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Bible Baptist Church, Russellville Arkansas BBC is a very caring congregation, made up of families of all ages, that strongly believes in reaching out beyond themselves to spread and apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
A Ministry of Bob and Maureen Hoffman providing free web hosting to Indpendent Baptist Ministries.
Lavon Drive Baptist Church, Garland Texas A visit to Lavon Drive is like coming home to family! You will be welcomed, encouraged, strengthened, and empowered by Biblical teaching, God-honoring worship, and genuine fellowship.
"Providing Leadership Workshops with fresh ideas"
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The Savior Who Seeks Sinners, Part 1 (Sunday AM, 1/29/23) Luke 19:1-10 And Jesus entered and passed through Jericho. 2 And, behold, there was a man named Zacchaeus, which was the ...
If It Ain't Broke You Better Break It | Pastor Gary Blalock Join us as Pastor Gary Blalock preaches at the pulpit of Calvary Baptist Church in Union Grove, NC.
Living as Citizens in the World  (Sunday PM, 1/29/23) 1 Peter 2:13-17 “Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme; 14 or unto ...
Calvary Baptist Church Union Grove NC 1/29/2023 Sunday Morning Service Join us as Pastor Stephen Pope preaches at the pulpit of Calvary Baptist Church in Union Grove, NC.
Bible Baptist Church Aztec, NM Live Stream Pastor Ron Oster Christ Is The End Romans 10:1-21 January 29, 2023 Sunday AM Service.
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Two British citizens face criminal penalties for violating buffer zones.Prayer outside abortion facilities is drawing prosecution in multiple cases across the UK.Adam Smith-Connor prayed silently on a public street in Bournemouth, England, earlier this month, his back to an abortion clinic. When community safety officers asked what he was doing, he told them he was “praying for [his] son, who is deceased.”The officers expressed condolences but then said Smith-Connor, a 49-year-old physical therapist and British army veteran, was “in breach” of a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO), according to a video of the incident. Later he was fined.The PSPO at issue is a local ordinance enacted in October 2022 establishing a “safe zone” comprising multiple city blocks surrounding the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) abortion clinic. The ordinance prohibits protesting “whether by yourself or with others,” and it defines protesting to include prayer.The deceased son Smith-Connor referenced to the officers was aborted nearly three decades ago, he explained in a release from Alliance Defending Freedom International (ADFI), a conservative legal group supporting him. Smith-Connor paid for the abortion but now regrets it and believes the procedure harms babies, women, and families.“I would never have imagined being in a position to risk a criminal record for praying silently,” Smith-Connor said.Smith-Connor isn’t the only UK resident to be punished recently for silent prayer outside an abortion clinic. Pro-life activist Isabel Vaughan-Spruce was arrested in Birmingham in December for violating a similar PSPO. When asked by authorities what she was doing near an abortion facility, she replied that she might have been praying. She was asked ...Continue reading...
In the century since the arrival of Protestant missionaries, the church has been wiped out by genocide and forced to rebuild. Now “it's time for the gospel to shine.”A festival celebrating the 100th anniversary of Protestant Christianity in Cambodia is coming up this weekend, and Navy Chann’s phone won’t stop dinging.“Sorry, I have like ten Telegram messages coming in at the same time,” said Chann, executive secretary on the committee planning the celebration, which local believers expect will be the country’s biggest Christian event ever.The Cambodia Gospel Centennial Celebration is a two-day festival in Phnom Penh commemorating the arrival of the country’s first Protestant missionaries in 1923. Chann and fellow Christian leaders have spent over two years planning the event.During the final week of preparation, they have stayed in almost constant contact to ensure that every detail is perfect and the celebration’s vision statement is fulfilled: that Cambodia would become “the aroma of Christ in Asia and around the world.”A large open-air exhibition area with an elaborate layout will welcome those who make the journey to the capital’s Diamond Island district, with zones for exhibitions, concerts and dances, children’s activities, food, and prayer. The main stage area is large enough to accommodate the 10,000-plus attendees who are expected each evening.While there have been sizable Christian gatherings in Cambodia in the past, many have primarily been led and funded by organizations from abroad. For example, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association held a rally in Cambodia in 2019, the organization’s first event in the Southeast Asian nation.But this time, the driving force has been Cambodian believers themselves, including Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia. Only three of the 18 members of the executive committee ...Continue reading...
