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A Christian Muslim Dialog
CARM is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose purpose is to equip Christians and refute error.
Exposing Islam and rescuing Muslims
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What the Bible Says, Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice
What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice
What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice
What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice
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Another Jesus :Farrakhan, Nation of Islam,  Aleister Crowley &UFO's Watch more video's on our Youtube Channel like these, or follow us on these different platforms!. ▷ Website - http://www.oldpathsbaptistchurch.org/ ...
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Earlier this month, the representative for the Islamic Republic of Iran supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, called for the elimination of Israel in a sermon, where he said, “The global arrogance ... Read MoreThe post Iran Supreme Leader Wants “Destruction of Zionist Regime” appeared first on The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry.
According to sources, an 83-year-old Christian woman in eastern Uganda continues to receive hospital treatment two weeks after Islamic extremists, one posing as a pastor, attacked her for housing Christian converts.
The outspoken host and pioneering Christian broadcaster has been the face of CBN since its founding 60 years ago. After decades of offering Christian viewers his commentary on natural disasters, 9/11, AIDS, pot, divorce, diplomacy, plastic surgery, homosexuality, Islam, secular colleges, the end of the world, critical race theory, and a range of other moral issues, Pat Robertson has signed off as host of The 700 Club.On the 60th anniversary of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), its 91-year-old founder announced that he would be stepping down and that his son, Gordon Robertson, would take over as full-time host of its flagship talk show.Robertson, also the founder of Regent University and the Christian Coalition, has been a pioneer in evangelical broadcasting. He launched CBN as the country’s first Christian network in 1960, and CBN has grown to air in 174 countries and 70 languages. It added a 24-7 news channel in 2018.At the helm of the Virginia-based network, Robertson was ambitious and creative, believing that CBN could grow to a place alongside major channels and thus have a greater impact for the kingdom.As CT reported in 1982, “CBN began replacing pulpits and King James English with Johnny Carson-style sofas and soap-opera vernacular. Its anchor show, The 700 Club, assumed an upbeat, magazine format, complete with news spots from Washington, D.C. Other programs resemble familiar TV Guide lineups, with a top-quality soap opera, early morning news and chatter, a miniseries on pornography, Wall Street analyses, and entertainment for children.”But particularly in the past couple decades, the long-running host became known for controversial declarations on politics and prophesy, which stirred even fellow evangelicals.When Robertson called on the US to assassinate Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez 15 years ago, ...Continue reading...
A preacher in Pakistan has been jailed and her family is in hiding after she was charged with insulting Islam and its prophet.
Liberal parties, led by billionaire, surge to power in constitutional monarchy, but debate hinges on economy not religious freedom.For the first time in his life, Rachid Imounan cast a vote—and overturned Morocco’s Islamist-oriented government.He is not alone.Turnout surged to 50 percent as liberals routed the Justice and Development Party (PJD), which led the North African nation’s parliament the past 10 years. Its share of the 395-seat legislature dropped from 125 to 13.The PJD finished eighth overall.“We thank Jesus, the Islamists are gone,” said Imounan, a church planter who lives in the southern city of Agadir. “God answered our prayers, and now we have the government we wanted.”Aziz Akhannouch of the National Rally of Independents (RNI) was sworn in as prime minister by King Mohamed VI on September 11, after his party captured 102 seats. He is tasked with forming a coalition government to guide Morocco through its current economic downturn.A constitutional monarchy, Morocco has held multiparty elections since its independence in 1956. But to stave off protests during the Arab Spring, in 2011 the king instituted reforms and transferred significant power to the prime minister.Mohamed VI retains final say over several government positions, however, and is revered as “Commander of the Faithful” as a direct descendant of Islam’s founding prophet Mohammed.Christians described “liberal” parties as those that favor freedom—except for challenges toward the person and position of the king, whose authority is respected by all political entities. Islamists, meanwhile, wished to impose sharia law, cover women, and remove pork and alcohol from neighborhood supermarkets.“Akhannouch is a businessman. Whether you worship the sun or the moon, he doesn’t care,” said Youssef ...Continue reading...
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