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Commonly known as the "Alpha Center".
American Association of Christian Schools
Official web site of this international fellowship of Missionary Baptist churches. They were influenced by the Landmark Baptists and stress the autonomy of ...
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Expected to Pass Bill that Will Keep You From Getting Needed Information
and how we got to this point...
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TIBC Ministries 07/25/21 Sunday PM Welcome to TIBC Ministries of Middleton, TN. We are glad that you stopped by and hope that you will subscribe to our channel and watch as often as you can.
TIBC Ministries 07/25/21 Sunday AM Welcome to TIBC Ministries of Middleton, TN. We are glad that you stopped by and hope that you will subscribe to our channel and watch as often as you can.
TIBC Ministries 07/25/21 Sunday AM Welcome to TIBC Ministries of Middleton, TN. We are glad that you stopped by and hope that you will subscribe to our channel and watch as often as you can.
Bills Lake Baptist Church Sunday Morning Service July 25, 2021 John 2:1-11 The first miracle Missionary Russell Kidman Comments can be posted on the channel's discussion page.
Bills Lake Baptist Church Sunday School Service July 25, 2021 Genesis 39:7-12 It's a trap! Tim Wright Comments can be posted on the channel's discussion page.
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The book of Samuel shows us how to reconcile our differences through redemptive storytelling.I am a missionary in Croatia, a beautiful country with a very complex past. Twenty-four years ago, when I first came here on a Cru summer missions trip, I found Croats were eager to spend hours in cafés sharing their stories. My new friends spent a lot of time talking about history—10th-century kings, fascists, communists, and their experiences in the War of Independence, which had ended two years before I arrived. The past constantly intruded into conversation.Coming from the future-oriented culture of Silicon Valley, I was fascinated by their interest in history. But it felt quaint. At the time, I couldn’t imagine how the weight of the past would soon press down on America as well.We are living in a time of high social conflict. Our arguments are fueled by competing stories. Are we the city on the hill or the most evil nation in history? Was the election stolen, or is that story a fantastic lie? Are the COVID-19 vaccines a huge success or part of a dark conspiracy? Churches are being torn apart as well by competing stories over critical race theory, sexual abuse scandals, and more.This kind of conflict among believers is all over Scripture. The Bible unflinchingly wades into seemingly irreconcilable stories. Through terse, artful narratives, biblical authors often pushed their original audiences toward healing. For the Israelites, words like Jebusite or Samaritan were not unfamiliar and hard to pronounce. For them, these labels were as controversial as confederate, socialist, or Black Lives Matter are to us.The Old Testament historical books are likely the first use of narrative (instead of epic verse) to tell national history. They employ a courageous, forthright style to retell painful stories in such ...Continue reading...
In the conflict over racial issues, “just preach the gospel” misses the gospel.I remember the World War II stories I was told as a middle school student. Wearing secondhand clothes and sporting an unkempt fade, I sat in a hard wooden desk too small for my growing black body in a classroom full of distracted boys and girls. The air conditioning in Alabama classrooms was unreliable, which meant sweat was an ever-present companion to our education.The teachers told us impressionable youths that the traumas of both world wars revealed American and British grit. These great nations set aside petty concerns and turned to the needs of others. I was told at that unforgiving desk that nations and individuals discover themselves under pressure. When the fervency of belief encounters the unforgiving realities of suffering, our deepest convictions are unveiled. When cancer invades a human body and stresses a marriage, the true depth of love and commitment becomes clear.In more recent history, COVID-19 has been a similar pressure and a similar revelation for the United States and its churches. Just as there are tests that reveal a person’s character, there are national trials that make plain what a country is.What has the COVID-19 pandemic said about the American church? Who have we revealed ourselves to be under pressure? I am talking not about the virus itself. I am talking about the social crisis of the pandemic, which brought to light the ongoing experience of racism and injustice by ethnic minorities in this country.The church had an opportunity to lead in this area and show the world how our faith allows us to press for better treatment for all. Instead, some decided to litigate the validity of critical race theory. With Black and Asian blood drying on the concrete streets of American cities, some decided ...Continue reading...
How can we raise godly generations who will stand and face the secular giants? Get answers at our 2021 Answers for Pastors and Leaders Conference.
I'm excited to announce we have a section of the Creation Museum website dedicated to our gardens so you can learn all about “every green thing” we're growing.
The count is now at 55 times over the last month. That's how many times Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat colleagues in the House have blocked a request from Republicans on the House floor to have a vote on a bill to ban taxpayer-funding of abortions. Three members of the House asked for a […]The post Nancy Pelosi Blocks Vote on Bill to Ban Taxpayer-Funded Abortions for the 55th Time appeared first on LifeNews.com.
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