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Grace Baptist Temple Blackstone, VA

Grace Baptist Temple Blackstone, VA

Pastor Tim Weems
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Stepping in the Light - Pastor Tim Weems The Bible is: 1. Our Path (vs 106-108) 2. Our Protection (vs 109-110) 3. Our Praise (vs 111-112)
Why the Cross of Calvary - Pastor Tim Weems 1 Peter 1:18-20 1) There was a Course to Eradicate 2) There was a Cost to Execute 3) There was a Curse to Erase.
The Ghosts of Guilt - Pastor Tim Weems Luke 7:36-50 1. The Certain Quality of Pardoned Sin 2. The Concerning Question of Past Sin 3. The Calm Quietness of Prior Sin.
Moment of Grace ~ Hitting Rock Bottom Pastor Tim Weems shares a Moment of Grace.

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