arminius Coffee: "If you're lucky enough to get a cup, hang on to it for dear life!"— Dan Phillips (@BibChr) May 18, 2015Arminius Coffee: partially roasted, for you to perfect! (H-T to Facebook friend Brenda McAlpine)— Dan Phillips (@BibChr) May 18, 2015.@BibChr Orthodox Presby Coffee: Why do you drink/serve coffee?? Charles Finney drank coffee!! Are you like Charles Finney?!— Garrett O'Hara (@Dallascernment) May 18, 2015Arminius Coffee: Strong enough to raise the dead — er, if they want to be raised, that is!— Dan Phillips (@BibChr) May 18, 2015@BibChr "Arminius Coffee - It's Not That Bad!"— Greg Pickle (@gregpickle) May 18, 2015Covenant Coffee: made from the finest tea leaves. #SeeWhatIDidThere— Dan Phillips (@BibChr) May 18, 2015Actually, this does it better:Covenant Coffee. It's really tea. God rejected coffee so now when He says "Coffee" He really means "Tea." #TheologicalCoffee— Chad Buhman (@chadbuhman) May 20, 2015@BibChr Dispensational Coffee: It's off the chart!— David Regier (@davidpaulregier) May 18, 2015Pretribulational Coffee: You can have one at any moment!— Dan Phillips (@BibChr) May 18, 2015@BibChr Preterist Coffee: It's already finished— Ш☤ʟʟ $αη∂εяṧ (@Will_C_Sanders) May 18, 2015@BibChr A-mill coffee; safe for children because it's not really coffee. ;)— David Pitman (@PastorPitman) May 18, 2015@BibChr Post-mil coffee: slowly brewed, eventually filling the whole earth; Jesus returns, looks & says, "thx 4 the brew" & dumps it out.— Jason M. Woelm (@JasonMWoelm) May 19, 2015Poythressian Charismatic Coffee: It may not look like coffee, or taste like coffee, but it's analogous to coffee and makes us feel good, so—— Dan Phillips (@BibChr) May 18, 2015@Bib_Chr Al Mohler Coffee: Comes with a Lecture on Why Coffee's Never Any Good Any More— Tom Chantry (@tjchantry) May 18, 2015LOL. And how we'd better darned well DO something about it, AND QUICK!!!!1!— Dan Phillips (@BibChr) May 18, 2015@BibChr TGC Coffee: We're sorry, but you're blocked from drinking this blend.— Tom Chantry (@tjchantry) May 18, 2015Or: We want EVERYONE to drink it! Well... except you. And you. And (looks at list)... definitely not you, either— Dan Phillips (@BibChr) May 18, 2015@PastorPitman @tjchantry @BibChr but they'd say it was shade-grown, bird-friendly, organic, fair trade, and sustainable. For the city.— cw l'unificateur (@ChortlesWeakly) May 19, 2015@BibChr @tjchantry Tom Chantry Coffee. You better make a double portion Saturday because you can't brew it on Sunday. Yeah, I went there.— Michael A. Coughlin (@ABereanOne) May 18, 2015@bibchr Calvinist Coffee: it doesn't wake you up, it gives you life.— James Kime (@Primekime17) May 19, 2015@BibChr Mefferd Coffee: Give it a try, even though Justin Taylor ordered you not to.— Tom Chantry (@tjchantry) May 19, 2015@BibChr Lutheran Coffee: Just Kidding; It's Beer— Tom Chantry (@tjchantry) May 18, 2015@BibChr Carl Trueman Coffee: It's just a cup of coffee; get over yourself already!— Tom Chantry (@tjchantry) May 19, 2015@BibChr Caner Coffee: Harvested by Ergun himself with a genuine Islamic scimitar on the slopes of Southern Turkey.— Tom Chantry (@tjchantry) May 19, 2015@tjchantry @BibChr Baptist coffee: perfect for full doughnut submersion.— E. Stevenson (@magisterstevens) May 19, 2015Federal Vision Coffee: No one knows what's in it, but we're all sure it's no good for you. @BibChr— Jon Swerens (@jonswerens) May 18, 2015@BibChr Pharisaical Coffee: Only the outside of the cup is clean— Ш☤ʟʟ $αη∂εяṧ (@Will_C_Sanders) May 18, 2015@BibChr @Will_C_Sanders ooh, Bible Coffee. Totally sufficient. You need no other blend.— Michael A. Coughlin (@ABereanOne) May 18, 2015@BibChr Luther Latte- I can drink no other— Bob Dalberg (@BobDalberg) May 18, 2015Van Til Coffee: if you don't drink it first, you can't do anything else.— Dan Phillips (@BibChr) May 19, 2015@BibChr Zane Hodges Coffee - Just make it. It doesn't matter if you drink it or not.