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Eastland Baptist Church of Tulsa (OK)

Eastland Baptist Church of Tulsa (OK)

Pastor Troy Dorrell
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An unavoidable nail in the road, and a subsequent flat tire, forced me into an unplanned trip to the tire store.  With the flat tire in the trunk and the spare tire providing as temporary replacement, Teri and I headed to the newly opened Hibdon Tire Store in my hometown, Owasso.  When I pulled into [...]
QBQ or the Question Behind the Question is a book about eliminating blame, complaining, and procrastination, and is one of the best books I have read in the last couple of years.  The book, which has only 115 pages, can easily be read in one sitting. But, that does not mean it lacks power or an [...]
USA Today, reporting on a recently-published survey, found that most religious groups in America are losing influence and losing membership. To quote the article, “The USA is now a land of freelancers when if comes to things spiritual; the percentage of people who call themselves Christian has declined by over 11% in a single generation. [...]
Today we are bombarded with information; our world is filled with advertisements, billboards, TV ads, radio spots, informational flyers, and newspapers all trying to sell us something or persuade us that a product is worthy of our dollar.   However, even in this age of mass media and seemingly limitless information people still tend to trust [...]
I just finished a three day Family Conference in Ponca City  Oklahoma at Central Baptist Church; John Waterloo is the Senior Pastor and is doing an exceptional job of leading this church to reach their city for Christ. The Conference was well attended and finished Sunday evening. I preached six different times on subjects including avoiding [...]
As this blog site is being developed we will be trying and experimenting with a number of different ways of communicating.  The main purpose of the site is to stay better connected with the membership of our church family and to enhance communication about events, ministry, and the things on my heart.  In a further [...]
Marvin and Becky Robertson are missionaries sent out of Eastland Baptist Church to the field of Spain.  They have faithfully served on the foreign field for over 30 years and have done a tremendous job.  It was a joy to have them home on furlough over the winter; our church family dearly loves them. This [...]
A while back I was doing some work with my Treo cell phone; it is a PDA type phone that keeps my contacts, does email, and has a calendar. I was pushing  too many buttons at once when suddenly it “locked up”. It stopped working; it no longer was doing what I was asking it [...]
When people enjoy something they willingly and naturally tell others about it.  For example, where did you hear about the last good book that you read, or why did you visit that new restaurant? In some cases because someone else who had read the book before you enjoyed it and told you about it, or [...]
In a recent church service we reviewed our annual Snow Camp trip with a video and I thought you might enjoy seeing it again.  If you are interested in attending Snow Camp next year see Bro. John Mardirosian for details.  Pastor
What a blessing and encouragement it was this past Friday and Saturday to preach at the annual Baptist Men’s Recharge in Andover Kansas. Over 600 men from Kansas and the surrounding states gathered for a time of preaching and fellowship. It was my privilege to preach along with Pastor’s Sam Davison from Southwest Baptist Church [...]
The video update will be a regular and expanding feature on this blog site; spotlighting what is currently happening in our church and providing information about upcoming events.  Like the blog itself, its content and production will be changing and evolving.  I would like to thank all those who have made positive and constructive comments about the [...]
Americans still remain the most generous people on the earth, but studies show they are giving less to churches.  Americans today are forced to make tough financial decisions.  Many families face the challenge of deciding what gets cut from the budget.  A recent Gallup poll found that the percentage of people giving to religious organizations [...]
Guest-er-ize (gest-er-ize), vt: to make a church more responsive to its guest and better able to attract new ones, syn, to serve, care, love, be friendly, acceptance.  Church consultants are individuals who specialize in helping churches improve their ability to serve and assimilate guests.  In order to do this they will often visit a church unannounced [...]
In the multivariable equation of raising good teenagers, one of the things that will create a bond of affection between teen and parent is good memories. Everyone’s hearts are endeared to people and places when positive memories are associated with them. Over the years Teri and I have purposely built many enduring memories into the [...]
We celebrated our annual Stewardship and Appreciation Banquet this past week, and it was one of the best we have ever had. During this special occasion, we recognize all those who have served during the past year and recognize both Teacher of the Year and Servant of the Year. This year, Mark and Cathy [...]
Today we are bombarded with information; our world is filled with advertisements, billboards, TV ads, radio spots, informational flyers, and newspapers all trying to sell us something or persuade us that a product is worthy of our dollar.   However, even in this age of mass media and seemingly limitless information people still tend to trust [...]
Leonard Sweets’ book entitled “11,” is about the important role relationships play in our lives.  He argues from both the scriptures and personal experience that we were not meant to live in isolation.  From the beginning of creation God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone,” therefore God created a [...]
Bro. Kurt Skelly delivered a wonderful and helpful message Friday night at our Banquet.  I believe it will be an encouragement to every one who listens to it and that the  Lord will use it to stretch and grow your faith.  For everyone who was unable to attend the banquet please take time to listen [...]
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With the insight of an educator and communications theorist, Neil Postman—in his book Amusing Ourselves To Death—examines the impact of television culture on the way we conduct our public affairs. He proposes that unless we understand the effects of living in a television-bound society, we are in danger of creating a trivial and simplistic culture [...]
One of the most often rehearsed quotes from the lips of the apostle Paul can be found in the third chapter of the book of Philippians. After listing all the things he has been through—both good and bad—he reaffirms his intention to continue to pursue Christ by saying, “…but this one thing I do, forgetting [...]
(RNS) — Nine years after becoming the first state to allow same-sex civil unions, Vermont on Tuesday (April 7) became the first state to approve same-sex marriage without a court order.  At the same time, the District of Columbia took the first step toward recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions, a move that some [...]

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