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Alconbury Independent Baptist Church Huntingdon United Kingdom

Alconbury Independent Baptist Church Huntingdon United Kingdom

Pastor Gearóid Marley
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When He Comes 12 July 2020 Matthew 24:27-31.
When He Comes No One KNows 19 July 2020 Matthew 24:42-51.
14 Keeping the Faith in Uncertain Times 2 Tim 3v1 4 Are we in the end times we continue our study in this wonderful epistle and we see 8 characteristics of the society of the end times. These are self love, ...
Am I too Bad to be Saved? Maybe you think you are too bad that you are beyond salvation. Please listen to this message and seek the Lord he will not turn you away.
Marriage Supper of the Lamb Revelation 19:1-10 2 August 2020.
The Triumphant Life Special Speaker: Marco Reale 2 Cor 2:15-17.
Exam Yourself 2 Corinthians 13:5 Brother Charles Reale Sunday Morning 16 Aug 2020.
18 False teachers: Warnings and Challenges - 2 Tim 3v8 9 False gospels are always promoted by false teachers. why are they so successful? Who were Jannes & Jambres. Are their descendants still around today?
AIBC LIVE - Sunday Morning 13 Sept 2020 Todays message will be delivered by Pastor Marley.
19 Keeping the Faith 2 Tim 3v10 -14 Here are two reminders of how we live privately influences our public life and ministry. Also all who live godly in Christ Jesus will face opposition and even some ...
Follow Me - Sunday Morning Service 20 Sept 2020 Todays Message will be brought to us by Pastor Marley and is found in Marck 2:13-18.
The Excellency of the Knowledge of Christ Jesus - Sunday Morning 4 Oct 2020 Todays message is found in Phil 3:7-12, by Special Guest Speaker Paul Boothby.
Can you add new to the Old? Mark 2:22 AIBC Sunday Morning Server 11 Oct 2020 Paster Gearoid Marley.

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