— Terry Rayburn (@Grace_For_Life) May 19, 2015@BibChr Expository Coffee - the whole pot, one cup at a time.— Terry Rayburn (@Grace_For_Life) May 19, 2015Michael Brown Coffee: Too busy to test it, but it should be fine. Drink up. #TheologicalCoffee— Dan Phillips (@BibChr) May 19, 2015(To be clear: this Michael Brown, not the Ferguson Michael Brown)@BibChr NT Wright coffee: your opinion of it is invalid until you've drunk 20,000 gallons. If you don't like it, it's somehow your fault.— Machel (@trogdor42) May 19, 2015Five-Point Coffee: It's not for everybody— Dan Phillips (@BibChr) May 19, 2015@BibChr Theonomist Coffee: always out of context— Ш☤ʟʟ $αη∂εяṧ (@Will_C_Sanders) May 19, 2015Sye Ten Bruggencate Coffee: It's good, and you know it.— Dan Phillips (@BibChr) May 19, 2015...and finally...@BibChr Pyro Coffee: It's really good but no one believes it until years later because they don't like its tone.— Tim Bates (@TimmmmBates) May 19, 2015UPDATESErgun Caner coffee: House Blend that tells everyone it's Sumatra #TheologicalCoffee— Nατε Picκοwicz (@NatePickowicz) May 20, 2015Triperspectival Coffee: heat is the control, flavor is the authority, and the cup is the presence #TheologicalCoffee— Dan Phillips (@BibChr) May 22, 2015Interlinear Coffee. It is French and Italian at the same time! #TheologicalCoffee— Chad Buhman (@chadbuhman) May 20, 2015Todd Bentley coffee: it has a little kick #TheologicalCoffee— Nατε Picκοwicz (@NatePickowicz) May 20, 2015Emergent coffee: Is it even really coffee? Who knows? What is coffee truly anyway? Maybe coffee is a social construct? #TheologicalCoffee— Gabe Rosenau (@Biblicus) May 20, 2015Bethel Redding Coffee: Lean against store to soak caffeine anointing. #TheologicalCoffee— Josh Butler ن (@Josh__Butler) May 19, 2015Manhattan Declaration/ECT Coffee: This never came from a coffee bean, but it's brown, so we figure — close enough! #TheologicalCoffee— Dan Phillips (@BibChr) May 19, 2015@ABereanOne TP Coffee: best beans, carefully roasted, ground at brewing, strong flavor. Everyone says they hate it.— ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (@Frank_Turk) May 22, 2015@ABereanOne it gets bad reviews from people who only drink That Great Coffee (an instant brand), and from people who don't drink coffee.— ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (@Frank_Turk) May 22, 2015Pelagian Coffee: decaf. you're responsible for waking YOURSELF up in the morning. #TheologicalCoffee (loving this hashtag, @BibChr!)— Curtis Quick (@TigerBotEdge) May 22, 2015Elephant Room Two coffee — it's brown, it's steaming, it has an odor... what do you mean it's not coffee?!! #TheologicalCoffee— Dan Phillips (@BibChr) May 22, 2015J. Gresham Machen coffee: Folgers is not coffee, but a different liquid entirely. #TheologicalCoffee— Scott Welch (@scott_welch_) May 22, 2015Dan Phillips's signature
Five Things Every Christian Should be Doing with God's Word
Link: Web PageTopic(s): Bible Study Methods & FoundationsWord of GodAuthor(s)/Speaker(s): Michael J Kruger
Bill Nye's Naturalistic Evolution is Absurd: Contesting 'Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation'
Link: Web PageTopic(s): EvolutionAuthor(s)/Speaker(s): Mike Robinson
The Gathering Storm: The Eclipse of Religious Liberty and the Threat of a New Dark Age
Link: Web PageTopic(s): Government & PoliticsPolitics & GovernmentAuthor(s)/Speaker(s): Albert Mohler

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BBC One: Funny animals talking
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Cat/Kitten vs. Lizard
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Can You Guess Who I Am? Shocker Published on Sep 17, 2012youtube may take this video down so feel free to upload it 
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When It's not your time....
When It's not your time....God is in control!

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