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Why do Christians (on the whole) not get the connection between following Jesus and befriending the Jews?
Israeli security forces uncover, track and ultimately foil large Hamas cell trying to carry out wave of terror
Iranians attending the World Cup in Russia say that the ayatollahs' hatred of Israel does not represent them
Gonen Segev was previously jailed for drug smuggling; now, officials say he's been spying for none other than Iran
Firefighters battle massively destructive blazes, though Hamas threat of 5,000 terror kites fails to materialize
Politicians think it's about boosting the Gaza economy, but experts say they are way off base, because of Hamas
The UN's bias was on full display this week, but Israelis weren't too worried by the 'rumblings of the nations'
Children from southern Israel send message to the children of Gaza that they don't hate them, despite ongoing terror
Troubling reports reveal unmistakable collaboration between local and foreign entities and Israel's Arab foes
Israel Today editor Aviel Schneider recalls his days as a soldier during the Lebanon war, fighting alongside Shiites
The upcoming World Cup is a time for Israelis to unplug from current events, but that might be a problem this year
Israeli cabinet discusses easing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, but concludes Hamas must first be removed
Pentecost is largely forgotten But some Christians and Messianic Jews are waking up to its importance today
He might not realize what he's done, but France's president just joined the efforts of Israel's most devious foes
Army says drill was kept secret to test units' response time to emergency call-up in case of actual war
Saeb Erekat has been a fixture of 'peace process' for decades, but Trump's fed up with his anti-Israel antics
If there's anyone perpetuating the violent situation in Gaza even more than Hamas, it's the international media
Tel Aviv has marketed itself as a center of "gay pride," but not all Israelis, even non-religious, are pleased about it
Prominent Israeli rabbis join Ramadan dinner encouraging Christian-Jewish-Muslim unity for the sake of salvation
As Saudi Arabia moves closer and closer to Israel, hardline Palestinian demands are losing a major supporter
Iran's supreme leader was at it again this week, threatening to wipe Israel off the map; Israel's response was epic
Thousands of acres have been burned by flaming Palestinian terror kites, even as the world still blames Israel
Kuwait has of late become an outspoken voice against Israel, even as the world ignores the emirate's own dark side
Israelis commenting on video are frustrated that the world still blames them for dwindling Christian numbers
The speeches were nationalistic and one-sided, and the Bible was used to call on Christians to abandon Israel

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