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Heads Are Tough
Today's category: DoctorsHeads Are Tough Joe and Jim were out cutting wood, and Jim cut his arm off. Joe wrapped the arm in a plastic bag and took Jim to a surgeon. The surgeon said "You're in luck! I'm an expert at reattaching limbs! Come back in 5 hours." So Joe left and when he returned in 5 hours the surgeon said "I got done quicker than I expected. Jim is down at the pub." Joe went to he pub and there was Jim, throwing darts. A few weeks later, Joe and Jim were cutting wood again, and Jim cut his leg off. Joe put the leg in a plastic bag and took it and Jim back to the surgeon. The surgeon said "No problem, but legs are a little tougher. Come back in 8 hours." Joe left and when he came back in 6 hours the surgeon said "I finished early, Jim's down at the soccer field." Joe went down to the soccer field and there was Jim, kicking goals. A few weeks later, Jim had a terrible accident and cut his head off. Joe put the head in a plastic bag and took it and the rest of Jim to the surgeon. The surgeon looked at the situation and said "Gosh, heads are really tough. Come back on 12 hours." So Joe left and when he returned in twelve hours the surgeon said regretfully "I'm sorry, Jim died." Joe said "I understand - heads are tough." The surgeon said, "Oh no! The surgery went fine! Jim suffocated in that plastic bag."View hundreds more jokes online.Email this joke to a friend
Bakers Get Battered with $135,000 Fine
If you thought it was expensive to buy a wedding cake, try not baking one! Hi, I'm Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. A court in Oregon just put an exclamation point at the end of its sentence. After two years, a
Review: Noble
The inspiring story of Christina Noble, whose name befits her calling.mpaa rating:PG-13 (For mature thematic material, including some violent and sexual situations.)Genre:BiopicDirected By: Stephen BradleyRun Time: 1 hour 40 minutes Cast: Deirdre O'Kane, Sarah Greene, Gloria Cramer Curtis, Brendan CoyleTheatre Release:May 08, 2015 by Aspiration MediaI saw a screening of Noble as part of the Q Boston event, a conference full of stories of people who’ve devoted their lives to a myriad of causes and pursuits: humanitarian relief in Syria, peacekeeping in Israel, racial reconciliation, social entrepreneurship or any number of other things. It can be overwhelming to observe the sheer breadth of problems that need addressing in our world; it’s impossible to know where to start.But then you remind yourself that none of these activists and entrepreneurs are doing it all. Most have picked something specific to devote themselves to, and usually something born out of a personal trauma, relationship, or lived experience.Noble tells a story like this. The film is a biopic of Christina Noble, an Irishwoman who devoted much of her life to rescuing, sheltering, and advocating for children on the streets of Vietnam. Raised “in the gutter” in Dublin as a precocious performer with a drunken dad and a fondness for Doris Day, Christina lives a hard-knock life but never loses hope.With stints living as an orphan, under the care of stereotypically cruel nuns or (eventually) on her own, Christina develops a fearlessness and a can-do response to the tough hand she’s been dealt. Noble jumps back and forth between her upbringing in Ireland and her adult life in Vietnam, hoping to show the source of the conviction, courage, and compassion that leads her to fight against sex trafficking and child exploitation on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, where she founded the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation.Played at various ages by Gloria Cramer Curtis (child), Sarah Greene (young adult) and Deirdre O'Kane (adult), Christina Noble is an inspiring ...Continue reading...
'Revenge' Season Renewal News, Update: TV Drama Series Officially Over
As a lot of fans have feared, ABC's hit TV drama show "Revenge" which stars Emily VanCamp as the vengeful Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarkson, will finally have its series conclusion this Season 4.
'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Star Kyle Richards Livid at Sister Kim for Blaming Her for Recent Relapse
Fans of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" tuned in on Tuesday to watch Kim Richards' special interview with Dr. Phil following her arrest for public intoxication the week before. Among those who watched the show is Kim's sister, Kyle, who was reportedly upset when Kim blamed her recent relapse on her.

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BBC One: Funny animals talking
BBC One: Funny animals talking
Cat/Kitten vs. Lizard
Cat/Kitten vs. Lizard
Can You Guess Who I Am? Shocker
Can You Guess Who I Am? Shocker Published on Sep 17, 2012youtube may take this video down so feel free to upload it 
Cat O'Clock
Cat O'Clock
When It's not your time....
When It's not your time....God is in control!

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