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A Miami beekeeper said he removed the second largest hive he has encountered in his 20-year career -- about 3 million bees -- from a home.
State Sen. Ernie Chambers says his lawsuit against God might seem funny but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a serious point.
Farmers in California have begun slathering fruit and vegetables with sunscreen after discovering that it is not just people who can suffer adverse effects from the sun's rays.
A New Jersey man trying to exterminate insects in his apartment blew it up instead, the New York Daily News reported on Monday.
A pet rabbit is credited with saving a couple from a fire that swept through their home in the southern city of Melbourne.
A measure seeking to commemorate President Bush's years in office by slapping his name on a San Francisco sewage plant has qualified for the November ballot.
An Ocala man who's been paying 0 a month in rent just learned he's actually been paying a phony landlord. Authorities said Carl Kopsho was at a gas station in January, telling his friends he was looking for a place to live when a stranger approached and offered to help.
A woman got the shock of her life when she found an 8-foot snake mixed in with clothes in her washing machine. The snake, identified as a reticulated python, somehow got into the water pipes of Mara Ranger's 1800s-era farmhouse and slithered into the machine.
It pays to use a toilet in southern India, as residents are earning close to a dollar a month by using public urinals, a scheme launched by authorities to promote hygiene and research in rural areas.
An apparently intoxicated suspect chatted with a burglary victim long enough for officers to arrive and arrest him, authorities said.
A newborn red panda rejected by its mother in Amsterdam's Artis zoo has been adopted by a domestic cat, the zoo said Friday.
Doctors in a coastal town in northwestern Peru have rescued the innards of a 38-year-old man by removing 17 metal objects -- among them nails, a watch clasp and a knife -- that he ate. Luis Zarate was taken to the regional hospital of Trujillo earlier this week by his family after complaining of sharp stomach pains. Doctors took X-rays of his chest that showed his insides littered with screws. "There were 17 strange objects found at the level of his stomach and colon," said Dr. Julio Acevedo, one of the surgeons who operated on Zarate. The black-and-white scans showed Zarate's skeleton interlaced with things like bolts, barbed-wire and pens.
Police didn't have to go far to find 0,000 worth of cocaine -- it was in an undercover car they'd been driving for two months.
Canine cuisine is being sent to the doghouse during next month's Beijing Olympic Games.

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