Q&A with a veteran AI engineer and entrepreneur, Tom Kehler, about the limits of the popular chatbot and the wonders of the human brain.Tom Kehler has worked in artificial intelligence for more than 40 years, as a coder and a CEO. He grew up a preacher’s kid and got into mathematical linguistics in high school. After earning a PhD in physics, he wanted to do linguistics with Wycliffe Bible Translators, but “God kept closing that door,” he says, and instead he found himself working with natural language processing in computing.He had a stint in academia before joining Texas Instruments in 1980, where he began working with top AI researchers. He ended up in Silicon Valley, founding and leading several startups involving AI, including IntelliCorp and CrowdSmart.Developments in AI appear to be speeding along: This week Microsoft announced that it is investing $10 billion in OpenAI, which created the popular chatbot ChatGPT. One of OpenAI’s top researchers described current neural networks as “slightly conscious.” Kehler has his doubts.What were the questions about AI in the 1980s when you were first working on it?“Is it going to replace my job?” In many cases, the answer is yes. We need to be thinking about continuous education—you may not be doing the assembly line, but you may be operating the machinery that does the assembly line. The other question that comes up is this notion of the singularity [when AI outstrips humans]. The sentient question comes up. But I think we’re a very long way from that.Why is there an obsession with sentient AI?If you are a person of nonbelief, you want to create something that gives you hope in the future. On the AI side, we want something that will cause us to have eternal life—my consciousness is going to go into eternity because it’s in a machine. I think ...Continue reading...
Christians must find ways to adapt to impacts of climate change, experts say.South Africa is reeling from the shocking death of 15 people, including a three-month-old baby, during a river baptism that went wrong last month.The victims were swept away December 3 by floodwaters in the Jukskei River, which flows through a number of suburbs in Johannesburg, South Africa’s biggest city. The pastor conducting the baptism ceremony, identified by local press as Kind Kupe from neighboring Zimbabwe, was rescued by other members of his church.The church is part of the Johane Masowe group, started by an indigenous, itinerant preacher in 1930s Zimbabwe. Adherents are known for their prominent white robes and preference for outdoor worship.Some in South Africa are blaming church leaders for the tragedy."I know that baptism is something that has been happening for a very long time, but for someone to be baptized at a river with that heavy flow of water is dangerous," a resident of Alexandria told the News24 website.Nomusa Bandile, who lost her teenage daughter in the flood, labeled the pastor a “cruel fraudster.”Some academics, however, are pointing to the tragedy as an example of how humans have trouble adapting to climate change.“Without proper information filtering to the grassroots on climate change, we are likely to see more tragedies,” said Sibusiso Masondo, an associate professor in the school of religion, philosophy, and classics at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.He said traditionally in South Africa, lakes, rivers, and the ocean were seen as significant in both cleansing and healing rituals.Indigenous churches connect this tradition with the Christian ritual of baptism, centering much of their faith and worship on outdoor immersion ceremonies.“African religion ...Continue reading...
An independent commission concluded that dozens of women were violated by Vanier and his mentor under exploitative spiritual disciplines. Two years after abuse allegations against L’Arche’s late founder Jean Vanier were made public, an investigation shows the secret was “carefully maintained for decades.”From the famous Christian community he developed in Trosly-Breuil, France, the Catholic theologian and leader perpetuated a hidden “mystical-sexual” sect. Over a nearly 70-year period, Vanier violated at least 25 women—all of them adults without disabilities—during prayer and spiritual devotion.The results of the two-year investigation, commissioned by L’Arche in 2020, were released in an 868-page report on Monday. A half dozen of Vanier’s victims spoke up for the first time following his death in 2019 at age 90.An interdisciplinary team of scholars consulted 1,400 private letters of Vanier’s, including hundreds from a secret folder. They interviewed 89 people, including eight of Vanier’s victims.L’Arche became well-known and spread around the world as an organization bringing together people with and without intellectual disabilities. While the ministry brought dignity and fellowship to the vulnerable over the decades, the report suggests that Vanier founded L’Arche as a cover to reunite a group who practiced contemplation and spiritual direction with nudity and sexual touch.“The courage of the women and Vanier’s death in 2019 led to archival research that revealed … that Vanier was part of a small sectarian group that subscribed to … predatory and deviant doctrine and practices,” wrote Tina Bovermann, executive director of L’Arche USA. “L’Arche’s members, partners and friends were lied to and deceived by Vanier.” ...Continue reading...
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