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A Day Like That Day - Jonathon Ryser - Baptist Preaching - KJV - Independent A good message encouraging Christians to seek God's power and expect God to work in amazing ways as they step out in faith.
More Like Him Less Like Me Part 1 (Independent Fundamental King James Bible Baptist Preaching) Preaching from the Pulpit of Salem Baptist Church in Cincinnati, OH March 4, 2015.
Berean Beacon Catholic Inquisition Torture 2007 over 50MILLION men women and BABIES were MURDERED by the christians in the inquisition for 600yrs they tortured , burnt alive, and FORCED the survivors to join there human worship pagan cult. no1 is more evil or barbaric as the christians. they truly
The Bible and Tradition by Richard Bennett and Bill Webster What was the authority of faith for the first Christians in the early apostolic church? This question is critical to understanding the basis of God's revelation for how He expects His people to live. Bill Webster discusses this important question in this
Pastor David Wilkerson - Why Is It So Hard For Christians To Pray? (Pt. 1 of 4) REMEMBERING DAVID WILKERSON by Gary Wilkerson | April 29, 2011 "David served the purposes of God in his generation, then he died" (Acts 13:36). On Wednesday afternoon my father, David Wilkerson, passed away in a car accident. We grieve the loss of a
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Life has become increasingly difficult for Christians in Nigeria, as persecution continues to rise and an average of ten Christians are dying for their faith every day. 91 million Christians live in Africa's most populous nation, but many of them face consistent harassment and violence from Muslim extremists.
Proverbs 13:5 A righteous man hateth lying: But a wicked man is loathsome, and cometh to shame. God's people not only speak the truth, but they also hate lies. They hate anything but the truth. How is it that some Christians will stoop to lie. They are not living and acting like people of truth. […]
“Many Christians had hoped that voters would not grant him a second term as prime minister of the world's largest democracy,” Thonhauser wrote in a recent issue of the Catholic Herald. “While Modi won his first elections primarily on economic and reform-oriented ideas, this time his party focused on Indian identity and the Hindu nation.”
A new report prepared for the British government says Christianity is “by far the most widely persecuted religion” and recommends the government become the worldwide leader in promoting religious liberty.
Q&A: A theologian finds God's care amidst suffering in an evolutionary creation.Last month, scientists proposed a new ancestor of all life: a tiny, versatile organism akin to a stem cell. It would truly be an awesome God who could bring about all lifeforms from such a tiny creature, according to the view of evolutionary creationists. But the story of life isn’t always pretty: Animal death and suffering over millions of years is part of the history of our world. Creatures compete for limited resources, often at each other’s expense. Predators—including humans—rely on the death of other creatures for survival. These things are often cited as consequences of the fall in Eden, but could competition and pain have been part of God’s plan all along? And could such an awesome God, complicit in so much suffering, still be a good God as well?Bethany Sollereder is seeking to answer that very question. Sollereder, who holds a PhD in theology from the University of Exeter and is currently a postdoctoral fellow in science and religion at the University of Oxford, was first inspired to study the theology of animal suffering after hearing other Christians struggle with the interaction of faith and evolution. Having just completed a four-year residency at The Kilns, the home of C. S. Lewis, Sollereder is the author of God, Evolution, and Animal Suffering (Routledge, 2018).Sollereder spoke with CT recently about how her work has affected her own faith and understanding of the created world.Would you say there’s scientific evidence that animals actually suffer?Well, in one sense, all suffering is understood by analogy. I can’t prove, scientifically, that you suffer. All I can do is look at the signs you are giving me. And the same is true for animals. Where we see a similar brain ...Continue reading...
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