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Baptist Ministries - Baptist Church Directory - Find a Church / Ministry News

2020/06/01 Finally On New Server

We finally made it on to the new server. Everything seems to finally be functioning correctly. Please send me a note if you encounter problems.

2020/05/29 Upgrading PHP not an option....

Can't get this software to run, have tried three hosts so far.

2020/05/28 Attempting Upgrade of PHP again this morning

Take 2

2020/05/27 Back on Old Server

If you are reading this, I had to move the database back to the old server.

I have to try and start the upgrade from scratch, but it did not work on the new server. Bummer.

The search should be working fine now. Everything is reindexed.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

2020/05/24 Attempting to upgrade PHP on server

I will be attempting to upgrade the PHP script language this morning.

I don't anticipate downtime. I have done this once already on another installation of this software.

This should speed up the site and allow fix some problems I have encountered when we switched to the new server.

2020/05/24 Upgrade Failed
Referred to tech support.

Well - didn't go well. I have referred it to tech support.


After the php version is upgraded, I need to re-index the site for searching. Unfortunately you cannot depend on any search results at this time to be accurate. Working on it.

2020/05/16 Server Migration Complete
All Done!

Everything appears to be working. Still checking it out.

2020/05/15 Another Server Move
Possibly this weekend?

I am going to need to move the Baptist-Ministries database to another server. While I have plenty of time before it has to be done, the sheer size of it (and it is growing every day) dictates I should probably get it done sooner, rather than later, So... we may have some downtime this weekend.

2020/03/09 Outage on March 10
Hosting provider Migration

Our hosting server has been assigned a maintenance window. It is scheduled in local datacenter time as follows:

Maintenance Window Time: Tue, March 10, 2020 @ 01:00 AM EDT

Window isst for up to four hours.

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