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Community Baptist Church of Roxboro North Carolina

Community Baptist Church of Roxboro North Carolina

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I know … it’s been a while since I left a note.  But, I actually have been busy with things at the church:  Repair of a water problem and replacing drain pipe, pointing my finger as the landscaping was done, watching the men as they sanded the block wall in the basement, then I watched [...]
What a beautiful morning at the preacher’s house. The Lord blanketed our area with a coat of snow last night.  We were still able to have our worship service last night.  Brother David Epps stirred our hearts Sunday Morning, then he returned last night to give us another dose of classic Epps preaching. If you are [...]
Well, I’m finally getting back behind the sacred desk.  I preached my first Sunday morning last week on February 22.  I preached again on Wednesday night.  I hope to be able to preach Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights for a little while, and then eventually add the Sunday night service in later.  Right now, I [...]
It’s been a while since I blogged.  I’ve been really busy and it seems that time just slips away. We have had some good services and the Lord has blessed us.  I still have not been back in the pulpit since my surgery in December.  The doctor told me last week to wait until the end [...]
The Lord was good to us during our revival meetings this week.  Brother Tony Finney did a great job of allowing the Lord to direct his messages to the heart of the people.  It was not a meeting that caused a lot of shouting and running, but it was a “Lord help us” meeting.  Brother [...]
Merry Christmas!  I pray today will be a great day for everyone.  I also hope you will take a moment to reflect upon the real meaning of Christmas.  Take time today to think about the eternal blessing and most wonderful gift ever given to mankind.  To think that the God of this universe gave his [...]
Wednesday’s surgery went well.  The doctor said they were able to do everything they expected to do.  They removed the whole disc at the L4/L5 vertebrate and replaced it with a spacer and filler.  I now have pins & rods in my back that will stabilize the vertebrate until the bones can grow together and [...]

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